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  • Apple Apologizes: Should You Sell? [View article]
    Apple are doing a £10 billion share buyback this week so its probably better to hang on to them, however, having just read that there is a bug in the iphone 5 that means people are actually using their data limits whilst connected to wi- fi, which of course means you shouldn't be using any data, it doesnt look like all the issues with the new phone are going to end any time soon. Whilst the map issue wont necessarily put anyone off from buying the iphone 5, things like this may do because a number of people have used up their monthly data limit cap in as little as one day. One guys says he used up 161 gb of data in 6 hours. I know they have released a fix for Verizon, but the issue seems to be a lot more wider spread than that as people on AT & T are also reporting the same issue. Here is a link to one such article:
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  • Buy Apple's Current Dip To Ride Its Likely Rise To $800 [View article]
    Yes it is all a mess Ed, but whether it will put people off from buying Apple products, is impossible to say. I also think that because the same case, more or less, has been tried in other countries and the verdicts have been inconsistent, with Apple winning some but losing others, there seems to be a belief that the US verdict is not legitimate. Again, negativity that can only tarnish images. In the long term though, I don't think this will have much of an effect. Money talks as they say and as long as Apple continues to grow and produce profits, they will be forgiven.
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  • Buy Apple's Current Dip To Ride Its Likely Rise To $800 [View article]
    Hi Ed, I think you are right, but I also think it is not quite as black and white as that. A lot of people see Apple as the villian here doing exactly what you are accusing Samsung of doing and in many ways they both as guilty as each other. My view is that is just getting in the way of doing business. Whether it will affect Apples share values is of course purely subjective, but one thing is for sure, the legal thing is generating a huge amount of attention and it isn't all good.
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  • Buy Apple's Current Dip To Ride Its Likely Rise To $800 [View article]
    A good article Paulina, although Apple do not actually manufacture any of their products, these are outsourced to organisations like Foxxcon and the various screen manufacturers like Sharp and LG, etc. Also I would try to avoid using all the hype. Apple are not the only company who innovate and many will argue that they never have in the true sense of the word. Also, the world is a much more competitive place for Apple now and the new iphone is hardly what you would call innovative. It will sell in high volumes though, but whether the growth forecasts you have assumed will materialise is a question that only time can answer.

    I actually agree with richbar, your growth forecasts seem a little too ambitious to me and i also think that 10% - 12 % is more likely to be the case. To get any higher, Apple would have to significantly grow their market share on smartphones and I dont believe this is possible. It isnt just the phone products themselves, it the operating system and not everyone want to be tied into an OS. Also, Android ( Google ) and other operating systems are not exactly going to be sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Android use is continuing to grow and I dont see this slowing down anytime soon. Apples revenues will continue to climb, but I think you may have made far too many assumption here that may not be achievable. But with Apple, you never can tell.
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  • 'Weak' Apple iPhone 5 Sales Are A Glitch [View article]
    Its actually at £665.76 at the moment and may drop a little more so now is definitely the time to buy.
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  • 'Weak' Apple iPhone 5 Sales Are A Glitch [View article]
    I dont think sales of the iphone 5 are going to be quite as strong as people are predicting. The more telling data is that whilst 100 million plus people downloaded iOS 6 on previous iphone versions, only 5 million ( or possibly 7 million if you add the pre-orders ) were sold. Why were they unable to convert more of the 100 million OS updates into new product sales?.

    There are a couple of possible reasons for this. The first is that many iphone 4S users are on 24 month contracts so still have a year left to run or longer depending when they took their contracts out, so the cost penalties to buy out of their existing contract may be to prohibitive and on most of these contracts, you have to wait a minimum of 18 months before you can upgrade. If this is the case, then we will expect to see a strong sales increase sometime next year, probably around March.

    The second reason which is slightly more concerning, is that the iphone 5 is not exactly leading edge technology. In the most part is just a catch up product and with the myriad of software and hardware issues reported, not to mention the issue with new docking port cables, etc, if does seem to have attracted a lot of negativity. The mapping software is a case in point and has forced Cook to apologise and the fact he is pointing users towards other mapping products, means there is not going to be an instance fix to this.

    There is also the issue of supply problems. Whilst this has always been an issue with the iphone, it does raise a few questions given that Apple would have known that their marketing machine had created a huge level of interest. If they genuinely do have supply issues, the fact that they have opened sales in another 22 countries this weekend, is not good and will only further increase the pressure on them. Only time will tell.

    All of these issues may well just be temporary glitches and things will all begin to flow as usual ( map app aside ), but on the other hand they could indicate a slowing of their growth. I mention this because I have seen that numerous iphone 5 purchasers have bought more than one unit which of course means the actual user base is not growing through conquest sales, just customer upgrades. It is far too early to tell at the moment and hopefully this time next year we will be seeing a $900 plus share price, but if there are severe supply issues and more product issues, it may not be quite as rosy as people think.

    With regard to the new ipad mini, we will know on 10th October, but again, given the issues with the iphone 5, it is better to wait and see what happens before predicting huge sales. The tablet marketplace is huge and is set to explode, but so are the players filling it and the mini tablet marketplace is an unknown one at the moment and there are no guarantees that Apple will capture it as they have with the larger tablet. The rise of the phablet is the one to watch as this combines the best of both worlds and if this type of product begins to dominate, Apple may well find itself way behind.
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  • The Apple iPhone Frenzy Is Here [View article]
    Try looking it up on Google Odspan......HTC are likely to win their court case against Apple over 4g/LTE patent infringement and if they do, they are likely to ask for a ban in the US of both the new iphone and the current ipad. Its not like this news isn't out there.....and this is one of 479 court cases Apple are involved in around the world !
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  • The Apple iPhone Frenzy Is Here [View article]
    The one potential fly in the ointment is the ongoing legal dispute with HTC over the 4G/LTE patents. The iphone accounts for just over 50% of Apple's profits, but if HTC win and demand a ban on the new iphone as well as the current ipad in the US ( and probably elsewhere ), this could have a disastrous effect on Apple's profitability and their share value. This is the problem when you start going after competitors in the courts, you might win a few cases, but eventually someone comes along with a case against you that is a game changer which is why I think Apple's current business strategy on the legal front is madness. It shows me that the management is weak and scared and at the end of the day, that is what we are really investing in; Apple's management. People on here are always talking about Apple's history and their growth with past product launches, however, history also tells us that the midas touch doesn't last forever and the driving force of Apple was in reality Steve Jobs who, RIP, is not with us anymore so the big question for me is, has Apppe stopped innovating and now just resorting to legal action, or does the current management team still have what it takes?....the jury isn't back in on that one yet for me.
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  • The Apple iPhone Frenzy Is Here [View article]
    Odspan.....what is the point of your comment?.......I know over 60 people who had an iphone and changed if for an Andoird phone and will never go back to Apple. Apple is a marmite company in terms of its products, you either love them or hate them and at the moment, nearly 2/3rd of the world dont like them. Without any doubt, Apple will sell a lot of the new iphones to existing users of the previous product versions, however, whether they will be able to grow their market share is an entirely different issue and a more telling one in term's of Apple's longer term value. Their shares dropped 3% just on the news that they couldn't invalidate HTC's patents on ongoing the 4G/LTE legal action, so that tells you that the new iphone's debut may not be all sunshine in the rose garden.
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  • Apple: Take The Money And Run [View article]
    Asa...let me tell you my story with the Apple iphone 4 S....I employ 12 people in my office and I got an iphone 4 S for all of us. Almost straight away we had problems. The phone kept cutting out and I had a cracked screen with two weeks. We had to start sending them back for replacements. The battery died on my phone after 5 weeks and a few others had the same issues and the cracked screen was suffered by everyone. To cut along story short, I was on my third version and one of my colleagues was on her fifth. In the end, I had no choice to pull the plug and we changed to Android and it was a total revelation. The phones all worked perfectly, the operating system was superior than the Apples iOS in many ways. The screens have never cracked, the phones have never cut out during a call. Not one single battery has ever died and our contract means we can upgrade after 9 months. Although this may only be relevant to the UK, the iphone contract was for 24 months and as there was at that time, nothing to upgrade to, we would have been stuck in it for another year. The iphone was a disaster for us and I know from talking to many other associates, our problems were quite common. As regards Apps, yes there are a lot more Apple Apps around, but these days every company ( in the UK at least ) who bring out and App, bring out both an Apple and an Android version so the difference is not as wide as you think, but for me, a phone is a tool I use in my business and if a product is unreliable, I drop it and use one that does the job it was purchased for.
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  • Apple: Take The Money And Run [View article]
    You are absolutely spot on manix, but Apple may have an issue with 4G/LTE. It seems they have infringed HTC's patents and the US Judge seems likely to rule HTC's patents as valid which means the new iphone and ipad could be banned from sale in the US if it has 4G/LTE !!!
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  • 75 Million iPhone 5 Sales Equals $1000 Apple Share Price [View article]
    On the other hand, with a lawsuit that is likely to go against Apple ( very likely ), their shares may just drop a little. HTC look like they are going to win their case against Apple infringing their 4G LTE patents and if they do, the new iphone and ipad could be banned from sale in the US. If that happens, the stock value is sure to drop, big time. Here is a link to one of the stories on this situation, but a few others are reporting it now.
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  • 75 Million iPhone 5 Sales Equals $1000 Apple Share Price [View article]
    The problem is Fat Banker, that Apple dont have any rabbits to pull out of the hat anymore. The iphone is not the most desirable item on the block anymore. If you take a slightly different view, you can see that the real competition in the phone market is between iOS and Android with whatever Microsoft are doing coming up somewhere behind. The fact that Apple's iOS only has 33% and Android has over 52% ( in the US ) is very telling and Android is continuing to grow whereas Apple's iOS is weakening. This may not affect anything at the moment with the immediate arrival of the new iphone, however, what it does show is the Apple is overvalued. If the iphone does not blow everyone away, their sales forecasts may be realised in the short term, but may start to falter in the mid to long term and as the iphone is their main income generator, if that falls, then so does their value. The market expectation is too high and if Apple fails to deliver,the market will punish them and this time around, the prospect of them not delivering that massive growth curve is a lot higher than you may think. They have very strong competition, their legal antics have put a lot ( and I mean a lot ) of people off of their products and they may well start losing some legal battles now. In my view, which is actually shared by a lot of people, they have lost their edge and can no longer innovate ( certainly not to the degree they did before ) so they are resorting to legal activity which shows inherent weakness.
    We need at least another two quarters to see how the wind is blowing and how the ongoing court battles are going because if HTC win their case against Apple for infringement and it is looking that way, that really will be a game changer for Apple.
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  • Apple: Take The Money And Run [View article]
    So are you calling the antennae issue with the iphone 4 a minor problem?.....And how about the cracked screens?...What about the Java issue?...How about the batteries that keep dying on the iphone 4 S and how they regularly cut out when you are in mid conversation and also switch themselves off?

    Apple's products are no more reliable than anyone elses products but there was no excuse for the antennae issue...When you had Steve Jobs telling us that you cant hold the phone the normal way.....Get real. It is a myth that Apples products are reliable.

    And just to set the record straight, I am not anti-Apple, but I do think some Apple fans live in LaLa land. As to whether they can fail. Yes of course they can, as can any business. Lets all be honest, the current managements legal strategies are madness. And the public perception of Apple?......well as Apple themselves are known plagiarisers of other peoples technologies and for them to be suing other companies for doing exactly what they did themselves is a bit hypocritical to say the least and judging from the negative reception of the market ( the consumer ) to this, should not and cannot be underestimated. To ignore it would be madness....So as to whether Apple could eventually fail. With their cash reserves and seemingly zero debt, probably not for along time, but the market place is very fickle and what you have to remember is that you pay a lot less for your iphones in the US, than the rest of the world does. In the UK for example, you would be paying in excess of $600 for what you pay $200 for and if the global market does decide they can do without Apple products in their lives, then the game might just change a little bit. At the end of the day, just remember, Apple's products are lifestyle products, not essential ones.
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  • Apple: Take The Money And Run [View article]
    Try the rest of the world outside the US.......your $200 iphone 4S costs $600 in the UK.
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