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  • More Than 5 Major Weaknesses In MobileIron Prevent It From Being A BlackBerry Killer [View article]
    lol...That's a great reference - so versatile also ;-)

    Not quite what I had in mind,
    but it'll do till someone can point out a better alternative to the Gartner stuff.
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  • More Than 5 Major Weaknesses In MobileIron Prevent It From Being A BlackBerry Killer [View article]
    Does anyone see BB breaking out of the lower-left quadrant (niche/challenger, incomplete, non-visionary offering) of the famous "Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management MDMgmt." - where it seems to have been stuck up till at least last Summer?

    If someone wants to get on AirWatch's mailing list the 2014 version is available here:

    Everyone in marketing knows the nature of Gartner research, but that doesn't change the fact that they are strong opinion-makers...So if there are any other well-regarded sources to throw into the mix, that would be great.

    TLDR: I suspect that AirWatch remains one of the top players to follow in this space, but I'm wondering if BB's offering is still being panned by "industry analysts".
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  • BlackBerry Could See $10 After Earnings [View article]
    All the time?
    Didn't Thorstein fail to break down the units in his last QR?

    As for Chen's tenure...
    Is there a link to all the recent breakdowns somewhere?
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  • BlackBerry: Stuck In No Man's Land? [View article]

    Heartbleed isn't a vulnerablity that directly affects client devices (handsets, desktops, laptops, tablets etc) or any other client software. It is a server-side vulnerability that affects systems running open-source services that rely on SSL. BBRY BES/BIS and devices were just as capable of exchanging data with compromised servers as any other.

    You should realize that your argument would be just as valid for Microsoft or Apple products...or anything that doesn't rely on open-source SSL on the server side. Conversely, BBRY clients were just as capable of connecting to an OpenSSL server, and providing exposed data as any other. BES/BIS was not blocking relayed data from mail or web servers using OpenSSL authentication...So your ending argument is false in that respect.

    In some ways it discredits the quality of your overall position, and otherwise valid points to try and close by using Heartbleed as a scare tactic in this context, I'm afraid.
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  • QNX Will Not Save BlackBerry [View article]
    He also couldn't identify (or even suggest) the number of non-BB devices using BES10 for MDM services...A serious blow to the credibility of this key feature for a platform in a BYOD market IMO.

    Certainly not a feature-set to base a turnaround story on it would seem.
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  • I'm A BlackBerry Buyer On Monday, No Questions Asked [View article]

    Not providing an indication of non-BB devices is a MAJOR sign of poor adoption IMO.

    Traction for MDM (via BES10) is measured almost entirely with this metric, because it's possibly the MOST significant number to demonstrate the viability of the MDM component of BES10.

    There's no point in even discussing MDM on BES10 if you don't have any benchmarks on how many non-BB devices are using the services. MDM services without including data around non-BB devices is worse than moot, it's redundant BY THE DEFINITION of MDM!

    Not having this number in your back-pocket for a QR call might be like McDonald's not being able to say (even roughly) how many burgers they've sold in a quarter. Actually it's worse, because burger sales are not one of the primary pillars of a promised turnaround story for a beleaguered company.

    Seriously...Is MDM getting any traction at all on BES10?
    Without MDM, what else are we even talking about as a serious new sales drivers? Regurgitated BB7 devices and BBM promises, and... ?
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  • Analyze And Dump The BlackBerry REIT [View article]
    Obama uses a General Dynamics mobile device for high security applications.
    His BB device is for low/non-classified communications.
    The DoD's new DISA system will be using MDM from Fixmo, and allow BB, iOS and Android devices. No BES network is required.
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  • The Defense Department Did Not Order 80,000 BlackBerry Devices, Big Deal [View article]
    Correct me if I'm wrong...
    But can ported Android apps use the local device resources like the predictive text keyboard, Hub, and camera features? Or do the apps stay strictly sand-boxed in the Android RTE ?
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  • John Chen's First Mistake [View article]
    Win8.x and Office 365 and WinServer are where I'd be looking for SMBusiness computing trends. Does anybody see how GoogleDocs (sorry, Google Apps for Business) will be making much greater inroads on security and Android OS integration ?

    I think that MS Lync functions are really only applicable to the largest "enterprise" users - most with custom solutions anyhow. I haven't really seen it anywhere in the SMB market.
    Jan 23 01:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • John Chen's First Mistake [View article]
    You said the key word Michael "integration" ;-)

    If WP8 integrates best with the business-driven features of Windows 8.x and Office365, then the logic simply flows from there.

    I also think we're going to see virtual desktops (VDI) also play a much bigger role in the BYOD/MDM decision making process as well. I can only p[resume that MS will streamline their desktop licenses to encourage growth in the WP8 world...Hopefully (not holding breath tho).
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  • John Chen's First Mistake [View article]
    Any signs of #BBM being offered via a Web (HTML5) API?
    Or can only BlackBerry code and port its own apps for BBM?
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  • John Chen's First Mistake [View article]
    You said the key word Michael "integration" ;-)

    If WP8 integrates best with the enterprise features of Windows 8.x and Office365, then the logic simply flows from there, on a much larger scale.

    Thanks for some perspective from the Windows view on enterprise computing.
    Jan 23 01:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • VMware's Purchase Of Airwatch May Be Bullish For BlackBerry [View article]
    This news about VMWare acquiring AirWartch begs a question about MDM...
    Is it really the 'holy grail' of mobile computing?
    Or is it just an interim patch as a bigger/better ecosystem is developed?

    BES10's MDM isn't really revolutionizing the market segment, but it works adequately to not force enterprise (for the most part?) to look elsewhere if they're already running BES and have plans for BB10 devices. Fair enough.

    However, when it comes to productivity, there's alot more to the equation than simply safely accessing a file system, or using email on a device that has been properly secured against data-loss/theft.

    Enterprise is moving towards virtual desktops (VDI) to allow full and secure access to apps as well as data. My first curiosity is do BB10 devices run Office365 and current remote desktop apps well enough to compete on an even footing with other giants who are gearing up with their own MDM features as well?

    Will BB10 devices be able to keep up with the innovations and evolving remote-access feature sets of those big providers who make filesystem security and Virtual servers/desktops/access their stock-in-trade?

    Curious as Ever
    Jan 22 02:49 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Up On No News, Is Good News [View article]
    How did you project 98% from current numbers?

    There are currently 80 000 BB's being serviced and 1800 non-BB devices in the mix.
    The new system is being built to accommodate 300 000 devices.

    Are you just presuming to scale up at the current ratio?
    Jan 19 12:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Up On No News, Is Good News [View article]
    That article makes no mention of BES
    (which runs on servers not "devices")
    Can you cite any clear indications that this DoD project will be running on BES networks?

    Although it does clearly state that:
    "About 80,000 BlackBerrys and 1,800 Defense-owned Apple and Android-based phones and tablets will begin being hooked up to the new management system on Jan. 31, officials announced on Friday."

    " Popular devices expected to go online include the iPad 3 and 4, iPhone 4S and 5, Samsung 10.1 tablets and Samsung 3S, and Motorola RAZR devices.
    Jan 19 12:06 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
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