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  • Apple Is In Deep Trouble: A Reformed Bull Speaks Out [View article]
    @ john swannick. Not correct. Chinese produce the entire spectrum of the quality. It all depends on how much you pay. Apple pays better & produces better quality. better document yourself.
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  • Will Apple Increase Its PC Market With Free OS Updates? Yes It Will [View article]
    @Michael Blair. I am astonished how ignorant you can be & still pretending to know. take any brand, for the same quality PC you have to pay more that for a Mac. But you have all the malware for free & have to pay the upgrades & many other extras.
    I haven't spent a single for my Macbook since 2005 & my original purchase price was slightly higher than a similar PC. I don't know what the word "Virus" means. At the same time, my son & my wife have had 2 PCs & spent each more than the double of what i have spent.
    Mr Michael Blair: You must try to do some real math.
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  • Apple Is In Deep Trouble: A Reformed Bull Speaks Out [View article]
    @ Ashraf. a few month ago, you were telling us tat Apple will be in the low 300s very soon.
    @Autor. You must be blind not seeing the innovations in IP5S & Ipad Air. Innovation is not just a technology future in a device. Being able to reduce the weight by 28% & the thickness by 25% & still have everything you need in the device or, making a nice design is as much innovative as any new technology. It depends of what you are expecting from an Ipad or Iphone.
    But Apple is not only innovating on design.
    The A7 or M7 or the touch ID are also innovative & revolutionary moves not evolutionary ones. Even Ashraf hadn't foreseen such moves. But after Apple launched them, every one, even Ashraf, knew of them even Ashraf.
    By the way, others (Samsung, Google, Nokia, HTC one, etc.. may catch up some times next year. If they can catch up
    Oct 24 08:13 AM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Apple's Pricing Strategies Drive Volume Or Water Down The Brand? Maybe Both! [View article]
    @ Michael. Your article is, as usual, full of little errors, like the pricing policies of careers). For examples, you are mixing the price of 16, 32 & 64 GB of different brands to back your statement.

    You also asses that Apple failed with the 5C. But, sales figures show that 5S & 5C are 1st & 2nd ahead of S4, S3 and all others.

    You argue about some discounts being given by retailers as being the sign that 5C is not selling well (despite the above ranking). To many people Those little discounts ($50 on a 549 or 649 worth item) is just an attempt by those retailers to bring the crowd in their stores. Your interpretation is 100% wrong & you know it because you are intelligent enough for not understanding this issue but, you are at the same time not honest enough for arguing the contrary.
    If Apple had discounted 5C at its' stores, i would take it as a sign of willing to push the sales of a not good selling product.

    I hope you made good money during the last year's sell off period but i doubt you make ant money shorting Apple now that Apple has shown that they are the true leaders of the smartphone market by putting the futures that matter for the end users.

    Oct 13 08:37 AM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Has Apple Finally Found New Engines For Super Growth? [View article]
    Not true. The market share is declining if you take the entire spectrum of the market. Apple is active only in the high end spectrum.
    the high end market is not growing at the same rate than the overall market but it is growing & apple's market share in the high end section is also growing.
    Just look at the number of Iphones apple is selling. every quarter this number is showing a growth compared to the same quarter.
    It is good to compare apples with apples
    Sep 12 06:31 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Has Apple Finally Found New Engines For Super Growth? [View article]
    Apple didn't get any deal with CHL but Apple got the certification for the Iphone on China mobile net-work.
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  • Has Apple Finally Found New Engines For Super Growth? [View article]
    Imported items are more expensive in China because China's custom's duty is added on top of Apple's price. that's why many Chinese purchase their phone from America.
    The Iphone price is europe is also higher because of the VAT (value added tax which is +/- 21%)
    Sep 12 06:24 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sell side: 5C not cheap enough [View news story]
    5c never stood for cheap. Appel stated several times that they will never male crappy products & they do not compete for the market share for the sake of gaining a few percentage point of overall market.
    Apple is making money where the money is : high end product buyers & specially premium brand.
    Apple's products are not the result of what is technologically possible but what is technologically useful.
    5c is premium smartphone (slightly improved 5) & c stands for color. if they have priced the 5c at this level, it is because they know to which market they address this device.
    Finally, do you think that the Apple's marketing army knows less than some analysts about the best price target for a new product. Apple has
    Sep 11 09:02 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Apple's Controlling Nature A Strength? [View article]
    @ Stock Jackal. I like very much critics based on reasonable assumptions. But, you are trying to falsify the truth.
    At the beginning Apple failed the PC market race because the board, despite SJ's opinion, decided to race with same arguments. Apple's board fired SJ & when realized that Apple is about to go bust, The board gave the full power back to SJ. From then on, Apple set the track & created "the technology premium brand" to differentiate itself with the kind of MS. Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc. don't play the market hare game. Kia, Toyota, etc. have better market shares but make little money out of it. Having 75% of the smartphone market share makes money for nobody. Even Google makes much more money on IOS devices than Android ones.
    By the way, there is not only one Android. Each company has +/- personalized it. 85% of Android devices have never upgraded to newer versions & have become obsolete.
    On the price side, an Iphone is finally cheaper than an Android device of the same category because of the higher resale value. A premium brand needs high original investment but needs less working cost.
    Sep 10 04:43 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Several Reasons To Respect Apple's Tim Cook [View article]
    @ vperez. You got almost everything wrong.
    1) The wrong person hired for the retail stores management was in fact hired with he approval of SJ himself.
    2) The fiasco of the map was responsibility of another person (SF). TC fired him for this reason.
    3) The deal with China Mobile has to be approved by the 2 sides of the table. TC alone cannot ink such a deal unless he gives away everything that China mobile would like to get out of this deal. TC is working for Apple & has to consider Apple's interest. Nokia got the deal with China Mobile conceding everything to them. Apple is not Nokia & has profitability in mind.
    4) Suing copycats in courts is a must. Otherwise there is no intellectual property protection. As far as i know Apple has proven the copycat nature of Samsung.
    5) For the last decade Apple has innovated & others have copied. I don't see any change to this trend. For the last 2 years, Apple has improved existing futures on it's devices with little real innovation & no one else has come with an innovative future. In fact they have had nothing to copy & are all waiting to see "what next with Apple". Soon they will all have something to copy again. Be sure of this.
    6) If SJ was there the dividend & the stock buy back would not even be there. So the credit has to be given to TC even if, to you, he was late. But to many observers, paying a dividend less than 9 month after SJ's reign was a real challenge.
    7) The big downfall of the stock was a natural but excessive reaction to an exponential increase due to analysts' irrational forecasts based on an exceptional 6 months period (1st & 2nd Q12). 1st Q12 was a 14 weeks Q with the launch of 4S which had low manufacturing cost & 2nd Q12 which was the china launch of Iphone. The 3rd & 4th Q 12 were also influenced by the China launch & 4S's low manufacturing cost. If one compares comparable, one can easily recognize that 1st & 2nd Q12 were 2 singularities. In fact the trend is continuing the +/- same path if one corrects the singularity effect.

    Hope this will open your eyes..
    Sep 5 05:44 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: iPhone Fingerprint Reader Means Government Business [View article]
    @pbanados. Very nicely said. You are so right about those self declared "experts" (such as Michael) who think they are right & Apple with their army of engineers & marketers is wrong.
    Michael is so negative on Apple that he even comments on technologies that he doesn't understand.
    Sep 2 05:42 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple Could Be One Of The Worst Investments You Could Make Right Now [View article]
    @ Humble eagle. I just checked the Yahoo insiders sales/purchase list. in august only 41000 shares were sold by 4 insiders. phil Schiler being the biggest seller (37000). In july 80000 shares were sold by insiders. In june 307000 shares were sold. None sold in May, etc..

    Where those figures of tens of millions & may be 100s of millions is coming from. Are you talking about number of shares or the value of sold shares. please refresh your sources
    Aug 28 11:03 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple Could Be One Of The Worst Investments You Could Make Right Now [View article]
    @ Michael Blair. When will you learn to compare Apples to Apples and Pears to pears. Only 10-15% of those Android devices which make that large market share are playing in the same category than Iphone.
    You must compare Iphone sales with GS4, HTC one, BBRY, LUMINA 920 and the kind. In the hi end segment Iphone has more than 50% market share (53%). The same applies to Ipad if you compare to it's category.

    Aug 28 10:39 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple Could Be One Of The Worst Investments You Could Make Right Now [View article]
    very true
    Aug 28 10:24 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple Could Be One Of The Worst Investments You Could Make Right Now [View article]
    @ BA capital. Show me where i can have an equivalent of IP5 for 1/2 the cost. HTC one or SG4 are at the same price level despite the Android OS full of malware & the much weaker ecosystem.

    FYI. In recent years only Apple has innovated & to date no one has come with something truly innovative that any Idevice doesn't have or can envy.

    B4 talking/writing nonsense cliché, one must do some home work.
    Aug 28 10:22 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment