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    I recently read a review of a study from the Archives of Internal Medicine done in 2005, titled “Effect of Different Anti-lipidemic Agents and Diets on Mortality: A Systematic review,” that may change your mind about the importance of your cholesterol on your health.

    Key points from the study:
    The study harvested the best available evidence from a total of 97 studies which evaluated the effect on mortality by lowering lipids with various methods.
    137,140 individuals received various intervention and 138,976 individuals were controls.
    Omega-3 fats (fish oils) did the best job at reducing death from all causes (mean reduction of 23%) and death from heart problems (mean reduction 32%), but did the worst job at lowering blood cholesterol levels.
    Statin drugs did the best at lowering blood cholesterol and were 10 times more effective than omega-3 fats, however omega-3 fats were 44% more effective than Statin drugs in reducing cardiac related deaths and 32% more effective in reducing death from all reasons.
    “Omega-3 fatty acids lower cholesterol levels to a very small extent which indicates their beneficial effects are from some other means, such as their anti-rhythmic properties, their membrane stabilizing effects, as well as their anti-inflammatory properties” from Dr. Dan Murphy

    This study is extremely important because the results of this study question whether lowering cholesterol should be such a focus for overall health. Omega-3 fats anti-rhythmic, anti-inflammatory, and cell membrane stabilizing effects theoretically suggest that the main focus should not be on lowering cholesterol, but improving the overall environment of the body that the cholesterol operates through reduction of inflammation and improvement of overall health with proper lifestyle changes.
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