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  • AMD's Seattle Chip: Its Advantages Against Intel Xeon D [View article]

    While I agree with you about customization and volume, when you have someone who can actually deliver something "unique", you might get orders that you are not even thinking about because the market does not have any long-term history.

    If a company thinks no one can build the customized chip for them, they probably won't even look for a supplier, but if the supplier specializes in small-batch units, a market could be developed and grown.

    What about products that haven't even been developed yet? That is where the growth could come. You mentioned several companies and specific applications. There could be a dozen new applications that this type of manufacturing (small batch volumes) could address.

    Everyone needs to be creative -and this approach could pay off.
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  • BlackBerry Prepares To Enter Wearables Market [View article]
    This is not a criticism of BBRY or APPLE, it is more a comment on where the market is going vs. where some think the market is going.

    I think the wearables are an over-hyped market. Will a lot of young people buy a smartwatch? Many are not into watches - period.

    Will there be a BIG wearables market in a year? What is considered "BIG"? 5 Million? 20 Million? 100 Million?

    Time will tell. If you could have only one wireless device, what would it be? A Smartphone? A Tablet? Or a watch?
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Amazon Introduces New Kindle Lineup [View article]
    A good used car can be the price of 2 or 3 options on a new car. You can still find something decent for under $10K. Find something decent for $8K-$10K and add another $2K-$3K for repairs and upgrades (like new tires, tune-up and battery).

    For $12K, you have a really decent car that you have brand-new tires on, plus a new battery and tune-up - that will give you as much value as a new car. AND, in today's age, who is to say the new car doesn't get recalled for some issue?

    You can choose a used car and find out a lot about the Make and Model's reliability by reading some of the Car books that keep track of their recalls and problems before you buy them.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Amazon Introduces New Kindle Lineup [View article]
    There still are good arguments for buying a used car.

    Buying a used car is still a SMART idea. They last longer and the depreciation is someone else's problem. Mileage isn't everything.

    What would you rather get hit in? A Smart car or a large car (of any Make)? We put 100% focus on gas mileage, but we should be looking at other features and functions.

    If you are going on long trips, a good highway car is much better to sit in than something that gets 40MPG. What if you are working on a lot of home projects? You cannot haul anything in a subcompact. What about driving in snow? You may need AWD. (which lowers your gas mileage)

    New cars have a LOT of technology on them. When that technology goes, the repair bills are high.
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  • Apple Pay: Another Blow To BlackBerry [View article]
    Another junk article. Why does SA allow it is a good question. Another is why do they delete criticisms of it?

    FACT - The NFC (Near Field Communications) chip which was finally put into the i6 is the critical chip that needs to be in the Smartphone in order to facilitate a digital wallet (or mobile wallet) application (or in APPLE talk - Apple Pay)

    Competitors such as Samsung have had this chip in their phones for several years now (Galaxy 3 had the NFC chip in it). So if anything, Apple is just "catching up" to the market. Retailers are working on MCX which will be the platform that digital wallet capabilities will be run on.

    This article is another "sky-is-falling" article to bash BBRY and I am tired of SA allowing this stuff to appear.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Sony Warns Of $2.2B Net Loss [View article]
    I agree with your comment about styling. Cadillac styling looks like someone drew them up with an Etch-A-Sketch. it is one thing to be edgy, it is another to be Etch-A-Sketchy.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Sony Warns Of $2.2B Net Loss [View article]
    Cadillac has an uphill road to climb when it tries to get a bigger chunk of the luxury car market. There are a LOT of good competitors in that range and if they really think they are going to put a dent in it, they better "up" their service and support along with all the performance dimensions of the cars (and SUVs).

    Getting someone from Infiniti - instead of promoting another GM lifer - was a good initial move. They need a fresh perspective and not someone touting the old company line. That being said, there are still many people to convince and get around in the GM bureaucracy.

    How can Cadillac re-establish their position? Jump up the prices and claim they have a superior car? No way. No one is going to pay a premium for a Cadillac - not in this day and age.

    Reduce prices and give a great car at a discount from the competition? That could work, if the price differences are great enough. Why buy something at $90,000 if I can buy a comparable (in EVERY sense of the word) Cadillac for $70,000-$75,000?

    Audi, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Jaguar, and all the rest are not going to just sit around and give up marketshare.
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  • BlackBerry: Analyzing The Movirtu Purchase [View article]
    It is good to see an article based on engineering and feature issues versus stock charts because the charts do not reflect MANY other important issues.

    That being said, your discounting of BBRY's purchase of a company conflicts with your own KIA logic as to its importance in the grand scheme of competing with the IBM/Apple venture.

    Your quote "Without getting into great technical detail, I'm really quite certain that device virtualization of this nature will be a non-trivial engineering challenge. " is your own assessment of the engineering needed. I agree.

    You then conclude by saying, "should Apple/IBM wish that same checkbox on their own MDM offering, and given the unlimited resources at their disposal, there is no reason to believe that they would not be able to make it happen and possibly have it up and running sooner than BlackBerry."

    Sorry, but that conflicts with your first statement which has validity. If you apply it to BBRY you MUST apply it to the IBM/Apple venture as well - it IS a non-trivial engineering challenge and they have nothing to start with. Having 100 engineers work on a problem instead of 10 engineers work on a problem doesn't mean you are going to get something done ten times faster. In fact, the opposite may occur because too many engineers might argue about trivial things rather than getting the job done (been there, done that)

    My assessment - from an engineering perspective - good move on BBRY's part.

    If I was a company - ANY company - and I could acquire the software as well as the Intellectual Property rights to a function, it would put me that much further ahead of my competition who still has to develop everything from scratch. Who cares how many engineers they can put on it?

    Plus, if they were dying, they would not be out acquiring another company. Give them until first quarter 2015 and see how far Chen has executed his plan. Still long and glad I bought when I bought.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Microsoft Announces Windows 9 Event Following Mojang Acquisition [View article]
    So WalMart finds a phony degree on a resume - 20 years later. What about firing all the supposed "professionals" in HR for not doing their job of due diligence for 20 years?? They should be fired as much as the guy who lied on his resume.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Alibaba To Increase IPO Size [View article]
    Nissan pulling back out of electric car production should be a BIG wake-up call that says, "Electric cars are NOT going to be a substantial part of the market."

    If they were, Nissan who already has the Leaf, would have been moving forward in developing a bigger supply chain for batteries. When you see people buying SUVs, you look at where you are going to make more money - the SUV market or the EV market and it looks like Nissan thinks the BIG money is in SUVs. I agree.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: EU Places New Sanctions On Russia, U.S. To Follow [View article]
    The reason I don't like Apple or Microsoft or many of the hightech companies is because they "sold out" the highly skilled American worker. Many of them lobbied to get more H-1B Visa jobs allocated to them so they could replace skilled software engineers and developers with cheaper, foreign workers. Are economy would not be as bad today if they people were still in good-paying jobs. Apple was one of the first companies to sell out high-tech workers and replace them with cheap labor. In the last decade or so, I saw many friends lose their job and never find anything remotely comparable as these companies flooded the market with cheap labor under the false pretense that there was a "shortage" of skilled workers. There wasn't then and there isn't now. Plus, many people on Visas are still here even though their Visas have expired. Get rid of all of them and maybe more American workers could get jobs. Same goes for recent graduates. They are getting into restaurant jobs because many entry-level tech jobs are being filled with cheap labor Visa holders who have taken away the career path in high-tech.

    We bailed out the auto industry (all Industrial Age sem-skilled jobs) but we let all the high-tech (future jobs) go to cheaper labor coming from third-world countries. Encouraging kids now to get into STEM programs in college is a joke. Have them go into debt for $50-$80K in student loans just to come out and find their competition will take less money for the job? Might as well buy them a franchise instead and tell them to learn how to run a business for themselves.

    So I don't support Apple because they did NOT support the American worker. (And where were all the Unions? It's not about us - so who cares?)
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: EU Places New Sanctions On Russia, U.S. To Follow [View article]
    Birder -
    It was NOAH, not Moses with the Ark.

    By the time the semester ended, everyone in the class was much more attuned in reading things more closely and asking questions. I felt really good about this and I got them to look close at contracts (and the course was about contract negotiations and purchasing on IT projects)
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: EU Places New Sanctions On Russia, U.S. To Follow [View article]
    It is good to hear that some kids are still getting a good education. Too many are not. When you ask some people who the enemy was in WW II, they are not even close to listing Germany, Japan and Italy.

    What I used to see in a LOT of adult students in undergrad and grad classes was the lack of reading comprehension.

    I had a diagnostic test of about 20 questions that they would take to see how good their reading comprehension was. I put it into a funny context at first, but used it as a tool to show how much they missed based on reading the questions wrong. More of this should be used in earlier education.

    It's not about "reading between the lines", it's more like just reading the line and understanding what it says.

    Questions like: How many of each animal did Moses bring on the Ark?

    You'd be surprised how many failed this one.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: EU Places New Sanctions On Russia, U.S. To Follow [View article]
    Deja Vu-
    I think Kass' assessment is accurate. The i6 comes out with the big announcement that it has the NFC chip in it (to facilitate the mobile wallet concept). BIG DEAL. Other manufacturers like Samsung have had it in their Smartphones for several versions now (A Galaxy 3 had the NFC chip in it several years ago)

    Apple fans will try to say the phones are out-of-this-world but in reality - they aren't. As for the "mobile wallet" capability, most with Android-based phones like the Samsung Galaxy 3 and above, don't need to upgrade - they can used the phone they already have. So the "mobile wallet" app is no game-changer, nor a reason to jump up to an i6.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: EU Places New Sanctions On Russia, U.S. To Follow [View article]
    This is the 100th Anniversary of World War I. I doubt if 90% of the HS kids would even know this, let alone where Crimea is.
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