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  • Government Revenue Shortfall Caused By The Middle Class?  [View article]
    CORPORATE TAX HOLE maybe a president that goes back to AL'S Church and pass the basket and everybody in Chicago puts there illegal Obama hand guns in for a rebate on his budget but he has to learn how to spell budget first, that is why Obama life long minister keeps him out of Church the write off is a break the bank Bible budget, ask the Senator from Hawaii what a Bible is she would not put her hand on VP Biddens to be sworn in, where is the media on that patriotic loophole. Think she will cash her check to get some cash that says in God We Trust?
    Jan 6, 2013. 10:00 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Looking For The Next China Bubble: Gold And Silver  [View article]
    Don't worry Obama is supporting them with interest from US loans so they can buy the rest of the world that we really pay for, who will China buy next with our money the White House's rent is already to high, they should buy Hawaii instead of bombing it like Japan, maybe we could get 16 Trillion and be close to even with them on there fiscal cliff and then when Obama bow's down he will really have a good reason ALOHA VIVA CUBA!!!!
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  • Silver Forecast Is $90 In 2013?  [View article]
    Obama could not spell budget in his first term why would he start obeying the law now, Record worst President ever because he has broke all the records for making this country broke (16 Trillion and growing reasons what a record).
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  • Virtually All 2013 Outlooks Summarized: Part 1 - Short Version Summary, Conclusions  [View article]
    At least it would not take 4 years to learn how to spell Budget if Mitt won but he has morals not Obama he is certified 22 golf handicap or is that the number of caddies we pay for.(FOUR) get it , if not just get a White House Sleep Over food is on us.
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  • Creative Destruction And The Pharmaceutical Industry  [View article]
    What is quicker getting a permit to build a mine for producing Gold Silver or even Black Gold etc. about 7 years in US and about 2 years in Canada, Australia etc. crazy tree huggers (EPA and Obama's 73% of all people hired in US under his Presidential term crazy should at least have 50% private industry hired to pay for the 50% of the Govt. people he hired real advancement, or maybe it is quicker for the FDA to Okay a life saving drug, hire some more test monkey's they are forced to help the test mice in the Great Washington DC price reduction it would be cheaper than there election marketing and you don't have to vote for them or get them Attorney's sorry I forgot animal rights ,start with the White House in laws we pay for or the 33 Christmas Trees they get and go to Hawaii to golf where the new Senator told Bidden she would not put he hand on the Bible to be sworn in but she will take money that says in God We Trust is she working for free, she had to have everybody in her picture, what a waste of film , now you know why Obama says he was born in Hawaii.
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  • Gasfrac: Superior Production Results  [View article]
    This dog hill hunt in tin
    Dec 27, 2012. 08:52 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gasfrac: Superior Production Results  [View article]
    Gasfrac is and has taken a ride by many and the politics and is still standing even with the like's of many, look for a gradual increase in production on a low key media hype that gradual softening on there customers to enhance there relation demand is there for , this process just need some time to get serious because it is still a ware
    Dec 27, 2012. 08:52 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • At This Valuation, Petrobakken Won't Last Through 2013 As An Independent Company  [View article]
    USA BAYGREEN LLC. helps all through there profits from the links on there web-site which is USABAYGREEN.COM and the Bank Of Oklohoma takes care to make sure your profits go directly to the children and there families who are in the Biggest fight of all (LIFE). call if you have questions, if you need the proof of donation that is easily done but it is in your hands because there no# is on the site . Hope you all with your family and friends have a great safe loving new year!
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  • At This Valuation, Petrobakken Won't Last Through 2013 As An Independent Company  [View article]
    PBKEF should do the DRIPS to all no matter what side of the border you are on. The web-site USABAYGREEN.COM has an agreement to pay all profits to the children Cancer/Leukemia Foundation from Amazon .com to them and they have given monthly dividends to the Foundation from PBKEF 100% but can not be in the Drips which hurts the children no matter where you are from, greed is a disease that lightens your wallet but to not let them be in the Drips hurts the kids no matter where you are from. Free Advertising for PBKEF is good but to not let the children not benefit because of a border, the thought of the donations could be better with the Drips to USABAYGREEN.COM does not seem fair because they help children from everywhere. USABAYGREEN LLC donates all to the kids no matter where they are from and many have come from both sides of the border, you click the Amazon link on there web-site at it automatically pays the BOK who handles the account, if the Bank of Oklahoma can take care of helping families of these sick children just think how much every penny counts USABAYGREEN.COM should be allowed to get in the Drips to help the kids who have the biggest fight of there life which is life. Either way if you use USABAYGREEN.COM you will be helping, they hide nothing and want the children to have a chance so use the site it is a direct link with the same price except every bit of profit goes for the children and there families no matter where the border is. Life is life air is air but you have to breath it to get any where so help us help those in dire need so they can help others with the same needs. USABAYGREEN.COM all help and idea's will be used to the best ability to help this life long cause because that is what it is, life long. It is a win win win situation but you have to not want the pat on the back you do it because it is right and you get the benefits that can not be put into words, and the Man upstairs knows that the choice is yours till it hits your close ones then the choice is his, God Bless Us All !!!!!!
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  • Vale Shares Are Trending Higher Now And Analysts See 60% Upside  [View article]
    600 Mil $+ FINE by Brazil Govt. does that help Vale ?
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  • Don't Hit The Panic Button On Your MLP Holdings  [View article]
    The big kicker no matter is the Fed EPA, look what Obama screw up on Keystone which pushed a favor to China by forcing Canada to do business with them or wait just like his budget for 4 years not to mention the Keystone was helped not happen just down the road from cushing is SYNTROLEUM and they are partners with Tyson Foods and MANSFIELD in a company called Dynamic Fuels that Obama made the US Navy the largest fuel user in the world buy chicken fuel from them at 6 times the regular cost per gallon to tax payer talk about a Democrat vote bribe. EPD is Gold in the long run MR. Duncan although no longer there left them owning the Houston Ship Channel forever and you can eat of the floor in there plants, besides OKS eventually all lines will lead to export and the Fed's will get there part of that. Obama is as back words as he can get and then lied about Keystone putting the blame on EPA when he never mentioned the US NAVY and DYNAMIC FUELS. Solid lie is his president joke ask Congress can't ask the Senate cause they won't even vote on a budget law breakers no budget try running any business without a budget or household for four years, don't pay them till we have a budget and watch pipelines flow on foreign money,EPD!
    Dec 14, 2012. 10:56 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Hatteras Financial: Bucking The Agency Trend May Be The Only Viable Option  [View article]
    What happened to Two and Silver Bay spin off,this month prospectus signed 12-4-12 , 30 days to make a decision. Talk about buying foreclosed homes and the big flip,big enough to spin off to get away from uncle sam and the tree cutting paper work.
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  • Enterprise: A Bull Case For Strong Income And Solid Growth  [View article]
    If Obama would have just done a little bit of his job the Keystone would be putting the rest to shame but Obama is not a leader he is letting China in that Canada game, even though the pipeline was or would be a joint venture when it came to Houston EPD would have been the $ key to all the refineries all those connections are run by who there partner just got the pipeline juice but EPD has the game when it gets sent to all the refineries such an Obama shame.
    Dec 11, 2012. 04:54 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Advanced Financial Analysis: Energy Products  [View article]
    We are amazed at how all of these values ROI etc. leave out the very most important reason for the growth of such a company, not the safety record , or there security which I am sure you calculated that with all your stat's and we could get deep in those, you could go into any of there plants and it is so different to the others that need them, they are clean and secure etc. but you left out the most important factor, having a fair playing field to due business, which comes with the Fed's to the states etc. but lets just say if Obama would have been a president with any direction like even lets get a budget and not like his home crime ridden political playground, lets just say that the Keystone pipeline would be up and running instead of the Fed Epa and TYSON FOODS Dynamic Fuels spin off that sells the US Navy all there fuel at 6 times the normal price EPD would be worth a whole lot more if uncle sams Obama buddies let our neighbor from Canada send us oil instead of Obama saying wait till after the election which helps China where Obama owes a favor for all the loans. The profit and jobs that would have been generated would have thrown your formula out the window and do not compare them with other companies and say they all had the same rules because you would be way off. The Houston ship channel and the USA need EPD more than any of the others on you refinery list. Be fair politics has been an EPD slow down using the chicken donkey political fuel, do the home work Dynamic Fuels and US and TYSON FOODS pay the chicken feed rule. Should play the do good business rule no matter who you vote for EPD got hurt by the Obama do nothing rules.
    Dec 11, 2012. 04:46 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tax On Dividend-Paying Stocks Rising To 74%  [View article]
    It is one thing in life that we are not all alike but I do except your reasoning and agree but me being simple but also complex, hard to be both right or left, I did what was right and paid my dues but my time came early because of an accident of no fault of mine but time and I had my nest egg but the time came way before the so called retire days and I am not bitching, but that was the cards I got and I will not starve but I will struggle that is okay but there are so many that are born that are taught to get the free money that we paid for so now I have to be more cautious but I still feel and find a way to give but make sure it goes to the cause not the expense for the causes overhead and the rest to the real cause could be wrong but this cause does not go to Govt. and I still struggle but the cause of giving and not being taken advantage of is hard to find most take overhead and when said and done 90 cents out of every $ goes to overhead and not those that need when I need myself I wish i would have had more time or bought more ins. but it is what it is so gets all my extra which is when amazon donates when I buy on that site it is for the kids so I am different but I would bet you help others to but it is hard to help with out really knowing it counts so Ifound one that does what it says and it makes me feel good is not united way and i do not know the foundation by person but there books are wide open so the little I give is for those kids fight for life so they never become that 10% of that 90% like the baby turtle that makes it to the water that still is not a guarantee but he at least got to the water to try and not cry which is how this Govt. wants you cry they pay you I am with you on the 90% but so many start with a bad deck I just try to get them a card and hope they do what you said! Thanks
    Dec 2, 2012. 06:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment