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Live on Maui and run a Vacation Rental business here. Moved from San Francisco where I lived in a fog for many years. It finally got to me and I moved to Maui one day after having a wonderfull vacation experience . Do some stock trading and read all the business news on the beach. Life is much less stressful here. If you would like to come to Maui and relax ... look me up at
  • Description: Company executive. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Stocks - short, Tech stocks
Aloha So......... you made some money in the stock market this year. Or maybe you lost some. You are still worried and stressed out not knowing what is the your next move. Bulls or Bears.... who cares, come to Maui and relax under the palm trees. Instead of counting the "points" of your move you will count the ...More
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Advice to AIG - Sell the stock if you made 6% and be happy you did not loose your shirt. Another stock manipulation by the hedge funds. Mar 9, 2010