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  • Apple's iWatch Is About Data First, Fashion Second [View article]
    non-sense. it's precisely ppl who think like you, rodcell, who missed the swatch-watch-boom. (well-priced (not cheap - they keep working) watches for around 50USD)

    watch-enthusiasts COLLECT them! and ofc also watches in other price segments. so CEOs will expect them to buy V1, V2 etc. - which is EVEN the case with smartphones! the other day i talked to a guy who will buy samsung's alpha - he now owns the s5 - and he is NOT rich at all (just because of some show-off-rather-useless features he will invest another 800USD.). now IMAGINE what a rich person will do! let me tell you: a rich person will buy the iwatch in EVERY color available and even have some colorized specifically for him. whenever there's a new version coming out, he will give the older version away or to his kids - although most rich idiots buy the latest and best for their kids. wannabes will even wear 2 watches simultanously. Lagerfeld bought himself dozens of ipods - one color per music genre. swatch makes BILLIONS with unexpensive watches and will continue to do so.
    most brands mentioned here are not truly luxury brands.
    even highend watches (10K USD and above) from patek philipp need maintenance (according to patek philipp).
    moreover: snobs prefer mechanically-driven watches which have to be wound manually if they are not wound from arm-movement. the occasional push/winding up mechnically-driven watch gives you another (bad) excuse to show it off.
    most ppl who enjoy mechanical luxury watches hate technology - as many quartz watches outperform in precision. this is also true of apple users who enjoy being on a locked down platform with little configureability (or positively put: with little/no need for configuration).

    when ppl buy overpriced hardware - be it audio, smartphone, computers, etc., they not seldomly do so because of what economists call the "snob effect" (the desire to pay more just so you can show that you can - 150$ for a glass of champagne in a nightclub is an example).

    let's assume (incorrectly) that you are right about the attitude of the industry and no watchmaker is keen on it: well then we might refer to apple as a watchmaker soon and read about traditional watchmakes going bankrupt a bit later.

    in the long run, there is no reason why a patek philipp for 1mio USD, with mechanical base, should not also have some "smart" features.

    heck maybe even some1 finds a way to implement certain "smart" features on a mechanical foundation (which would be stupid/nostalgic). but no matter how stupid/nostalgic it is - some ppl really get excited over such retro-innovations.

    the IT industry, especially william gates, used to think that the internet is just to download porn and linux is just for IT students - this site is hosted on linux and few of us have downloaded porn on the net today.
    in today's crowd-funded world, the attitude of established players is less and less important.
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  • Apple's iWatch Is About Data First, Fashion Second [View article]
    that is not an argument as time is omnipresent in modern environments.
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  • Is Overvalued InvenSense A Sell Going Into Earnings? [View article]
    a link to your latest article would not have hurt.

    @Akshansh Gandhi
    it would not have hurt to mention when the earnings release is expected. maybe at the time of writing it was no clear - but it is now.
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  • 3 Solid Reasons To Buy AMD After The Crash [View article]
    there's no better way to lose money than waiting until after it rebounded ^^
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  • Why I Shorted InvenSense Inc. [View article]
    oh really bbloomlu?
    am up 10%.
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  • GoBroke With GoPro [View article]
    hello redrut
    hello james5

    @james5 & @redrut : options will be available from next week? if this is true, how can redrut disclose to already be shorting?

    i tried to short GPRO after it skyrocketed during the first 20-30mins of yesterday's market opening. but i failed to do so - not finding any options thru my broker or google. can you help me out?

    thru which broker are GPRO options already available?
    thanks in advance

    1. it's a camera: YES. and that's a strength in my eyes. remember the iPOD? you would have said "it's an mp3 player". nope. it's _THE_ camera.
    who are the customers? let's say they are not tech-savy. they are not anything-savy. they would not even care to remove the "GoPro" references from their uploads! and that's GoPro's strength. their customers are like a bot-army of digital-mouth-to-mouth propaganda. they will gain more market share. they can even step on the gas by hosting events the way red bull does! ppl do NOT say they are buying a "action camera" - they say they buy a GoPro!
    i think you're completely unreasonable in making reasonable considerations!
    customers do not care to find a better offer.
    another good comparison are those garbage headphones that Dre sold to apple. beats. worst audio quality. you can get a superior headphone for 40USD.

    GoPro is a brand, a lifestyle, a cult. ppl who buy a gopro do it as follows:
    they check which gopro models are available. then pick 1.
    i would expect them to be unreasonable and NOT check ANY alternatives - just the way apple fangirls do. if you already own 1-2 apple products, chances are that you will not even consider non-Apple-products.
    that's how strong their vendor-lock-in is!

    GoPro has now enough cash to build innovative complementary services for their users. i.e. a marketplace to monetize their filmed content.
    also they can create a HUGE variety of EVENTS! remember: a gopro can not only be used to film stupid, reckless stunts - it's also an awesome option to capture wildlife, your pet, your cheating husband, your science project etc.
    now GoPro could double their sales if they gave users a way to monetize their movies efficiently.

    also consider that 90% or all action recordings that are popular _these days_ were filmed with a gopro! the amount of gopro-filmed, billion-times-shared content will make it near-impossible for any competitor to catch up!
    customers are loyal to companies they perceive as "to be wining". they are hesitant to buy underdogs. and GoPro has the nimbus of being a de facto standard.

    there are also complementary goods being produced for the GoPro by other leaders. one company just released a special filter incl. "socket".

    why should we ignore reason?
    because from a reasonable point of view, all those tech-hating newbs should be buying an airdog - which makes a GoPro look like something your grandma used.
    "too bad", that these days, good ideas do not need private equity money and can keep all their profits to themselves thanks to kickstarter and indiegaga.

    if you are invested in GoPro, do not share above link ;)
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  • Tesla Opens Up Its Patents: What Altruism? This Is A Strategic Move [View article]
    i have very little to criticize here.
    the author could have mentioned the PR-effects of this move more. fanboi-posts (by many non-investors) on G+ read like this:
    "Where do I sign up to give all my money to Tesla?!"
    "Fantastic! Here's to progress for the sake of progress not profit! "
    "You have to be really grounded and forward thinking as a company to make moves like that. That's awesome to see Telsa make moves like that. We need more companies like that."
    "Ok, I'd enjoy working for this unique and proactive company. "
    "this will drive innovation. and e cars will be significantly affordable for everybody in the near future. way to go +Elon Musk "
    there are few negative/critical comments. how this translates to $$$ has been shown by apple. tesla is not a company anymore. it's a symbol, an ideology with it's own FAN(atic)S!

    altruism _is_ a strategy.
    altruism does not exclude benefit for yourself or your company.
    altruism _would_ mean, that yourself and your company do not play a significant role in a decision.
    we do not know if this was an altruist move, only elon or someone very close to him could know - or not even elon himself (sub-consciousness).

    however this did not diminish the quality of this article (which is not philosophic).
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  • Why I Shorted InvenSense Inc. [View article]
    yes awesome analysis.
    INVN up almost 4%.
    quite professionally wrong. ^^
    May 27 09:59 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why I Shorted InvenSense Inc. [View article]
    after thouroughly not studying:
    - the news
    - rumors
    - gossip
    - intuitive sentiments
    - the market
    - the charts
    - your article
    - your analysis
    - other analyses
    i'd like to quote the great thinker nelson.

    the author forgot (IMHO) the LONG-aspect.
    many brilliant investors simply have better things to do than to follow every wrinkle on a CEO/analysts face or boring 5-10% changes in "valuation".

    what was naively forgotten is this: WHY did some1 invest in invensense?
    if they invested long time ago, they might have been in for a quick ascent and cashout - but those ppl are out since months already and don't play much of a role.

    if they invested rather recently, comparing invensense to intel back in the IBM haydays, they will go LOOONG and thus play a role. and after the short-sighted decline of recent days many LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG players doubled down on invensense and the smile they're wearing which led to the sharp increase today.

    the moment to short would be now. there will be some daytraders cashing gains which will send it down to the 17s again.

    wanna bet?
    I don't. that's why i'm long.
    May 27 09:58 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Printing Debunked, Part 2: Industries [View article]
    "Throwing all companies in one basket makes the author look like a 5 year old who has no capability of the slightest form of differentiation."

    c'est le ton qui fait la musique.

    schweine sehen nur schweine.
    weise sehen nur weise.

    i agree that the author suffers from 'déformation professionel', but that doesn't change the FACT that his negative, handpicked examples are valid.
    Apr 17 10:06 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla: Hope Dies Last [View article]
    "ppl killed in a tesla" UNEQUAL "ppl killed by/with a tesla"
    Feb 25 09:24 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla: Hope Dies Last [View article]
    you could have compared those 100mio miles also to the likelihood of believing in santa.

    the issue at hand are FIRES, not general deaths.
    it's obvious that certain car models attract more crazy drivers
    while others attract more bad drivers.

    and some even change the behavior of the driver (SUV) IMHO.

    it's as if you were comparing how many ppl have been killed by a certain type of gun. you think the AK47 is less safe?
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  • Tesla: Hope Dies Last [View article]
    i read totally incompatible reports.

    some say the absence of skid marks show breaking failure...
    but the official explanation is human failure (driving).
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  • Tesla: Hope Dies Last [View article]
    ahaha that comment about round number is extremely newbie ^^
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  • Tesla: Hope Dies Last [View article]
    today i read that virgin boss branson thinks someone dying on a commercial space flight would be fatal for the business - he couldn't be more wrong!!!!

    it would attract lots of wannabe-daredevils.
    how many ppl have died on airplanes? (extremely little)

    the number one killer is car crashed - and no one, and i really mean no one, cares about those!
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