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The year was 1967 and his Dad was in Vietnam. Since his birthday was September 11th, he wasn’t old enough to go into first grade with most of his buddies. Suffering from timid shyness and a distinct stutter, Michael Ham burst into tears of terror at age six, when he learned he was selected as a weekly cast member of television’s Romper Room series.

Obviously, Michael overcame these obstacles as he now speaks to thousands, confidently with a natural charisma that entertains and inspires. From meager beginnings in South Dallas and the “baby and first in his absurdly large family (his mother was the eldest of 13 siblings) to attend and graduate from college. Michael has “wiz-dom” that is remarkably humorous and ...More
  • Description: Professional Blogger.
  • Interests: Retirement savings
The Sales Talk With a proven track record of stellar sales and profitable production, you are assured that Mike will deliver the goods to your sales team. He just doesn’t Talk the Talk, he Walks the Walk. With his unique story telling style Mike will give your conference attendees more than the basics. They will learn to ...More
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