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  • jumpnjoey77
    $STX no longer qualified dividends? Got a letter from my brokerage - have to pay Irish Tax on recent dividend. Anyone else get a letter?
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    • jumpnjoey77: More info: retro back to April 2012.
    • Skaterdude: Sounds like a scam. If you live in the US and bought US shares, then it does not make sense that you would have to pay tax in Ireland.
    • jumpnjoey77: STX moved incorporated to Ireland. I sold.
    • Squeeky Wheel: Broker spooked you with too much info. US residents not subject to Irish DWT. If you live in Bhutan or Iran, no promises.
    • jumpnjoey77: I live in Australia.
    • Squeeky Wheel: See App A. Australia is a relevant territory and not subject to the tax - as long as your broker knows that you are in Australia.
    • swinson5: I bet it is beautiful there!!!
      Mar 7, 9:52 AM
    • Squeeky Wheel: Not as beautiful as good STX dividends, nor as beautiful as the thread starter.
      Mar 8, 9:15 AM