• John Rayhall
    Can someone explain to me why CALL has given up it's post earnings blowout gains the last few days? Scratching head lol.
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    • Dustin Moore: This is silly. Market will correct upwards in the coming weeks/months.
    • John Rayhall: I sold at 20.36 I think but may re-enter here. Stock has been crushed.
    • Dustin Moore: I've been nibbling more sub-$16. Any remotely positive earnings news should spur a nice pop.
    • John Rayhall: I don't like the volume it's not a very liquid stock. Shorts seems to be in control, but I like the story
    • Dustin Moore: Yes, $CALL bear raid is ugly. Hoping to take advantage. Ability to produce CASH should win out. New product releases in early '13 are key.
    • John Rayhall: Ya they def are I'm not sold that it's not going lower. I don't like the action this week.