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  • The Fed's Culture of Secrecy [View article]
    Thursday 7 January 2010

    Why the secrecy?!

    Because the Federal Reserve Act, passed on 23 December 1913,
    two days before Christmas, when custom was always that no
    legislation is passed between Thanksgiving and New Years,
    while most members of Congress were traveling home for the
    holidays, was borne of secrecy due to its insidious nature.

    The Act was passed when its two main opponents for blocking
    the Act were away from Washington and unable to vote.

    Who was the first Fed chariman? A German Jew brought
    into this country to run the banking system...the exact same
    system modeled after the Reich Bank.

    How many Americans even know or care about the roots of
    a foreign corporate banking cartel getting a hold of issuing
    US currency, initially, gradually replaced by Federal Reserve
    Notes, which are NOT Federal, there are NO reserves, and
    they are NOT notes?

    [FYI...Congress abolished the legislation that allowed
    Federal Reserve Notes to be legal tender. Why isn't THAT
    a known fact?!]

    The Fed pushed out specie-backed US currency, money of
    exchange, and replaced it with fiat, funny munny, called "money
    of account" because it is created by bookkeeping entries, now
    simply computer blips. [All of this information has been
    available in Fedreal Reserve Publications!!!]

    The Fed bankrupted the US back in 1933...what did you think
    the "bank holiday" was for?.

    The US lost representative government the day the Fed act
    was passed. The Fed has milked this country dry of all its
    gold and silver. Rothschilde is rolling over in his grave with
    fits of laughter, seeing what he created take over all
    governments... by controlling the currency.

    I doubt there is a single reader on this site that knows what a
    dollar is. The horse has left the barn. The ship has sailed.
    This country is toast. Cognitive dissonance keeps it alive.

    Why is the Fed so secretive? Because it controlls the
    strings from which all US politicians, including the president,
    dangle, at the Feds discretion.

    Move over Weimar and Zimbabwe. Make room for the US.

    This country was founded as a Republic, but everyone calls
    it a democracy, the worst known form of government. At
    least do a google search and learn the difference.

    The politiburo in Washington is in total control. Hitler passed
    a national health care program, just like the one being passed
    in this country. If people do not join, they will be subject to
    heavy fines. The politiburo is creating criminalization of its
    14th Amendment citizens...

    For too few people, knowing why the Fed is so secretive is
    not a mystery, at all.

    Do your own due deligence.
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