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  • Gold And Silver - Elites Want War. Front Man Obama Pushing Hard

    Saturday 3 May 2014

    The modus operandi of the elites is to create chaos, preferably in
    the form of [profitable for them] war. Their purpose is to create
    major headaches for governments and people. The next step is to
    "offer solutions" to end the chaos. Without fail, the solutions always
    favor the elite who gain more control as part of the cost for the

    Why war? A simple diversion used to cover the total insolvency
    of the entire Western banking system and the failure of all fiat currencies. The only solution will be financial destruction, and
    major economic life disruptions, especially in the ill-prepared
    United States. Previews of what is in store for the United States
    are found in Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Venezuela, Argentina. The
    list grows.

    There is only one head of state pushing for war against Russia,
    using Ukraine as a pawn, and that is the elite front-man, Barack
    Obama. What business does he have instigating chaos in that part
    of the world? None, quite simply, yet he leads the charge.

    Are the citizens of the United States urging him on? No. What about the Europeans who transact billions of dollars in business with
    Russia, depend upon Russia for 20% to 35% to supply their natural
    gas needs? Are individual European states urging him on? No. Too
    much at risk, and European leaders do not want to bear the
    consequences of yet more sanctions that can end up hurting them
    more than hurting Russia.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Washington this
    weekend, giving the appearance of being supportive of Obama
    but not offing it, directly. Ms Merkel may soon be saying auf
    weidersehen to her job within another year. If the German people
    are foolish enough to let the head Frau help decimate the German
    economy, through risking hundreds of thousands of jobs, risking
    future contracts between major German corporations and Russia,
    then like the docile Americans, the Germans will only have
    themselves to blame.

    If European states are opposed to more sanctions that will ending
    harming them, then Obama has no other support, as he supports
    an illegal coup d'etat, the overtaking of an elected government,
    and blames Putin for breaking rules. Well, there is that unelected,
    non-representative group, the IMF, which is in Obama's hypocritical corner. The IMF promised Ukraine $17 billion in tranched loans,
    with one small catch in the not so fine print: Ukraine, you must go
    to war against pro-Russian forces and take the eastern part of
    Ukraine, or you do not get your money!

    Now we have the IMF, [Rothschilds] telling one country to start a
    civil war and capture the Eastern Ukraine. This is how the elites
    work, and the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barack Obama, is their
    front man, leading the charge, just like he did in Egypt, Libya,
    Syria, Afghanistan. Egypt was a purely political manuever. Libya
    has oil, and prior to the killing of Muammar Gaddafi, that country
    used to own gold, which was the first order of business to ransack,
    just as the Ukrainian gold was the first thing to disappear, into
    greedy Western thieving hands. But always remember, according
    to Western interests, gold has not useful value, at least not in your
    hands. Syria is important for Russian access to ship natural gas to
    Europe, and the US sees it as a threat to the petro-dollar.
    Afghanistan has heroin that supports the CIA drug trade and a huge source of profitable money laundering for the Rothschild banking

    What of Ukraine? It may be just what the elite needs, once
    attempts to provoke war in Syria failed. Why is attacking and
    capturing Eastern Ukraine so important? It has rich farmland that
    produces income, unlike to poorer Western Ukraine being
    exploited. Without the income from the eastern farmland, how
    else will the IMF ever get repaid?

    What has this to do with the price of gold and silver? Both PMs need to be kept suppressed and not viewed as an alternative to the
    world's largest Ponzi scheme, the Rothschild Western banking
    system, totally corrupt and insolvent to its core, but also totally
    in charge of all Western governments. The BRICS nations have
    created a fissure that continues to grow and remains the most
    viable threat to the West.

    Expectations are that more European companies will start aligning
    themselves with Russia and China. Germany remains a key player, in that regard. Aligning herself with Obama may be what costs
    Merkel her job. Good riddance.

    It seemed developing events would have already had an impact on
    gold and silver, but last week's yet another manipulation "take-
    down" delayed the inevitable. It should be an overt reminder to all
    of the control the elites have to do whatever is necessary in order
    to maintain their power. Maybe there will be more "suicided"
    events where mid-tier bankers do their utmost best to defy gravity
    from varying heights of buildings.

    [As an aside for our foreign readers, suicide is the taking of one's
    life. Use of the term "suicided" implies that the official reports of
    suicide in the 14 deaths, to date, may have been, shall we say,
    involuntarily assisted, hence suicided.]

    The French banker, a woman named Lydia, was considered to be
    the first female to be "suicided," by her attempt to defy gravity and leap to her death. Somehow, Sumana Sultana, 44, a banker for
    Rupali Bank escaped attention when she hung herself from her
    bedroom ceiling fan, back in January. That brings the sudden rash
    of banker "suicides" to 15.

    It is a function of the elites to create problems like Ukraine, and/or
    any other area in which distractions can be used and keep people
    focusing on the wrong issues. The fundamentals for gold and silver
    are not connected to price because of Rothschild-like efforts, as we
    have been saying for the past few months. Until then, except for
    accumulating physical gold and silver at these absurdly low,
    artificial levels, keep one's powder dry and use reasonably close
    stops if entering the paper market.

    A look at the charts:

    The monthly remains in a TR holding its 1200 area lows very well.

    GC M 3 May 14

    It is easier to see the sideways movement from the thin line
    connecting the swing highs and swing lows. Price needs to rally
    above the 1390 area to turn the near term trend up.

    GC W 3 Mat 2014

    Notice how price sell-offs are labored, relative to the wide range
    rally bars. It is an overall positive sign in market activity, and it
    may set the stage for long positions in the futures market.

    GC D 3 May 14

    The monthly shows silver still bottoming, and the word patience
    keeps coming to mind.

    SI M 3 May 14

    Price sell-offs continue to hold, but lower swing highs show an
    inability of buyers to wrest control from sellers. Another test of
    support could weaken it sufficiently for sellers to get another new
    low, wiping out a lot of stops and weak longs. Otherwise, recent
    lows may provide an anchor for trading futures from the long side.

    SI W 3 May 14

    The composition of the market activity shows selling dropped at
    Thursday's recent new lows. This is a plus for buyers who will
    recognize that sellers were AWOL when they had a clear
    opportunity to drive price lower. Friday's increased volume, wide
    range rally bar reflects how buyers acted and took advantage of
    the market-generated information.

    SI D 3 May 14

    May 03 2:21 AM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Gold And Silver - Prospects For Both From A Russian POV

    Saturday 26 April 2014

    [POV = Point Of View]

    One of the biggest problems for the West, the US in particular, is its
    increasingly parochial perspective from the narrowest of lenses, fully colored by the elite's use of its main propaganda machine, the
    Maintstream Media. It will not work for people to expect more from
    their government, rather, people have to demand and expect more
    from themselves, for in the end, people will discover all they really
    had to rely upon was themselves and failed to do so.

    All of the information one needs to make more enlightened decisions
    is out there. One has to change their broken habits of spoon-fed
    expectations from local news and take a more active role in seeking
    the truth. In a nation that relies upon a police state, increased
    militarization, and NSA [STASI] spying on its docile population, one
    cannot expect to hear truth, only lies, and the Obama administration
    is certainly delivering them.

    Ask yourself, what is your impression of Russia, of Putin? Then,
    consider the following information about both. Never in the history
    of the world have [mostly] Western central bankers issued anything
    but worthless paper currency, backed by nothing, controlled by
    unelected bureaucrats, and none beholding to nor responsible for
    citizens of a nation, your neighbors and everyone you may know.
    This is the world in which most of you live without challenging it.
    Others, outside of the Western sphere of central banks, with a firm
    grip on their respective governments, refuse to remain a victim of
    the West's inflationary degradation via fiat currencies and the rot-
    from-within they generates.

    Who has been the champion prodder of the Ukrainian situation? The
    United States, led by its teleprompter-reading corporate president,
    Barack Obama. What has he done? Threatened economic sanctions,
    provided neo-Nazi thugs to continue to stir unrest, steal, or remove,
    if you prefer, all the Ukrainian gold in the middle of the night, and
    drain the country of billions of dollars, transferred to Swiss banks.
    Are any of these moves in the least bit constructive, let alone

    Putin's response? Aggression to match aggression? No. Just patience, waiting as events that are doomed to fail play out. While Obama
    does what he can to stir up a hornets nest in an area of the world the US has no business in interfering, Putin is allowing Obama to take as much political rope as he needs to hang himself. In the meantime,
    Putin is busy putting together deals with other countries, and its
    natural gas deal with China in the works will be a game-changer for
    Russia. All of the deals made and those in process will bring income
    to Russia as a nation. What kind of income?

    More rubles, some yuan, maybe even some gold. Totally absent is
    the use of the dollar
    as the disappearing world reserve currency.
    Putin is taking his job of running a country seriously and responsibly.

    Putin spurns Western central banks and continues to strengthen the
    ruble. He makes deals with other natural resource-rich countries.
    Obama invades oil-rich countries. While Obama pushes for war on
    the other side of the world with Syria and Ukraine, Putin is busy
    making deals on the other side of his world with Obama's ignored
    neighbors, Mexico and Latin America. While Obama allows the Fed
    and Wall Street to continually suppress and disparage the gold
    market, Putin is building Russia's gold reserves. No fiat ruble over

    What has Obama done to help strengthen the US financially? Nil, and
    to the contrary, he has increased government spending, with no
    means of ever repaying it, and he has worsened the plight of millions and millions of Americans through his enrich-insurance-companies
    scheme at the expense of leaving people without affordable
    insurance coverage.

    Most Americans have never heard of Russia's Gazprom, yet it dwarfs
    Exxon and Mobil in size. In anticipation of Western sanctions,
    Gazprom secured natural gas deals with China. If Gazprom never
    sold another energy unit of natural gas to the West, its bottom line
    will continue thrive with its natural gas sold to the East. Further,
    Gazprom will now only sell their product using rubles, yuan, and
    gold, no petrodollars allowed.

    The Russian banking system has responded to the West's petty and
    of no-effect sanctions by raising a one-finger salute to the West.
    Russian banks have stopped using the dollar and have adapted total
    reliance upon its own ruble, intent on having the ruble become a
    part of any new global currency. US banks continue to entrap citizens with debt-forever fiat. Russia has the second largest gold reserve in
    the world. US is the highest debtor nation in the entire world. The US has always had a fondness for being number 1 in everything.

    The fact that Russia has rejected the dollar in every way, coupled
    with another fact that it will only transact its gas and oil trade in the
    ruble will have an impact on the US and the West more than any
    sanctions Obama can ever hope to [under]achieve. As a consequence
    of pushing Russia away from the [totally failed] Western banking
    system, the US stands to lose trillions of fiat $ in return. It is not just
    Russia. All of the other BRICS nations are following suit. The US and
    the central banking system is committing seppuku, [hari kari],
    financial [self-imposed] disembowelment.

    Still think of Russia as an "evil empire?" Here is a quote from one of
    Russia's members of Parliament on the US and its fiat:

    "The dollar is evil. It is a dirty green paper stained with blood of
    hundreds of thousands of civilian citizens of Japan, Serbia,
    Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Korea, and Vietnam. Our national
    industrial giants will not suffer any losses if they choose to make
    contracts in Rubles or other alternative currencies. Russia will benefit from that. We should act paradoxically when we deal with the West.
    We will sell Rubles to consumers of our oil & gas, and later we will
    exchange Rubles for Gold. If they do not like this, let them not do
    this and freeze to death. Before they adjust, and this will take them
    three of four years, we will collect tremendous quantities of Gold.
    Russian companies will at last become nationally oriented and stop
    crediting the economy of the United States that is openly hostile
    to Russia."
    Source: Izvestia newspaper

    What of he US ally Germany? Guess where Germany will turn when
    push comes to shove? East! It has vastly important financial ties with Russia. Germany's ties to the US? Mostly fiat and highly
    objectionable NSA tentacles covering the country.

    Israel. Surely the staunchest US ally? Well, it turns out that the US
    worsening of events in Ukraine are a threat to Israeli security. Israel
    has its own floating Tamar natural gas platform, and it has made a
    deal with Gazprom to export the liquified natural gas.

    How much of any of this has anyone read or heard about from
    government-controlled mainstream media? Not a peep, not a
    sentence. The elites want US citizens to remain dumbed down, and
    US citizens are complying in utter ignorance and steadfast refusal to
    consider any alternative news sources. Reliance upon the total
    control over the corporate and bankrupt federal government's
    newspeak is the elite's goal.

    At the outset, we said people need to expect more from themselves
    and take more responsibility for their own lives. Reliance upon any
    government is a trap from which there is no escape.

    We have not even covered all that can be covered re Russia and
    Putin, or Obama and the federal government, for that matter. We
    have not even touched China, India, the growing BRICS nations as a
    power unto themselves, totally outside of and separate from the self-
    toppling United Sates.

    The acronym BRICS brings to mind the story of the Three Little Pigs,
    making houses of straw and twigs that failed, [fiat], with the safest
    being the one built of brick. The BRICS are using a lot of gold in
    building their financial ties together.

    None of this addresses timing, but the message is clear: financial
    integrity and strength is relying upon gold, in some large degree, as
    a standard, at least indirectly. The message should be the same for
    us all who endeavor to withstand the inevitable fall-out from fiat
    currencies destroying the Western financial system. The East, parts
    of the Middle East, and even Central and South American countries
    are accumulating gold. There is no concern about gold going lower or even not going higher, for now. The end-game is not the short-term
    price, it is for where gold will seek its natural price level once freed
    from Western central bankers and to not be caught holding nothing
    but value-lost paper.

    On a side note, the elites are not stupid. It is likely that they may
    even be orchestrating the demise of the Federal Reserve Note
    "dollar." The direction may have been intended to replace the
    "dollar" with another fiat issue, like an SDR, [Special Drawing
    Rights], to be issued by an all-controlling, non-elected or
    representative government, like the BIS, [Bank for International
    Settlements], or some similar elite organization. What was not
    anticipated, during all the decades of planning, was the rise of the
    East and the use of gold as a measure of currency control.

    Last week could have been an important anchor for a turning point
    in gold and silver. The comments on the weekly chart cover a lot of
    ground. What can be added are the observations labeled 4 and 5.
    Both are directed at the level of volume. The area marked 4 shows
    increased volume as price rallied. On the current correction, volume
    has dropped off. This tells us that the selling pressure is not there, as it used to be.

    The gold price is also respecting, albeit loosely, the half-way
    correction area between the recent swing low and swing high. In
    somewhat of a down market condition, that is a good showing. Gold's failure to decline to the lower channel line is an indication of strength.

    GC W 26 Apr 14

    The daily gold chart is confirming observation made on the weekly,
    but with more detail. What was not covered in the chart comments
    was the thin line at the half-way measure of the down sloping
    channel. Whenever price can hold the half-way point of anything, it
    is taken as a relative measure of strength

    GC D 26 Apr 14

    Silver is a test of one's patience. All purchases made at current, even slightly higher, prices will be viewed as gifts and wise moves
    sometime in the future, be it later this year or into 2015/2016. When silver finally does rally away from its [very constructive] support
    zone, purchases made at any higher price in the past few years will
    look like bargains.

    The way the charts are setting up, even purchases in the paper
    futures market now have a diminished downside. What cannot be
    known is when a move to the upside will make any such buys
    worthwhile from a profit perspective.

    SI W 26 Apr 14

    That high volume spike should loom as important, moving forward.
    As with gold, it may be an anchor for establishing the low point for
    silver, too. Similar to gold, silver has kept just above the half-way
    area in its down channel. In this last correction, silver did not even
    come close to reaching the lower channel live, as it did in late March. Last week's close has it bumping up against the upper channel line
    very soon after the last challenge just two weeks ago. This is a
    positive development within a negative down trend.

    On an ending note, last week, mention was made of Gann and the
    Cardinal Grand Cross, an astrological significant time frame. It all
    ends with a solar eclipse on the 29th. [See
    Gann, Cardinal Grand Cross, A Mousetrap And Wrong Expectations,
    if you did not read it.] It is just interesting to see how both gold and
    silver can be potentially bottoming at the same time. From our
    unwavering point of view, price and volume remain the most
    reliable guides and source of market information.

    SI D 26 Apr 14

    Apr 26 12:08 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Gold And Silver - Gann, Cardinal Grand Cross, A Mousetrap, And Wrong Expectations.

    Saturday 19 April 2014

    W D Gann has long been recognized as an astute market trader, and
    followers of Gann have been trying to figure out his genius. The best
    way to describe how he made so many successful market calls is, in
    a word, astrology. Having died in 1955, we did not know him, but we were fortunate enough to have met and befriended his assistant,
    Robert Courter. He, too, has since died, but he confirmed what many
    who study Gann know, that William Delbert Gann was an
    extraordinary astrologer, exceptional.

    The Square of Nine, the Circle of 360, his Hexagon, and Master
    Charts were all based on astrology. He did not openly admit that in
    his newsletters and writings, but he often mentioned "wheels within
    wheels," which was how the planets revolved around the Sun.
    Most people believe astrology to be akin to reading tea leaves or
    using a Ouija board, and he did not want to be put into that category.

    We will not get into astrology and the markets, but we have
    observed direct correlations between planetary movements and price
    action in stocks and futures. Not being astrologically adept, we leave
    it to others but acknowledge its validity. The point in mentioning
    Gann and astrology is next week's big astrological event, a Cardinal
    Grand Cross.

    Between April 20th through April 23rd, there are four days of
    supreme astrological intensity. They are bookended by the Full Lunar
    Eclipse, just passed on the 15th, and an Annular Solar Eclipse on the
    29th. [Anyone can do an internet search to understand some of the
    terms below, like we just did to find out what a Blood Moon is.]

    Essentially, on 23 April, Pluto will be 180 degrees, [opposite] from
    Jupiter, and Mars will be 180 degrees from Uranus. All will be in the
    13th degree of their respective Sun signs, forming a cross shape,
    thus the Cardinal Grand Cross. As the term implies, "opposition,"
    usually entails a major polarizing effect.

    What can happen? The Ukrainian situation igniting that leads to
    war would be one example. Anyone interested can look up more.
    We just wanted to mention it because it could have an impact on
    world events, and to let people that from an astrological view, it
    was known ahead of time. [Not a specific event, but the basis for

    Gann was mentioned to tie in a highly respected market guru with
    market astrology. Plus. we have witnessed market moves that were
    known to be timed to planetary aspects, in advance, and as recently
    as last week.

    • 4/15. Full Lunar Eclipse aka a 'Blood Moon' (4
      consecutive Blood Moons
      throughout 2014 and 2015)
    • 4/20. Easter Sunday (Roman Catholic & Eastern
    • 4/20. Uranus squares Jupiter
    • 4/20. Pluto opposes Jupiter
    • 4/20. T-square peaks: Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto
    • 4/21. Uranus-Pluto square (#5 of 7)
    • 4/21. Grand Trine peaks: Venus-Jupiter-Saturn
    • 4/22. Jupiter squares Mars

      (2014′s most powerful astrological event!)
    • 4/23. Uranus opposes Mars
    • 4/23. Pluto square Mars
    • 4/23. T-square peaks: Mars-Uranus-Pluto
    • 4/29. Solar Eclipse (Annular)


    You would think that how the fundamentals have been so misleading
    to so many in the PMs community, that more would pay attention to
    what the market says and less to what others have to say about the
    markets. It is like building a better mousetrap and expecting people
    to come flocking to buy it, which they do not. Why not? Creatures of
    habit may be the simplest answer.

    We see charts as the "improved mousetrap," as it were, and superior
    as a tool for market timing over fundamentals, or any other similar
    undertaking, for relating to what and when to buy in the markets.
    Still, there are not that many converts who pay more attention to
    what the market is saying. The one thing we know for sure is,
    regardless of whatever one has in the form of expectations, they are
    always subordinate to the final arbiter over price, and that is the
    market itself.

    We make such a distinction on the daily silver chart, at the end. For
    now, here is our ongoing read of developing market activity for gold
    and silver:

    For months, we have been saying that the gold charts are not
    indicating a wild or even a sustained move higher. To the contrary,
    despite all the positive fundamentals for demand, on so many levels,
    price is marching to a different tune, far removed from all the known and highly constructive news about gold.

    If you were to base your decision-making on news alone, one is not
    making any money from buying gold. Does that mean one should
    refrain from buying it? The best answer comes from knowing your objectives.

    If you want security from the out-of-control fiat spending of all
    Western governments, then yes, this continues to be the time to buy
    gold, [and silver]. In addition to the insane and unprecedented
    creation of "money out of thin air," world-wide events are
    turning darker and darker. Gold and silver remain one of the best
    means for attaining financial peace of mind, and one of the best
    forms of wealth preservation. In this regard, price is of no
    consequence. Ownership is. Stay the course.

    There is ample evidence that your own government sees any money
    you hold in banks as theirs for the taking, [Cyprus, Greece, Ireland].
    Rules, laws, statutes are already in place to have your funds
    confiscated, if you [wrongly] believe that it cannot happen to you.
    Both in the US and UK, at a minimum, there have been several
    published stories about people's safety deposit boxes raided for their
    gold and silver contents.

    If you do not want to be subjected to what is going on, and will
    surely only get worse and more widespread, than yes, buying gold
    and silver makes sense, not to make money, as an incorrect
    measure in the short-term, but to be safe and secure in protecting
    what you already have from being confiscated, in some manner.
    Obviously, owning and holding PMs means you do not keep it in
    some bank or [not so] safe deposit box.

    If you want to be profiting from owning gold, [and silver], then no,
    now is not the time to be committing to the long side, in general.
    That is more of a function of trading, and futures and options are the
    typical choices. We do not trade options, so they are never a topic of
    the charts we discuss.

    The best we can say about gold is that it may be transitioning from
    its protracted down trend. The signs that gold remains under
    pressure are still there, bearish spacing, lower swing highs, etc, and
    that means any buying has to be very select, or not at all, again,
    profit being the only objective.

    The chart comments are apt, and we will add that in addition to the
    high volume from four weeks ago, the very small range bar, at the
    low, supports the prospects that the bottoming process continues
    with increasing positive signs. That can change next week, if the market were to make lower lows, but unless and until that kind of
    event happens, we can only draw conclusions from facts that are
    , and not from what may or may not happen.

    GC W 19 Apr 14

    For whatever reason that it happened, last week's wide range bar
    down on sharply higher volume may contain price activity for the
    next several TDs, [Trading Days]. Look at the wide range bar lower,
    at the beginning of April, in the weekly chart above. It captured
    price within its range for the next 7 trading weeks. Then, at the end
    of April, same chart, there were two large bars down, and with the
    exception of a brief rally above the first of those two bars, price has
    been trading with their range for the past year!

    Because price closed well off the low of last Tuesday's sell-off, the
    sharply higher volume, and price at important support, tells us
    buyers are defending the 1280 +/- area as support.

    GC D 19 Apr 14

    Silver keeps trying. It is like the Little Engine That Could: "I think I
    can, I think I can..." One day, now sooner than later, it will move
    higher and get over the hill. As you view the daily chart, you can see
    price moving farther and farther along the RHS, [Right Hand Side]
    of the ongoing TR, [Trading Range]. The farther along price moves
    on the RHS, the closer it gets to reaching a final resolve, or a
    breaking free of the TR. That it is occurring at such a low-level, and
    at important support, an upside breakout is more likely. However, it
    is still possible for one more move lower to totally wash out weak
    hands and trigger sell stops, at the same time.

    SI W 19 Apr 14

    Combined with comments on the weekly TR, you can see that silver
    just had a break to the downside of its recent little TR. We see it as a positive development because of how it happened: wide range, highest contract volume, close off the low, and no downside
    follow-through for next two TDs.

    Forget about your own expectations for higher prices, at least in the
    sense of wanting higher prices as soon as possible. It is the market
    that determines where price trades and for how long. Higher prices
    are coming! This is where all the developing fundamentals are put
    into a context, but the timing for when price will justify the
    fundamental expectations is determined by market activity. That
    activity, as just described, and as we have been saying for over a
    year, is saying, quite clearly, neither silver nor gold are showing
    evidence of an imminent move higher.

    Adjust your expectations to what the market is saying, and you will
    lower your anxiety level for disappointment and align yourself for
    what is. The definitions of is is that which is going on, right now, and
    not what is in your own mind, re gold and silver.

    SI D 19 Apr 14

    Apr 19 6:30 PM | Link | Comment!
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