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Michael Noonan Edge Trader Plus Michael Noonan is the driving force behind Edge Trader Plus. He has been in the futures business for 30 years, functioning primarily in an individual capacity. He was the research analyst for the largest investment banker in the South, at one time, and he... More
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  • Gold And Silver - 2014 Could Be A Yawner; Be Prepared For A Weekend Surprise.

    Saturday 12 April 2014

    For the past year, we have been saying that the charts for gold and
    silver are likely bottoming in a normal manner, and it takes time
    for a this kind of formation to complete itself. It remains the case,
    to date.

    What is likely to cause a sharp price reversal to the upside for gold
    and silver? If both were allowed to simply adjust to inflation, you
    would see a fairly substantial rally. Given that will not be the case,
    what will be a/the catalyst for a precious metal [PM] change in

    Could it be enormous purchases of whatever-is-available physical
    gold by countries like China and India? No. That has been in the
    works and a known fact for a few years now, and gold continues to
    languish near recent lows.

    How about prospects for a U S-prompted breakout of war? [No
    other country seems interested in starting one.] No. Libya failed to
    ignite anything, nor did the Arab Spring or the ongoing Syrian
    situation where the US sees chemicals everywhere, except in rebel

    What about Iran and its "nuclear proliferation" that needs to be
    stopped? No. Pakistan and North Korea have nuclear capabilities
    well beyond that of Iran, so a nuclear threat from a country that
    does not have nuclear capability is another US false flag. What Iran
    does have that neither Pakistan nor North Korea have is oil. Wait.
    Are not all contracts for trade in oil based on use of the petrodollar? The first "yes!"

    How about the US-sponsored coup d'etat in Ukraine as an
    instigation for war? No. It has been well-checked by Putin, so far.
    Wait. Are not all contracts for natural gas trade based on use of the petrodollar? A second "yes."

    What about the loss of the petrodollar as a world reserve currency? Would that cause the prices for gold and silver to rise dramatically? A huge yes for that one.

    Come to think of it, the reason for the US-led invasion of Iraq was
    due to Saddam's cache of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Turns out,
    there were none, but Iraq did have oil, just like Iran, and both
    countries were selling their oil for gold, by-passing the use of the
    US fiat-issue petrodollar. The elites have consequences for when
    their rules are ignored. Iraq was invaded, and partially ruined, and
    Iran has been economically sanctioned

    Syria is not known as an oil-producing nation. True. That is not the
    threat to the US. What is a threat is the strategic location of a
    Syrian port used as an integral part for sending Russian natural gas to Europe. A successful pipeline that is not run by the US is a huge
    concern, especially because the natural gas coming from Russia will not use the petrodollar. Without the petrodollar standard, the US
    cannot export its inflationary fiat to the rest of the world.

    Countries that use the petrodollar hold large quantities of US
    treasury bonds to facilitate trade agreements. If countries, let us
    say like Iraq and Iran, stop basing oil trade on the petrodollar,
    other countries will follow suit. The elites cannot allow this to
    happen. Both countries are relatively small compared to the BRICS alliance, of which China is fast-becoming the world's biggest energy user. All of the BRICS nations,[Brazil, Russia, India, China, South
    Africa], and a host of other countries are starting their own trade
    agreements, and guess which country is "odd man out?" The elite's
    own United States. The elites cannot allow this to happen, but they
    cannot stop it, either. This is a problem for them.

    While everyone is focused on the demand side for gold, doing all
    kinds of calculations, trying to figure out the real number of tonnes
    China has purchased. Our simple answer: a lot, and the real number is of no consequence.

    All of the charts depicting countries purchasing gold, graphs
    showing the depletion of COMEX, LBMA, GLD, et al, are well done
    and nice to look at, but none address why the price of gold and
    silver are at relatively low levels, these days.

    Gold, more so than silver, has been purposefully suppressed to
    keep the fiat petrodollar propped up. The elites will stop at nothing
    to prevent gold from being recognized as an alternative to their
    Western world fiat Ponzi scheme. Why has the elite-puppet Obama
    been continually enabling and prompting the illegally sponsored
    coup in Ukraine?

    The US is fighting to keep the Wizard behind the curtain from being
    exposed for the fraud that it is. The fraud is the fiat Ponzi scheme
    and the utter insolvency of the entire Western central banking
    system. What keeps it alive, actually more on a respirator, at this
    stage, is the grip over the entire Western world political system
    which is designed to keep the masses enslaved to the debt system
    from which there is little hope of escape.

    There is a reason why there has been such a militarized build-up in
    the United States, used against certain countries to keep all other
    countries in line, lest they be next. The militarization of local police
    forces, with their highly armed swat teams, former military
    vehicles being "donated" to cities and towns. This is by elite design
    to have the means of keeping the masses under control, no match
    for the excessively armed police. This is why elite-kisser Michael
    Bloomberg, who has turned the NY police into a virtual private
    military, and why he has been busy campaigning for national gun
    control. A population with no means to defend itself is an easy
    target to keep under control.

    Chicago has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the nation,
    yet crime and death by gun is amongst the highest in this country.
    What will more gun controls accomplish? Nothing. Not a thing. All
    that needs be done is to enforce the gun laws on the books, but
    that would not solve the disarming of the people, which is what the
    corporate federal government wants in order to eliminate all forms
    of civil resistance.

    We got a little off topic re the threat of dismantling of the
    petrodollar, and with it the rapid fall of the United States into a
    third-rate country drowning in debt with no way out. The elites can
    ill afford to lose its primary ATM machine that feeds the top .0001% who profit by controlling all the money. All of these seemingly
    extraneous events are really tied into the control of the powerful
    and power-hungry elites. The Rothschild crowd.

    As was stated last week, we know of no sentence that has had a
    more profound effect on the people of the world than the one
    uttered by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, "Give me control of a
    nation's money, and I care not who makes the laws." [See Power
    Elites More Important Than China's Gold, 5th paragraph and the
    ones following as explanation.]

    Why is it that 2014 may be like a repeat of 2013 in failed
    expectations for gold and silver to reach new highs and beyond?

    For as long as the elites maintain their monetary power to destroy
    countries via their imposition of financial terrorism, [Greece,
    Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, et al, and now trying to gain financial
    control over Ukraine, in desperation. The utter inability of
    Germany to repatriate its own gold, to which one should ask, why
    is Germany not in an uproar over this? Hint: Power of the elites to
    keep Germany in line.], the price of gold and silver will take time
    to turn around.

    The catalyst will not be how much gold China owns. The catalyst
    will be the fall of the petrodollar. Once that happens, checkmate
    elites. Game over US. Gold and silver, rise to your natural
    relationship between supply and demand, no longer being
    artificially suppressed.

    The problem for now? There is no viable alternative to replace the
    broken fiat petrodollar scam. The Chinese have already made clear that they do not want their Yuan tied to the price of gold, and China is not really equipped yet to have their currency be a substitute
    world reserve, emphasis on the adverb "yet."

    Russia's ruble is not sufficiently held by other countries to make the ruble a reserve currency. It is in a position to grow into that
    status, but not in the near future. Which country has the ability to
    replace the petrodollar? None of which we are aware. The BRICS
    nations are successfully building an alternative to trade that
    eliminates the fiat petrodollar, and that, more than anything else
    in the interim, poses the biggest threat to its demise.

    We could see a marking of time during which all of this continues to unfold. No one has a clue as to the how or to the when, which is
    why 2014 could be an extension of 2013. The way in which Obama
    keeps prodding Russia could precipitate an event that escalates out of control, just possibly, as an example. This is why we say to
    watch out for weekend surprises. When people least expect, and/or are in a position to least react, some kind of announcement could
    be made that devalues the fiat Federal Reserve Note, still wrongly
    called the "dollar."

    A few paragraphs back, we said the there is little hope of escape.
    For as long as the fiat monetary Ponzi scheme exists and people
    remain tethered to it though debt, dependent upon government
    through assistance/subsistence, there is no exit. The only means,
    or perhaps the best means is through the buying and personally
    holding physical gold and silver. Both PMs represent a form of
    wealth that leads to independence from control of any government.

    This is why the Rothschilds took over this country via the Federal
    Reserve Act, ["Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not
    who makes the laws."], gained control of the money, and then
    once in control, had FDR make the Executive Order to have
    "all persons" turn in their gold under penalty of $10,000 and/or
    confiscation. This was also another sham that fooled people into
    believing an Executive Order applied to them, which it did not. But
    that is how the Rothschild formula works, through total deception.

    [We keep repeating the Rothschild sentence about control over the
    money supply because once you comprehend how it is the genesis
    for all what ails people in their own country. Governments are
    nothing more than instruments for elite control over the people.]

    These are the reasons why we keep exhorting everyone to buy
    gold and silver. Price is immaterial, having it is all that matters. Having gold and/or silver is what will keep you financially viable
    when this country falls apart, and fall apart it will. The US has been
    hollowed out since the Rothschild central bankers took over in
    1913, in a financial coup d'etat.

    On a final note, before reviewing the charts, a second interview
    conducted by SGTReport has been posted on the site. Here is the
    link for anyone interested. The Rothschild IMF Bankster Fiat Death
    The title was selected by Sean of SGTReport, and it gives
    a clue to some of the content discussed.

    There is not a shred of evidence that the price of gold is about to
    embark upon a much higher trajectory. This is the value of reading
    developing market activity within the context of all the world news
    and events that potentially impact price. What the market is
    saying is that nothing in the news is disturbing the bottoming
    process. What people are saying about the market may be a
    different "story," but it is the market that has the final say. Pay
    attention to it.

    What we are paying attention to in this chart is the volume spike.
    Whenever you see a sharp increase in volume, the immediate
    question to ask is "why?" Remember, it is not the public that
    creates volume. The public reacts to it. Therefore, almost always,
    any increase in relative volume is indicative of "smart money"

    When volume increased while price was declining, one would
    naturally expect to see more downside follow through. When the
    opposite happens, it is worth paying closer attention. The lack of
    further downside suggests buyers were overcoming sellers, shifting market composition from weak into stronger hands, and that is
    positive for a market trying to form a bottom.

    GC W 12 Apr 14

    The daily chart confirms the weekly. The read of the developing
    market activity prompted a buy recommendation at 1291. Because of our own trading rules, a sell, about $18 higher was made a few
    TDs later. Price is still under a half-way retracement from the
    March swing high to the recent April swing low. On the wide range
    bar lower, market "S/D," which indicates Supply overcoming
    Demand, a thin horizontal line was drawn off the high, a place
    where sellers will defend a retest. That high is just above the 50%
    mark of the trading range. The confluence of two separate
    indicators could make the 1335 area resistance on a rally to that area.

    For now, it looks like gold can be bought on breaks, based upon
    whatever rules one has for establishing a position in the market.

    GC D 12 Apr 14

    While silver is not showing signs of strength, it is showing signs of
    resistance to downward selling pressure. It has taken 5 - 8 weeks
    to correct the previous 3 week rally, shown on the chart. This tells
    us that even in a weakened state, silver is showing an ability to
    rally with greater ease than decline. Little signs like this can be the
    forerunner of more change to come. Preparation becomes
    important in order to take advantage should a buying opportunity
    present itself.

    SI W 12 Apr 14

    Here we see the importance of reading developing market activity. You look for patterns because they repeat, over and over. We
    discussed a volume situation in weekly gold, and here it shows up
    on a daily silver chart. The patterns will not always be exactly the
    same, for good reason, but they sure do rhyme a lot.

    The increase in volume at an area of support is not random.
    Markets are not random, except for those who have no clue about
    what price and volume can consistently reveal. We look for these
    repeating patterns to be prepared for opportunity when it strikes,
    for when a pattern is recognized, it is the market's way of offering
    an edge. The most important part of seeing these behavior
    patterns is to know how to respond to them as they occur. How do
    you know how to respond? You devise a set of trading rules that
    fit the pattern behavior. Everything then become a function of
    following your rules of engagement. Nothing is left to chance. This
    is how skilled professionals trade. Therein lies a message.

    SI D 12 Apr 14

    Apr 12 2:26 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Gold And Silver - They Are Money!

    Saturday 29 March 2014

    Almost all who read our commentaries know that we place the
    greatest importance on reading the developing market activity, as
    best seen in charts, in order to have the closest pulse on what is
    going on in the market[s]. The reason is because the activity found
    in price and volume behavior reflects the decisions of all market

    Smart money leads, the rest follow. What constitutes smart
    money? Those with the most knowledge and deepest pockets that
    control what goes on. In the US stock market, it used to be
    institutional money that drove stocks. For the past few years, it has been the Federal Reserve, through Permanent Open Market
    Operations, [POMO], and the all of the QEs that have unsustainably propped up stocks.

    In the Precious Metals, [PM], it has been the US and London central banks colluding to suppress primarily gold but also the silver
    market, and with gold, the active suppression has been going on
    for at least the last 50 years, just more blatantly in the past few. It
    is for these reasons we have turned our focus toward the elites, all
    related to the Rothschild dynasty, because they control all of the
    money. All Western money is worthless fiat, but for as long as the
    masses continue to believe the "emperor is wearing clothes," the elites rely on people turning a blind eye and will get by with their
    massive Ponzi scheme.

    Let us be clear about one thing, and the most important of all to
    never forget: gold and silver are money, and the truest form
    of money.
    Everything else, the fiat Federal Reserve Note,
    erroneously referred to as the "dollar," the Euro, the Yen, the Swiss Franc, and every other Western form of what passes for a country's currency is worthless paper money, backed by nothing but more
    worthless paper money. Actually, it is not even paper anymore.
    Almost all fiat currencies are digitalized, paper being a small

    If you ask most people if they know that fiat currency has no value, they will agree. Yet, those very same people continue to use the
    intrinsically worthless paper as though it actually had value! In
    other words, people are willing to imagine the worthless fiat has
    the [lack of]value the issuing central bank says it does. The kicker
    is, everyone who uses fiat-with-no-intrinsic-value is a smart

    Can anyone explain to their 8-year-old son or daughter what fiat
    currency means?

    Parent: "It is paper money used to buy and sell goods and services,
    but it is not really worth anything."

    Son/Daughter: "If it is not worth anything, why use it, and why do
    other people accept it?"

    We cannot justify a worthwhile response without it begging the
    question, "If everybody else jumped off a cliff, would you, too?"

    Parent: "Where is your new bicycle?"

    Son/Daughter: "I sold it for $100. See! This man gave me a piece
    of paper and wrote $100 on it."

    Parent: "Are you crazy! Just because someone tells you a piece of
    paper is worth $100 does not make it true."

    This would be a good time to stay away from a mirror.

    Living in America, prior to the 1930s, if you went into a bank with a US Treasury Note of any denomination, you could exchange it for
    gold or silver, for all currency was specie-backed, even the Federal
    Reserve issue, which circulated side-by-side with US Treasury
    Notes, [those issued by the US government and not the private
    corporation known as the Federal Reserve].

    After the elites forced the US into bankruptcy in 1933, when FDR
    declared a bank holiday and shut the system down for several
    days, when the banks reopened, it was the foreign-owned Federal
    Reserve that was in charge of the entire banking system, finally.
    [We add "finally," because that was the objective of the Rothschilds for over 50 years even before 1933, actually longer, but it gets too
    complicated to explain.]

    A man goes into a bank, prior to 1933, and hands over a $100 US
    Treasury Note, or even a Federal Reserve Note, which also was
    specie-backed, at the time, and asks for $50 in gold and $50 in
    silver. No problem.

    Sometime after 1933, a man goes into a bank with a $100 Federal
    Reserve Note and asks for $50 in gold and $50 in silver.

    Banker: "Sorry, sir. There is no gold or silver backing for your
    $100. Would you like two $50 Federal Reserve Notes, instead?"

    What happened?

    When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, two days before
    Christmas in 1913, when most politicians were home on holiday,
    the Act was passed with no opposition by the remaining chosen
    politicians who stayed on, and were well paid to do so by the
    Rothschild-backed bankers. And so the most treasonous act against the Constitution was passed.

    Here is how the rest of the plan was carried out: The Federal
    Reserve issued its own currency, also specie-backed, to circulate
    along with the US specie-backed Treasury Notes. This went on for
    a few decades, which is a short period of time for the Rothschilds.
    What happened was, people saw the new Federal Reserve Notes,
    along with Treasury Notes, but it made no difference because both
    were equally backed by, and could be exchanged for gold and silver on demand, at any bank.

    After 1933, when the Federal Reserve took over control of the
    money supply, it began to slowly withdraw all US specie-backed
    Treasury Notes and had them destroyed! Nobody paid attention to
    the disappearance of the US Treasury Notes because Federal
    Reserve Notes were the same thing, in their minds, and in reality.
    This was all planned, decades in advance. It was a part of the
    Rothschild formula for well over a hundred years even before that.

    Something else happened very gradually, over time, and almost
    immediately after 1933. All Federal Reserve Notes that were
    specie-backed were also withdrawn from circulation. All of the US
    Treasury currency issued by the United States government had
    already been removed and destroyed. All that was left were
    Federal Reserve Notes, backed by the full faith and credit of the
    United States.
    Fiat. Again, people had come to accept Federal
    Reserve Notes in circulation at the same as Treasury Notes, so
    when all that was left were the Federal Reserve Notes, it did not
    matter because people could still buy and sell whatever they
    wanted and did as in times prior to the financial bait-and-switch.

    All the gold and silver owned by the United States government was
    , taken by the elite-owned Federal Reserve central bank. The central bank controlled the government and the media. The public
    was fed the kind of news that never let on to what happened during those decades, and the public has since been dumbed down even
    further in all theother decades to date.

    In the 1940s, '50s, and '60s, one often heard the expression, "The
    dollar is as good as gold." That was another Rothschild-inspired
    idea to implant in the minds of the people, and it worked. Another
    popular expression related to the gold stored in Fort Knox. No
    one ever talks about Fort Knox, anymore, and hasn't for many
    decades. Why not? All the gold is gone, and the elites do not want
    to draw attention to what is not there.

    Does the US own any gold, at all? Absolutely! But only on paper, if
    you believe the paper on which it is written. Has anyone seen any
    hard evidence of gold stored at Fort Knox? "Here it is, right here
    on this paper."

    Can we see the actual physical gold?

    "That would be inconvenient, but here it all is, and our ledgers are
    audited every year."

    Hello, Germany, can you hear us now?

    A bit of irony that the same people who hold and control Germany's gold got their start in Frankfort, where the wooden"red shield" sign
    used to hang over the door of Mayer Amshel Bauer, he who
    changed his last name from Bauer to "Red Sign," or Rotschild.

    If a group, not just any group, but one that controls all of the
    money in existence in the Western world, and also controls all of
    the governments in the Western World, [almost], is it that far a
    stretch of one's imagination, [especially for those who believe in
    paper fiat], to believe that this group of elites can just as easily
    control the price of gold and silver?

    They have for many, many decades, and do so to this day. It may
    well be that they have had to sell all their holdings to rising Eastern countries, but their grip on nations, and certainly on the powerless
    people who inhabit those nations is stronger than ever. It will take
    more time and much more effort to ever get those in power to give up that power.

    When we look at the charts, despite the gold community pundits
    declaring the shortages of and the unprecedented demand for both
    gold and silver, tell us where in the charts there are any indications of the fundamentals reflecting what so many assert as the "true"
    value for gold to be in the $5,000 - $10,000 the ounce range, or
    silver in the $100 - $300 range?

    Here are the charts, once again, and our comments. If you see
    extraordinary bullish signs within them, let us know. We certainly
    keep looking, but cannot find any needle in these "haystack"

    For every valid reason that so many others are advocating the
    purchase of physical gold and silver, demand, shortages, Chinese
    buying, exchange disappearing physical, etc, etc, we echo those
    sentiments and suggest/advise to keep on buying, but hold it
    personally. However, for more salient reasons, such as discussed
    in our last several commentaries, as well as this one, there are far
    more important reasons to buy and hold gold and silver.

    They are money.

    At some point in the future, and no one knows when, no one, but
    eventually the unsustainable debt generated by the United States,
    BIS, IMF, and other central banks, [all of which are insolvent], will
    collapse. The elites will fight the collapse to the bitter end, likely
    forcing war to cover their duplicity, and it will get real ugly, maybe
    even downright dangerous for daily living, not to sound alarmist.
    One can hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

    Thee is one more trading day left for the monthly charts, but we do
    not expect there will be any material change, either way, that will
    alter what is showing right now. The monthly chart reflects the
    makings for change, but the trend is still down. Forget about $5000
    or higher gold, for now. It ain't going to happen any time soon.

    The breaking of a down sloping TL does not mean the trend has
    changed. All it means is that the trend has weakened. Price may
    have stopped declining, but it could spend many more months
    moving sideways, and not up, at all. Do not place much emphasis
    on such an event as a broken TL.

    The bearish spacing has not been challenged. The current swing
    high rally failed to reach, the $1420 -$1430 area, but developing
    market activity is showing a few clues that may prove more bullish
    than the market appears.

    Within the down channel, the December low stayed above the June low, and price did not even come close to the lower channel line.
    Instead, price held firmly within the channel and above the 50%
    portion of it, a sign of strength.

    From the December low, gold had a persistent rally for several
    days straight. March, last bar on the chart, has the look of a key
    reversal. A key reversal is when price makes a new recent high
    and then reverses to close lower than the previous bar. It can often be a red flag for longs. However, note the volume for March. It is
    the highest in 8 months, and it produced a lower close, ostensibly

    It may turn out to be negative, but for now, our read is that the
    increased volume, [effort], did not produce much in the way of
    results for a market in a down trend. Yes, the close is lower, but
    the low and the high are higher than the February bar, and the
    close did not even make it past the half-way mark of the prior

    The overall chart is still negative, but within that context, there are these signs of potential change. If that were true, then the weekly
    chart should support this premise.

    GC M 29 Mar 14

    While the weekly chart is not bullish, it is less bearish than it has
    been, for price continues to move sideways and not down.
    However, the other bearish signs have not yet been compromised,
    like bearish spacing and the failure of the rally to extend closer to
    the last swing high.

    On a positive note, the increased volume over the previous week,
    2 bars ago, is a plus, as we read it. The range is slightly smaller
    than two weeks ago, so the increased volume did not produce as
    much as one would expect in a down trend situation. The effort of
    buyers for the last 4+ weeks was erased, but price did not fully
    erase the wide range rally 7 bars ago.

    These observations are not anything in which to get overly
    enthused, but they are positive signs when sellers should be in total control.

    GC W 29 Mar 14

    Just as gold rallied persistently during February and half of March,
    it has also persistently declined for 10 days, since the last swing
    high. Support can be anywhere from Friday's low to the 1240 area,
    for now. The key, over the next few months, will be to see how far
    the next rally can carry, and then, how much of that rally gets

    GC D 29 Mar 14

    The demand for silver is much less than that for gold as silver
    continues to disappoint, at least for those of us wanting higher
    prices. The charts say otherwise. March is an inside month. It is
    hard to draw any meaningful conclusion from that, except to say
    the close is on the lower end, telling us sellers remain in control.

    SI M 29 Mar 14

    The picture does not get any better for the weekly chart, except to
    mention price is at important support, and the range for March is
    relatively small. The narrower range tells us buyers are meeting
    the effort of sellers and preventing price from continuing lower.
    It could lead to a rally, nest week.

    SI W 29 Mar 14

    It is not a positive sigh that the current decline has intruded as far into previous support as it has. It is a sign of weakness that buyers
    are not defending support very well. Also, the breaking of the lower channel line puts silver into an oversold condition, and oversold
    became more oversold. Price put in its first higher close in 9 trading days, and even the volume increased. It is not a game changer,
    but when all else appears negative, a little light shows up.

    Buy the physical, and continue to avoid the paper from the long
    side, for trading purposes.

    SI D 29 Mar 14

    Mar 29 5:52 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Gold And Silver - For Strong Upside Movement, Experts Continue To Be Wrong.

    Saturday 22 March 2014

    From our perspective, the charts reflect the reality of the unreal
    within the ruling Western elites that continue their financial
    stranglehold over every Western government, at a minimum, and
    through their central banks dictating how governments are to rule
    the governed, aka those enslaved into the system. [We will deal
    with how charts are the best read, later in the commentary.]

    Actually, "the system" is an apt way of describing how the
    Rothschild formula has spread its dominating tentacles into every
    aspect of everyone's lives. Formula: Control all the money, control
    the government. Control the government, control the world. This
    diabolically simple plan has worked right from the outset.
    Rothschild was an incredibly astute businessman.

    While becoming rich as a moneylender, he learned that it would be
    far more profitable to lend to governments than to people. Besides, governments had the power of taxation that guaranteed
    repayment of all loans. Further, he learned that there were even
    far greater profits to be had when countries were engaged in war.
    Nothing produced more riches for the Rothschild's growing dynasty
    than wars. It was through wars, and the previously unimaginable
    riches they brought, that Rothschild gained control of the Bank of
    England, as a starter.

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many wars, why people cannot just "get along?" The Rothschilds see to it that dissent is
    fostered and civil unrest is encouraged, eventually leading to war.
    There is no country on earth that has been responsible for more
    wars and promoting them than the elite-controlled, puppet-run
    United States. The list, starting from the Korean war and Viet Nam, to present times is appalling but purposeful.

    If it were not for Putin, Obomba would have promoted his [yet
    another] false flag chemical use against civilians as reason for
    bombing Syria. That door politically foreclosed on him, Netanyahu
    has picked up the mantel. Israel may not go too far, for it has
    some gas deals with Russia, and it would be bad economics to keep pushing against Syria.

    "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes
    the laws," was not some idle boast on Rothschild's part. He literally began controlling governments. Once in control of governments,
    lending to controlling influences, through licensing, like the news
    media, the medical industry, communications, drug industry,
    education, the military, the web of money was all-controlling.

    What makes the Rothschild formula so successful is that it became
    systematized. In every sphere of influence Rothschild "agents"
    were present and an integral part of how things functioned, always
    in furthering the financial ends of the family empire, and nothing
    was more controlling than the banking system. This was how the
    United States was gutted from within. First came the installation of
    the Federal Reserve in 1913, then the IRS in 1916, neither of which pass organic Constitutional muster, but the organic Constitution
    was replaced by a mirror federal constitution, written to favor the
    Rothschild interests.

    This is the Rothschild's For Dummies abbreviated version of a very
    complex, very devious takeover of the world. In every instance,
    when the Rothschild's loaned governments cash or its equivalent,
    gold was demanded as payment in return. If there were not
    enough gold, silver was also acceptable. When both ran out, control of the financial arm of the government, [the money supply], came next. Once control of every part of finance was under control, then
    came control of everything else.

    The love of money is the root of all evil, and evil reigns. All
    Western governments are criminal enterprises, and none more so
    than the United States, exporting its perverted form of
    "democracy," [debt at the barrel of a gun...not just a gun,
    invasions, tanks, drones, torture, every imaginable form of black-
    ops to create civil unrest...snipers in the Ukraine killing both sides,
    as a current example].

    Guess what occurred at the first opportunity in Ukraine? All of its 33 tons of stored gold was transported [stolen] under cover of
    darkness at 2:30 a.m., local time, to be "stored" [stolen] in the
    rabbit hole at the New York Federal Reserve. This is how the
    Rothschild system works, from the French and English wars of a
    few hundred years ago, to just a few weeks ago. The first thing to
    go is a country's gold. It happened in Iraq, in Libya, even in

    Whenever a country is invited into the EU web, that country's
    onerous debt is compounded with even more, impossible to repay
    debt. What then follows are "austerity" programs, and now bail-ins, and for what? To save the insolvent banking system that created
    the disastrous financial, derivative-laced problems to begin with.

    Who elected the people in control at the IMF? The BIS? The EU? No
    one. They represent no one. They are all agents in the service of
    the Rothschild elites, and their only mission is to gain absolute
    control over all of the money and over every citizen within the
    criminally corrupt web of Western governments.

    Ukraine has nothing to do about "spreading democracy." It is all
    about control over energy sources, especially the flow of natural
    gas to Europe. The West has been at growing risk of losing its fiat
    "petro-dollar" control as the East, along with its resource riches and
    rising gold reserves, positions itself to take over. Who is leading
    the charge from the West? Once again, the Nobel Peace Prize
    recipient is pounding on the undertone drums of war, from half-way around the world, and with no skin in the game.

    Consider, Barack and his [un]brilliant moves against Putin. In his
    latest "I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down" with
    sanctions move: Visa and MasterCard have refused to process
    charges in Russian banks. That must be keeping Putin up at night.
    Meanwhile, China has announced that it plans to purchase even
    more natural gas from Russia. While Obama deals in petty debt
    threats of no consequence, Putin is making a huge economic deal
    with China, likely to be inked when Putin visits China in May.

    When the deal between China and Russia is finalized, it will be
    another nail in the coffin of the fiat "petro-dollar," for the "dollar"
    will not be a part of the deal. It continues to be exit stage left for
    the waning US influence.

    Hard to decide: no more debt-driven activity from the West versus
    offers of more lucrative international trade from the East? These
    Western sanctions from the dumber-than-dumb West must really
    have Russia concerned. Even more! The G-8 nations want to
    impose sanctions, as well. 7 of those 8 Western nations are
    essentially insolvent.

    Based on how the charts continue to develop, there are no
    indications that gold or silver are about to "take off," or even keep
    a sustained trend to the upside. None of the oft- mentioned so-
    called fundamentals have impacted the direction of PMs, and none
    still do. It is all about what is going on in the West v East battle for
    investment survival.

    Everything has been revolving around gold, and the West has
    played a losing hand. Its ace in the hole is what we referenced as
    "the system." The West has had its bluff called, over gold, and it
    has folded, much like the paper exchanges, COMEX and LBMA are.
    Paper-covers-rock may win in the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, but
    in real life, using debt paper to cover over the loss of golden rocks
    does not work.

    If the East has gained control of the gold, and the West is
    essentially insolvent to its core, why aren't gold and silver finding a higher level that, at a minimum, would reflect a simple adjustment
    for inflation for the past few decades?

    The Rothschild influence and control of the world's [all fiat] money,
    its total control over the governments of the West, except those
    within the BRICS sphere, is so pervasive that it has to have some
    degree of tie-in even with the independently driven countries like
    China, India, and now much less so with Russia, as Putin has tired
    of Obama's utter pettiness.

    The war for resource control is what is influencing the price of gold
    and silver, and for as long as the West can influence events around
    the world, it will continue to be more than a thorn in the side of the East, and gold and silver will continue to seek a bottom.

    Amidst the sometimes "wildly" bullish attitudes toward gold, from a number of experts, so-called or self-professed, gold has not made
    any strong inroads on the weekly chart, a time frame more
    indicative of overall stronger buyers and sellers.

    Bearish spacing remains intact, and the current price swing high
    has stopped under the last swing high. If it were pure fundamentals driving the price of gold, it would be at much higher levels. If it is
    not fundamentals driving the market, then the most likely
    reasoning has to be something along the lines we have discussed.

    Whatever it is, however perverted the paper markets have
    become, even manipulated markets that are going to fail will begin to show signs of failure before the reality sets in. We see nothing in the charts that indicates an end to the grasp of the Rothschild ilk.

    GC W 22 Mar 14

    The daily trend is up. The current correction just erased the effort
    of the past 3 weeks. Of the 4 selling bars, the last was the smallest
    in range with an upper end close and at an area of support. The
    volume was relatively high, under the circumstances, and it
    indicates buyers were more in control than sellers. Fridays weak
    rally was still a higher high, low and close from the previous one.

    If the trend is to remain intact, gold should renew it upward
    momentum. If not, then adjustments will be in order to suit the
    new information from the market.

    GC D 22 mar 14

    The chart comments say it all. We normally do not include intra
    day charts, but this does show a lack of strong selling volume as
    price moved sideways over the last 3 days.

    GC 60m 22 Mar 14

    Many articles have been written about the explosive potential for
    silver, and at some point, it may happen, but for now, silver is
    languishing at the lows, and it gives no signs for a potentially
    strong move to the upside. All anyone has to do is look at this chart and draw one's own conclusion.

    SI W 22 Mar 14

    Where daily gold is in an up trend, daily silver is not. Looking at
    silver in the most positive light, from a chart read, it is at support,
    and it is in an oversold condition while at support. The combination
    may give rise to a rally, in the days ahead. However, if silver were
    to rally next week, it would still be viewed as a rally within a down

    $50, $100, $200 silver? It cannot clear its way above $22. How do
    the experts reconcile that with so much "rosy" enthusiasm? We like silver, but one has to be a realist and deal with what is.
    Accumulation of the physical is highly recommended, as is
    personally holding it, outside of any banking system.

    SI D 22 Mar 14

    Even the intra day trend for silver remains down. There are several points to be made for positive behavior as this metal continues to
    bottom, but at some level, it should begin to "show its hand," if
    there is the underlying strength so many maintain.

    SI 60m 22 Mar 14

    Mar 22 1:52 PM | Link | Comment!
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