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  • The Fantasy Keeps Growing  [View article]
    OK. On an annual basis, cash (your definition) has gone up since 2007. It has only gone down since Q1. The same for free cash flow. The operating leases show up in the low operating margin and leads to the low earnings. This could be a future problem if they can not get out of the leases but aren't they short term which is why they are operating and not capital leases?
    Jul 29, 2012. 08:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Fantasy Keeps Growing  [View article]
    >> Cash flow, that's true but a good part is because of the CCC cycle, the company has ongoing capex needs that are increasing, and is hiding a lot of investment in operating leases (meaning, free cash flow is a lot worse than it seems).

    Help me understand this. They are investing a lot in capital but still cash flow positive and debt is decreasing so where is the cash coming from?
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  • Dialing for Dollars? Telefonica Answers The Call  [View article]
    I generally avoid ADRs in my Roth except the few places that do not withhold.

    I am interested in 'you can get it lowered to 15% with a call to the IRS'. How do you do that?

    Also, I am charged withholding for CA too (15%). What am I missing?

    Oct 3, 2011. 07:30 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment