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  • Economic Lesson: Here's Why I Sold Kimberly-Clark After All [View article]
    I'm not convinced there is any particularly good reason why, 6 months from now, the period Sept-Nov 2010 won't be seen as merely a "blip" that in retrospect wouldn't have been a good time to buy, in terms of "buy and hold." I've put my money where my mouth is. These are stiill leading brands. Give management time to sort it out. They've done quite well over the past years.
    Nov 7, 2010. 07:31 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Brazil and Russia ETFs: Not the Best Way to Invest There [View article]
    While the Brazillian consumer sector is growing in terms of sales, much of that activity is with foreign goods (e.g., Samsung, Sony...) I'm not sure how one could load up on the consumer sector in terms of Brazillian stocks without over-weighting on a few. Not saying MSCI is perfect, but it attempts to represent the equities market, not the underlying economy (private consumption). In terms of "private consumption" much of the activity involves non-Brazillian organizations.
    Nov 7, 2010. 07:21 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Qualcomm Beat and Raised [View article]
    just sold on the 7% pop -- sortof sad to leave, but it was my pre-set exit price and I don't actually expect that price to stick. Long term QCOM may do very well, but the mgmt/acctng irregularities bother me. Not sure that iPhone on VZ will make a long-term impact -- short-term (6 months) great sales at VZ but sales will atrophy at AT&T. Let's see if we are still around $48 after Chrismtas...
    Nov 4, 2010. 10:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 4 Stocks Going Ex-Dividend Fourth Week of October [View article]
    thanks for making me re-read... yes, he's talking about trading, and it's a questional assumption.

    Buying ex-div for long-term holdings, however, does make sense. ("long-term" in the modern age is anything longer than 6 months, though many would call for "at least six years!")

    Simple explanation. Say I have 5 stocks in mind for my current investment purchase. Overall, they are equivalent. I invest on a regular basis (monthly?). All else being equal, if I choose "A" this week (prior to ex-div date) I will pick up a dividend payment of, say, 0.75% (1/4 of annual 3% dividend payout) but "B" had an ex-div last week. "C", "D", and "E" are many weeks away from their next ex-div date. Again, all else being equal, why not pick up that 0.75% dividend? Yes, you can argue that the stock will immediately drop that amount in price, but I don't really care because most of that will recover in about a week. If I am re-investing my dividends, I'll be money ahead 3 years from now...

    If you want to argue "buy the ex-div discount" (buy on the ex-div date drop in price) I could certainly understand that argument. There again, the WNN listing of ex-div dates is useful.

    Best wishes for your financial future.
    Nov 4, 2010. 10:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 20 Underperforming, Historically Profitable Companies [View article]
    For-profit education is, in itself, not bad. But dependence on government-aid programs that may be cut, and the practices of a few in terms of government-underwritten loans that will never be repaid, have put the system under a harsh spotlight. A few good schools will survive, and ultimately prosper, and for those few, it's a good time to buy. But which few???
    Nov 4, 2010. 09:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AT&T About to Lose iPhone Honeypot [View article]
    It seems sure that AT&T will lose some customers with loss of iPhone exclusivity, but is that all bad?

    1. Folks will see that Verizon can't do any better.
    2. Small decrease in load while AT&T continues infrastructure upgrade will increase speeds on AT&T.

    AT&T will lose some stock pricing early, but over time, make it back. Short term speculators need to worry, longerm investors will do nicely.
    Nov 3, 2010. 04:42 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Walgreen and CVS Caremark - Same Business, Different Results [View article]
    there is little profit in prescriptions. the PBM model makes a bit by cutting out "the middle man".

    CVS and Walgreens stores are in the Over the Counter (hardlines) business. Adding milk and such is just one more way, in addition to prescriptions, to get store traffic. the money is in bandages, aspirin, suntan lotion and whiffle-balls, along with Christmas trees, wrapping paper, paper cups, etc. That's the reason the Pharmacy is in the back corner, so folks walk by the high-margin stuff and pick it up.

    We used to say that the store made 33% on hardlines, lost in the Rx, but made it up in the warehouse on those same hardlines.

    Lots of the stuff on the store shelves is actually on commission or 90 days terms, so don't count too much equity there... and the stores are leased properties.
    Nov 3, 2010. 04:37 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Most Attractive European Stocks [View article]
    Thanks Trader. In fact I read that way back when...
    Still, October is a long way from May...
    Wasn't a complaint, just a wish (because I'm lazy and too ignorant to do the quality work that you do).

    I got a nice run out of Vodafone (VOD), which I bought before the summer ex-div for its large (2/3 of year) divvy and sold with a nice share increase too... it's still climbing, which I didn't expect (but I'm too lazy and too ignorant to have predicted the continued run, which I might have done had I your research),

    So I'll look forward hopefully to your next installment - The Most Attractive EuropeanADRs. :-)
    Oct 19, 2010. 08:45 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 4 Stocks Going Ex-Dividend Fourth Week of October [View article]
    @lookup -- really, aren't all of us aware of the need to factor in commissions? This article, and the WSNN, are plain and simple vanilla what they are, no hype, no confusion. they present the dates, and remind on the terminology.

    It's a much appreciated service. I use it to remind myself when I'm selecting each month's investment -- if two or three things are roughly equal, why not pick up a dividend (an extra 1%, perhaps) along the way? For traders, well, he cautions on conditions.

    What more can you ask? He's not selling a service or particular stocks!
    Oct 19, 2010. 04:28 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • POSCO: What About Now? [View article]
    The question for Asian steel is how fast China increases quality and quantity in their production. China wants to be better, which would impact POSCO (a high quality producer) sales in China and possibly elsewhere in Asia, particularly SEAsia, were there to be price wars.
    Oct 14, 2010. 10:52 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 6 Dividend Companies With Large Economic Moats [View article]
    Thanks for sharing some key points.

    The moat of United Parcel Service (UPS) is perhaps suspect. You mentioned FedEx but not DHL (admittedly not a major player in US but they rule in Europe and are very strong in Asia). Don't laugh, but USPS is a player in N.America as well, and for those in a global hurry there is the International Express Mail Service.

    Admitting here that "moat" =/= "monopoly" (does not equal). Recognizing that internet sales (Amazon et al) are a key player in the growth and maintenance of UPS, etc.

    But parcel/document delivery IS a competitive business, and small regional services snap up some of the juicy tidbits through quicker and cheaper deliveries. There are no deep secrets in this indusry, only capital. I could well imagine something like a "Virgin Express" or some such, where an entrepreneur already involved in airlines decided to buy up a few speedy-delivery players in big cities and serve only major destinations at lower cost.

    But again, thanks for sharing. Not a criticism of the work, merely an extension here.
    Oct 14, 2010. 10:09 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Most Attractive European Stocks [View article]
    It would be nicer if this article also directed us to a few ADRs... many of us do not have access to overseas markets.
    Oct 14, 2010. 09:39 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why J.C. Penney Looks Good [View article]
    JCP is approaching its 1 year high (Oct 2009) and has seriously underperformed since then. mid-Aug to early Sept 2010 would have been a great time to buy, but now? 45% below that Oct 16 2009 peak to the trough of Aug 20 2010 and now nearly back -- I think this train has left the station, and I wonder if we really can expect it to run so much further...
    Oct 12, 2010. 03:24 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • White Space Threatens to Disrupt Verizon, AT&T [View article]
    ps: no disrespect intended. author did a fine job. folks, finance doesn't have to be boring!
    Oct 5, 2010. 09:24 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • White Space Threatens to Disrupt Verizon, AT&T [View article]
    Nice article. One of those rules of thermodynamics says that any vacant space will quickly be occupied by two or more vagrants (or is that the law of beach parasol?) That is, once someone figures out a profitble way to use white space in locals where no one wants to be, then everyone will want to be there. Ever driven to Las Vegas? Everyone wants to be there, but there's lots of vacant white space on the way...
    Oct 5, 2010. 09:23 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment