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Jim P. Smith

Jim P. Smith
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Jim has a Master's Degree in Finance and is a life-long investor with interests in fixed income securities (no pun intended).
  • Description: Independent trader. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Forex, Mutual funds, Retirement savings
High Return CDs | Online Money Market Accounts At our high return CDs / online money market accounts blog we take on the topics of finance and try to put them in more plain English terms. We try to use examples that are more concrete and real to non-financially educated folks in the hopes that a better educated public will make better long term financial ...More
IRA CDs High Return CD and High Interest Savings Account Tips for Kids and Parents The usefulness of having an online savings account is an important learning tool for people to learn about finance. I believe teaching parents and young people the basics of finance opens their eyes a little and prepares a foundation for further exploration into the world of investing.
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