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  • Bank Of America Set To Bounce Back [View article]
    I think that the immunity to prosecution could possibly have been part of that deal.
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  • Bank Of America: Quit Whining About Moynihan's Pay [View article]

    I did not intend to reply to this thread, again, as it has already exceeded its discussion points. However, since you addressed me directly I feel compelled to respond.

    Many of us have lived through life the hard way. Many of us understand hard work and the responsibility that accompanies having families, or in your case workers. It is an awesome and burdensome responsibility.

    So imagine, if you will, that one of those times you had to mortgage your house to make sure your workers were paid, that the lending institution cheated you...and they did it in such a way, that you could have paid to catch up, but they would not let you, instead, they sent your payments back, foreclosed on your home which in turn destroyed your business.

    Many businessmen such as yourself do not believe that this could happen, because 12 years ago it would not have been allowed, yet that is the story, again and again, all over this nation. And for this deployable behavior the CEO of Bank of America gets a $12,000,000 bonus! And those who make money from this stock mock the ones who were subjected to this fraud (and please... with all the settlements lined up, I am not even going to argue the fraud and money laundering that has taken place)

    If you are indeed the businessman you have described above, how can you condone the behavior of these CEO's, when they have no qualms about living so lavishly while the rest of the nation (including B of A employees) struggle to make ends meet? And then...with your own made it sound as if the unemployed were enjoying their plight.

    Forgive me if my words seemed disparaging to you. They were directed to your remarks. I do not know you personally. What I do know, by just looking around this nation, is that our Empire is naked and we are trying to use sophisticated words and observations to cover up what is so plain to see. We are so busy fighting amongst ourselves that we do not even realize that our country and everything is once stood for is being destroyed...and we are giving these corrupt institutions bonuses for doing it.
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  • Bank Of America: Quit Whining About Moynihan's Pay [View article]

    Your statements are dismissive of the struggle that millions of American families are going thru during these troubling times. And your focus has thoroughly distracted from the subject of this thread.

    As I stated previously, the very nature of “unemployment” suggests that “employment” was a prerequisite, yet somehow you have parlayed that into living in luxury. You have made an assumption about millions of people based on your own negative bias, there are no studies that support your claims.

    Putting what you said into perspective, you have distracted from Brian Moynihan’s 12 million dollar bonus (an amount that could have supported over 1000 unemployed workers and their families for a year) to stating that those who are on unemployment are lazy people living in luxury paid for by the system. Excuse me! Do we live in the same country? Because all I have to do is drive around the city and look at the tent cities and people selling flowers and fruit on the street corners to know that something is amiss. That doesn’t even take into account the millions of families forced to move back home to live with their parents to make ends meet or college graduates who cannot find life-sustaining work.

    I hear a lot about how well Brian is doing and how he deserves this bonus for bringing the stock up to about $12. Per share. You realize that 7 years ago BAC was at over $40 per share and CEO’s made less money?

    Obviously, you have no comprehension of the struggle families go through as they try to find work before their unemployment runs out and the uncertainty of no future income looms ahead, but you can understand a bonus of $12,000 for the CEO of a company battling a plethora of lawsuits for fraud.

    Something is terribly wrong with this picture and even more wrong because the moral and ethical decay of our system is applauded by those who believe that the ends justifies the means.
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  • Bank Of America Certainly Did Not Fail Shareholders [View article]
    Stock holders certainly have short-term memories. $15 for BAC stock that was over $40 5 years ago? In Seeking Alpha today there is another article about Freddie suing B of A for Libor fraud (among others). Have we forgotten how fast the stock fell when the fraud was 1st exposed? No one is concerned about the fact that there is serious discussing rising about dismantling the TBTF banks?

    Well, at least you are going in with your eyes open. No one is "deceiving" you into it.
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  • Bank Of America: Quit Whining About Moynihan's Pay [View article]
    From Benitus:

    "wornout....fully agreed that those who receive handouts must provide community service, to reduce our spending and to improve public amenities, so that we won't be paying for nothing. Bill Clinton asked for 20hrs every week and reduced the rolls significantly. Several TV interviews with those on unemployment benefits have confirmed that most of them won't look for jobs, so long as they continue to receive benefits. Many have been shown to enjoy life-styles better than ordinary tax-payers."
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  • Bank Of America: Quit Whining About Moynihan's Pay [View article]

    That statement is ludacrious. You cannot get unemployment benefits unless you have had a job in the first place. And if you have had a job that paid the bills, you cannot continue to meet those obligation on the money you receive from unemployment. Your unemployment benefits would be based on your time work and your pay when working. I would be interesting in knowing what - exactly - interviews you are referring to? It is easy to throw bogus statements out there but with the massive unemployment out there and the thousands of people looking for jobs, I think your comment is unsubstantiated.
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  • Bank Of America Should Rally On Improved Housing Market [View article]
    We have lost sight of our humanity. As we squabble over who is to blame; millions of people are losing their faith in the American judicial system and the trickle down effect from that is going to be devastating to our generation of offspring. I used to feel guilty about accidentally taking a paperclip from the there seems to be no guilt over calling clients who trust you, "muppets".

    We all know how this works, those who have an idea of what's going on blame the naive homebuyers who "got in over their heads", for "spending money they didn't have".

    Ironic, since the lenders were spending money they didn't have to make more money.

    Meanwhile, families with children, are doing what they have been taught to do, working to support their family's and then turn it over to interest rates that are far too high, because they are "poor".

    We keep hearing about the housing market improving and all around we are finding that not the case. Propaganda's a common sense article to outline why....

    Until we all get a hold of our humanity and remember that we are communities that are supposed to help one another we will continue to point, unproductively, I might add, at who is to blame.

    Yeah, your lifestyle is going to change, your growth might level off for a few months...or years...get out there and help someone else along the way.
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  • Bank Of America Should Rally On Improved Housing Market [View article]
    They were contributors.
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  • Bank Of America And The Fiscal Cliff [View article]
    "I'll send my honest old minister to the weavers," the Emperor decided. "He'll be the best one to tell me how the material looks, for he's a sensible man and no one does his duty better."

    So the honest old minister went to the room where the two swindlers sat working away at their empty looms.

    "Heaven help me," he thought as his eyes flew wide open, "I can't see anything at all". But he did not say so.

    At last...someone to suggest that the emperor might be naked....

    Both the swindlers begged him to be so kind as to come near to approve the excellent pattern, the beautiful colors. They pointed to the empty looms, and the poor old minister stared as hard as he dared. He couldn't see anything, because there was nothing to see. "Heaven have mercy," he thought. "Can it be that I'm a fool? I'd have never guessed it, and not a soul must know. Am I unfit to be the minister? It would never do to let on that I can't see the cloth."

    At last, someone to suggest that the emperor might be naked....
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