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Erich Senft

Erich Senft
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Erich Senft, CTA is the trader behind, the well loved Big Weekend Edition published each Sunday evening and the Commodity Pick Report which is published daily before the markets open.

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The commodity markets first captured Erich’s attention in the 1970′s when the Hunt brother’s made the news trying to corner the silver market. Ever since then he had a desire to learn more about what made the commodity markets tick.

Many years after Erich’s initial interest in commodities he was introduced to the Ken Robert’s trading course. After experiencing mild success with the limited strategies ...More
  • Description: Independent trader. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Commodities
The Truth About Trading Support and Resistance Consisting of an eBook and 31 videos presented in Erich's usual easy to understand style, this is more like a comprehensive course on how to recognize and use Support and resistance. This publication is no longer available for purchase, but is available free to members who subscribe to the Commodity Pick ...More