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  • Student Transportation Is Dead Money Even With Its 9% Dividend Yield  [View article]
    The share price last year was $5.97 on Nov 18th 2011. That represents a 5% increase in price PLUS the 9+% dividend would be 14-15% total return. Where's the truth in your numbers?
    Nov 20, 2012. 05:18 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Student Transportation: Here's Why We Don't Use EBITDA To Evaluate This Company  [View article]
    I think SIABUS actually is not that far off. No I don't mean the cliff. I agree we need to see what STB does this year with acquisitions and replacement capex. The CEO has stated several times on TV and in conference calls that is the focus this year. To "integrate" what they have since they have built some regional density in several markets. I will be watching. I think the negative press is not helpful and I believe the company does a great job with their contracts by the renewal rate I've seen. Customers in this business I would think are interested in safety and cost not just cost. I also follow their major British competitors and if you just google them there is a huge difference in coverage. I'm prepared as it looks like SIABUS is to allow them to perform and see what they do to improve. if they go back to spend and raise cash I may have a different opinion. Lastly, Ben Stubel is out to lunch. Your chasing EBITDA definitions is a waste of time. As for SAIBUS they are wrong in their definition of Bloor Street analyst. First of all it's Bay Street. Second, the "banks" ie lenders STB uses have them on EBITDA metrics for lending covenants and the definition most likely is one they "agreed" on and accept. Leases are expensed in the P&L and EBITDA and net income are entirely two different things. Its when I see comments they and or Ben or Prescience (all whom are related) with SA as fronts really don't know what the lenders approve as EBITDA unless you READ. the * is accepted and I have schooled Ben on that but In Lancaster PA they have never heard of foreign filers on US markets. The regulations are different as is Canadian GAPP vs US GAPP. I am LONG STB have been, will be. Why? Because its a good company, in a good business that isn't going away. Kids are going to school and more cars on the road isn't the answer. The fact that the Government owns 66% of this tells me the upside is real. I do see where STB will need new capital to grow that side of the business. That would be a good thing.
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  • Student Transportation's 8% Dividend Yield Doesn't Divert From Poor Financial Management  [View article]
    Saibus, read the transcript. I believe it answers your concerns and your suggestions on what to do. I think the transcript was out before your comments which leads to believe you didnt read it or listen to it.
    Sep 29, 2012. 05:12 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
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