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  • Cramer's Lightning Round - Goldman Is Going Down (12/15/09) [View article]
    Cramer pushed GS to his TV audience not to long ago. I didnt rush to buy. Goldman , ICE, JPM, and a few others besides some oil comps .They have manipulated oil prices where we are now paying 20% more for fuel and food.
    They write up many oil contracts that never get delivered, thats how.There are many oil tankers full in storage all over the world. they make billions on these phony contracts. What crooks,and the Govt. looks the other way too.
    GS recently donated $500 Mil. to some schools to clear their concience. Its a drop in their bucket. I'm sure they are laughing while writing their "Bonus Checks for this year.

    Happy New Year, and Felice Navidad folks.
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  • Gold Market Awaits FOMC Statement [View article]
    Hope India and China , and others buy more gold. I love to see the prices go up to $5000 an oz. It will make up for the 2008 market crash, where so many saw their golden nest turn to brass.
    Let it ride, dont be spooked. Make more money this next time around.
    It will up again more than before. Follow the "Yellow (Gold Brick ) Road to the Oz Bankl.
    These market analizers dont know anything for sure. They predict because it 's their job to look like they know.
    Happy, healthy, and Prosperos New Year. Felice Navidad.
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  • As Good as Gold [View article]
    You men make me laugh, I hope gold keeps being bought up,as
    well as the share Price rises Some say it will go up from $1500 to $5000 an oz.
    I hope it does, so all those people who lost money in 2008 can
    catch up now.
    Just let ride, dont be so fast to sell. Go on to the " Yellow (Gold) Brick Road to the OZ Bank." Happy New Year.
    Dec 17 04:40 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Where's Gold Going from Here? Part 3 [View article]
    P.S. Goldman Sachs, JPM, Deutche Bank, ICE are big Manipulators of Oil prices. also many oil companies are in on it too.
    They write up every month oil contracts that never get delivered.
    they are making billions on these contracts.
    Our fuel and food prices are up to 20%, more now than it should be. Its rheir doing.
    G.S. donated $500 mil. to some schools to clear their concience,
    its a drop in their bucket after making Billions. I believe they are laughing while they write their "Bonus Checks".
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  • Where's Gold Going from Here? Part 3 [View article]
    Between India,China, Russia, and many others have bought tons of gold . Who says there is no need of it , or there is plenty of it?
    There are several miners digging it up, but that takes time.
    Meanwhile its being bought up in what ever form it is made in.
    Some say the price of gold will go up from $1500 to $5000.
    I hope so, and I'm sure many do. Personally its the only game in town where you can make money much faster than regular stocks.You also get to watch as it climbs up the charts. Its a beautiful piece of art. Let it ride folks. Happy Holidays.
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  • Berkshire Hathaway: One Stock You Must Own [View article]
    Has anyone thought about Buffet's age? This man travels a great deal.
    What if the man passes away in the next 2 or 3 yrs. Than what is everyone going to do , sell all their shares of BRK A or B. right away?
    The market is fickle, even if they own shares of a good company
    they get spooked . In doing so, they hurt a good comp. besides
    their own investment.
    I am sure Mr. Buffet has some good trained people at the office giveng him good advise too. Lets face it he cant be everywhere
    and managing the company too.
    I'm sure his people can continue to do what he has been doing.
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  • Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan: Who Got the Better Deal on TARP Warrants? [View article]
    GS, and JPM, ICE, Deutche Bank are crooks. They manipulate
    the oil prices by selling phony oil contracts.these contracts are never delivered . the oil sits in tankers opn water and on land, while there is everyday pumping of oil. We are spending now 20% on food and fuel
    from 7% they make billions while the Govt. looks the other way.
    They recently donated to some schools $500 MIl. to ease their guilt?
    Its a drop in the bucket, when they are making Billions.
    My concience does not allow to invest in comp.'s like them.
    Dec 15 04:40 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is the Gold ETF Setback Temporary? [View article]
    I heard gold will eventually go to $5000 an oz.on CNBC last monday.
    I hope so, I am in big this time around. Good luck to all.
    Happy hoildays.
    Dec 15 04:08 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Fat Cat Bankers, Obama and 'Corporate Communism' [View article]
    I do believe banks are making more money than they want us to know.
    Obama is a lawyer, not a businessman.
    Goldman Sachs is allowed to manipulate oil prices with their greedy partners like ICE, JPM, Deutche Bank, others.They sell phony oil contracts that never get delivered.We have oil in storage tankers and on land. While oil is pumped out each day.
    Many oil companies are involved, while the Govt, looks the other way.
    They recently felt guilty and donated $ 500 mil. for scholarships to some schools. But that is a drop in the bucket, compared to the billions they have made.
    Democrates are known to be big spenders. Now that we are monotarily in hot water, we are spending more. We are going into a war that will cost more than we can afford. We will lose many young men. Dosnt our court system send murderers to death or give life in jail? We are taught to value life more than anything else Is this "cause" to go to war justifyable? Is it enough to have our young men die for it? We know we dont have the patience and money to stay there for a few years. These people we are trying to get rid of keep coming back like roaches. What a waste.
    Dec 15 03:59 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Becoming Increasingly Popular with Central Bankers [View article]
    I hope the U.S. banks are hording gold too.
    I went into a big position on gold (IAU) this time around. A couple
    of guest on CNBC expect for Gold to climb to $5000. an ounce.
    Dec 15 03:21 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Next Leg of the Crisis: Unavoidable Catastrophe [View article]
    Talking about War. Guess who makes the money? The Comp's.
    that make the amunition, The gear the men wear, and their transportation,ETC. This war is money and lives wasted.
    These people know we dont have the patience to stay in this war for long. We all know the mentality of the Taliban, etc. They have patience , and they have no respect for the lives of their own people.

    I should mention That Goldman Sachs, ICE, JPM, Deutche bank,and several other greedy buddies in the oil business control oil contract pricing.. Many oil comp's are in on this too.
    How? they sell oil contracts that never get delivered. because there is enough oil in storage in tankers, and on land all over the world.
    Plus there is daily pumping of crude. So they raised our cost of living from 7% to 20% on food and fuel. While the govt. looks the other way.
    Recently GS gave $500, million to some schools for scholarships
    to help the future small business men. I gues they felt a little
    guilty after the billions they are making " manipulating " the oil
    I will never invest with crooks. I do my own investing, if I lose some money its my fault, not the Advisor who was busy looking after
    the other fat cats.
    P. S. I'm doing better on my own than when I had three different Financial Advisors
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  • A Defensive Tone from Cramer [View article]
    I agree, But I watch Cramer almost every night just to see where he is at. There are some things he says that are infomative. But CEO'S
    of comp.'s that come on his show dont always tell the trueth. I do my own homework .
    Fortunet was one comp. he pushed at $11. I was to buy the next day for no more than $13 . It started around $17. by the end of the day it was trading at $16. I havent bother to look at it since.
    I dont think he should ever mention Goldman Sachs on his show again. They are greedy S.O.B.'s manipulating oil prices with ICE,
    JPM, and others by selling false Oil futures contracts that are "never delivered". We have plenty of stored Oil all over the world. plus we keep pumping every day. We pay more for fuel and
    food by 20%. more. They rip us off,make billions, pay themselves big "Bonuses". Yup, and they are soooo "Genorous" as to donate
    $500 million to some schools on how to teach the small business
    to be successful. Guilty concience I guess. I will never buy a stock
    they rep, or them. Cramer's old cronies.
    Dec 2 03:31 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fat Paychecks: Five CEOs Who Are Worth It [View article]
    I dont feel sorry for any CEO's getting lower bonuses. I feel sorry for the little guy who got fired from the company the CEO is getting the bonus from.
    P.S. Goldman Sachs made a lot of Billions selling false Oil futures contracts from Oil comps. that never got delivered. They manipulated
    the oil prices along with ICE, JPM, Deutche Bank ,a few others.
    They ripped off the the poor , and others. WE now have to pay more for food and fuel from 7% to 20% more because of thier GREED.
    They are giving themselves hefty bonuses this year.
    Almost forgot,
    They are donating $500.Million to a progam for small buisness man
    in some schools. How "GENOROUS " of them.
    Its a drop in thier bucket. What does "Cramer " think about his old
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  • Great Basin Gold: A Prime Acquisition Candidate [View article]
    P.S. Barrick Gold is going to distroy a couple of "GLACIERS" in the border of Chile and Argentina to mine for gold there. They will ruin the wild life and the Purest of waters. This area is Virgen territory, THINK ABOUT IT. This Project is called "Pascua Lama PROJECT".
    Look it up, it shows maps and the info that everyone in Ar. and Ch. are in an uproar. The govt. is looking the other way, $$$$$$.
    Barrick does not care . they will forever ruin this beautiful , untouched ,natural streams of water and all that surrounds it.SIC.
    I will not buy into Barrick, there is alot of other mines in south Amer.
    they can find gold in.
    Dec 1 06:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Great Basin Gold: A Prime Acquisition Candidate [View article]
    I am with Eldorado Gold: (EGO)merging with Sino Gold.
    Every Emerging Mrkt . is buying gold.
    My (IAU) is also doing great. Life is good.
    Dec 1 05:44 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment