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Robin Trehan has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Public Administration, a Master’s degree in International Business Finance and Marketing from ENPC School of International Management (France) and a Master’s degree in Electronic Commerce/Systems (E-business) from Grenoble Ecole De Management... More
  • Female Leadership skills-Robin Trehan

    Female Leadership skills-Robin Trehan

    "The women of today are the thoughts of their mothers and grandmothers, embodied, and made alive. They are active, capable, determined and bound to win. They have one thousand generations back of them ... Millions of women, dead and gone are speaking through us today," Matilda Joslyn Gage said. With the current toward effective leadership motions, leaders and their skills will combine into the bustling form of leadership - female leadership. It is important that in this development, individuals perform necessary measures to ensure safety and security of its constituent members.

    Based on that, female leadership information continues to grow, especially with the social nature of women. Female leadership entails effective communication means, especially in between departments. Women hood involves style, charm, and love in order to secure effective leadership options.

    It is this inspiration through their beauty that makes women effective leaders through a nursing and caring appeal. This style of love and influence makes female leadership very successful and very progressive.

    Moreover, female leadership entail the main focus on influence compared to authority in shaping business affairs. This kind of drive makes female leaders effective in persuasion, especially in maintaining the desire of decision making that is required for any given business. This persuasive influence present makes a women leader the effective candidate to meet future demands conveniently.

    It is in such accord that female leadership is more social, more influential, and more decision-oriented. Female leaders have shown to prove themselves worthy in providing rational decisions and other factors in a high paced world. With this, female leaders may have an important position in most companies, especially with the observational evidence that is present.

    Women continue to act as figures of inspiration, with the will of love and care, women are very compassionate when leading. This gives them the advantage of having effective skill in handling business settings. With this in mind, it is very true that the sincere nature of women with such beauty becomes effective in the business world. It takes influence to get what one wants, and with this and the wit and intelligence women, they can exercise effective leadership skills to meet the required measures desired as leaders.

    Robin Trehan

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  • Leadership and Champagne- Robin Trehan

    Leadership and Champagne- Robin TrehanEvery once in a while, you may enjoy a drink of champagne, that can soothe your soul and provide you with that comforting feeling. Leadership is very much like it, due to its nature of fun and excitement along with its bubbly vibe, which every leader should encompass.

    It is important for a leader to be fun and exciting, like a glass of champagne. The blend is just right that when you drink that glass, you feel a surge of energy and you begin to enjoy the party. Leadership should resemble that by providing a positive atmosphere for individuals to work effectively. Moreover, leaders should organize events that are free from work-related issues in order to lower that steam of pressure created.

    Furthermore, having that glass of champagne bubbling all over gives you that spark of how inviting the drink is. This should resemble leaders by being figures of motivation and inspiration, especially in meeting goals needed by the organization. With this in mind, leaders should effectively provide the necessary drive to help their employees gain - and hopefully maintain - the momentum to increase productivity and performance levels.

    Like champagne, a leader should be vibrant. This will enhance the production of the company, especially in tight deadlines and other rush operations. With effective leadership, quality won't be compromised, just like the right blend of champagne you're enjoying.

    But remember, too much champagne can be bad for you. Like that, leadership should be controlled. No one wants a dictator, so always keep that in mind when running your business or organization. Bad champagne can ruin your mood. This is true for bad leadership. Make sure you consider your employees’ opinions in order to create a smooth office relationship.

    Leadership is many things - and champagne is just the right thing to sum it up. With that bubbly feeling and that fun and exciting touch of it all, champagne can provide you with the sense of fun that leadership should likewise provide. Remember that too much of everything is bad, so make sure you control your leadership motives and maintain the universal interest. With this, you can surely run a successful company that is on a positive outlook with a developmental pattern in continuity.

    Robin Trehan

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  • “Cut like my barber” Knowledge Management fusion for Leadership- Robin Trehan

    “Cut like my barber” Knowledge Management fusion for Leadership- Robin Trehan

    In any given leadership situation, it is important to establish the right knowledge management activities that construct effective leadership handling. With this in mind, you can secure the overall organizational development option you need for your company. Moreover, with knowledge management advantages, your continued development of business matters develop effective patterns of leadership that will distinctly suggest effective management options at hand.

    Knowledge building is important in maintaining the knowledge management ordeal, especially with the organizational pattern that constitutes such development in the event of leadership consideration. With this in mind, you can surely engage in effective leadership patterns that desire the proper management skills needed to be an effective leader.

    Leadership must coincide with proper knowledge management in the main focus that you should uphold the contentions needed for a leader to sustain the power options he or she has for the company. Knowledge management involves integrating employee function with the proper cooperative measures involved in the progress of the company.

    The process is dynamically placed in a functional pattern that involves employees acquiring the knowledge, transferring it, applying it, and managing such information. With this process flow in mind, the distinct leadership at hand that each leader should apply to his or her members in order to enrich the information provided. “Cut like my barber” the data to information to knowledge and enrich the organization with it.

    Information management comes in line with knowledge management, as it is the task of the leader to coordinate with his or her members in order to commit to the mission and vision set forth. It is thus important to consider the development of technology and how it handles information in a given business setting.

    Leaders should integrate the value of effective knowledge management in handling their businesses. It is in the importance of considering the fundamentalist nature of how information powers the business. As this happens, leaders can establish strong foundations through the presence of knowledge management directed sources, with the approach taken as a process flow. In handling information, knowledge is a key aspect of development, which every business should engage in to obtain the success the leaders want. With this in consideration, it becomes imperative that the correlation between leadership and knowledge management play important roles in the progress of a business.

    Robin Trehan

    Mar 25 11:46 AM | Link | Comment!
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