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Robin Trehan has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Public Administration, a Master’s degree in International Business Finance and Marketing from ENPC School of International Management (France) and a Master’s degree in Electronic Commerce/Systems (E-business) from Grenoble Ecole De Management... More
  • Leaders: Love Your Followers-Robin Trehan
    It cannot be stressed enough that one of the major keys to influencing people and motivating people is loving them.  As leaders, showing an employee that you care about them is a very powerful tool.

    Naturally, people want to work for people who they perceive care about them.  Employees that are felt cared for and loved by their bosses tend to be more productive than employees who don’t.  Showing your followers that you care gives them a reason to come to work in the morning besides for financial reasons.  It boosts morale and it makes people feel like a million bucks.  Charles Schwab once said, “I have yet to find the person, however great or exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than he would ever do under a spirit of criticism”.

    Furthermore, it is not enough to love your followers.  No. Love is an actionary term.  You have to show your employees that you love them.  How do you do this?  Charles Schwab once said one of his keys to leadership is, “I am hearty in my approbation and lavish in my praise.”  Showing appreciation for your employees and what they do everyday is what keeps them going when it’s crunch time and the deadline is around the corner.  Appreciation and praise is what pushes them onward and upward to reach their full potential in life and reach the highest peaks of their career.

    It’s about much more than motivating employees with a pay check.  One of the number one desires among human beings is the desire to be great and to feel important.  You, as a leader, have the power to provide that to your followers.  Imagine you are able to give that to them.  Can you imagine how grateful they are going to be in return?  Imagine how much harder they are going to work and how much more effort they are going to put in each day?  How would you feel if somebody gave you that same satisfaction?  Your followers are no different.

    So, today find something to praise your employees for.  Find something to make each and every individual feel like a million bucks and show them that you care.

    Robin Trehan B.A, MIB, MBA
    May 24 8:31 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Passion, Passion, Passion! Robin Trehan
    There is no more powerful force for achieving success than passion.  You must love what you do.  Let me repeat that again.  You must love what you do.  If there is one thing that will get you to success and victory faster than anything else, it is passion.

    There are many out there with credentials that would impress even the most powerful of executives and rulers.  There are also many out there with a Rolodex jam-packed with the right contacts. Indeed, there are many people with the right education, the right network, and the talent necessary for an amazing career.  However, many of those people never get there.  Why is that?  There is one defining characteristic that is the difference between the MBA or Ph.D from a wealthy family who knows all the right people yet does not use any of his/her talent and opportunities and an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur such as Richard Branson who may not have had the same opportunities available to him growing up.  That defining characteristic is unbridled passion; an undying love for that one thing in life that you would do even if you weren’t going to be paid for it.  That one thing that gets you up in the morning and puts you to bed at night.  It’s that one thing that makes you dream, makes you cry, and makes the time fly by.

    It’s that one thing that you are passionate about that will make you successful in this life.  You can follow all the of the money you want and choose careers with high paying salaries and jump at the latest money making opportunities that you read about in the news, but the bottom line is, if you do not love something so much that you would do it for nothing, then you will never have the drive to achieve the highest possible levels of success in your field.

    It’s passion that keeps you going when the whole world is against you and everybody is telling you to quit.  Why would you stop when you love it?  It’s passion that allows you to look past the hard times and overlook the obstacles that you may face to get where you are going.  Passion builds empires.  Passion moves mountains.  Passion will make you into the person that you dream about becoming when nobody else is listening.

    It was Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch who said, “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”  Never forget that.

    Robin Trehan B.A, MIB, MBA

    May 24 8:31 PM | Link | Comment!
  • As a leader, see the big picture- Robin Trehan
    There are many managers who fall victim to what we will call myopic thinking.  In essence, they lose sight of the forest for the trees.  Or they lose sight of the beach for the sand.  However, you may choose to describe it, it can prove to be catastrophic for the long term growth of an organization.

    This is what we consider to be the different between a manager and a leader.  As the term implies, a manager obviously manages an organization.  The manager steers the ship.  Anybody can steer the ship.  Charting the course; now that takes a leader. That describes one of the main defining differences between a manager and a leader.  A leader has a vision.  A leader knows how to cast a vision and take the ship into uncharted territory.

    But what we are talking about here goes a little bit further than just having a vision and throwing your resources at it.  This is more than just steering your ship into unknown lands. No.  What we are talking about here is not losing sight of where you want your ship to be 20 years from now just to beat this quarter’s earning expectations.  To be sure, short term targets are very important.  We can think of these as the objectives that accumulate to advance you in achieving your ultimate goals.  But a leader cannot allow him or herself to become so encompassed in hitting those short term benchmarks that they forget where those benchmarks were leading them to in the first place.

    Where do you see your organization going in the next 10-15 years?  What kind of pivotal role do you plan on playing in reaching that destination?  What are you implementing TODAY that is conducive to not only hitting this week’s objectives but also bringing you a step closer to where you want to be in the next decade?

    Be results oriented.  Be aware of the impact everything you do on a daily basis has on the big picture.  Be aware of how you are contributing towards your long term goals.  This is how you find a balance between attending to the day-to-day details on running a company and doing the necessary things to launch your company towards its goals for long term growth and success.

    Robin Trehan B.A, MIB, MBAebusiness
    May 24 8:30 PM | Link | Comment!
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