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  • Buffet Ain’t Your Friend

    Taxes are always a big topic of discussion…

    … Especially how the middle class continues to get pinched by the tax

    We know how Warren Buffet likes to talk his book, reminding you
    that you missed the boat on Berkshire 30 years ago.

    That's life though!

    However, what gets me fired up is when I read stuff like this.

    "I pay less money in taxes than my secretary!"


    So the American dream has become if you're a guy like Warren Buffet
    with a net worth of tens of BILLIONS... you pay less money in taxes
    than your other employees who's probably only making 30-40k per year
    or so?

    That's a pretty shocking statement.

    While his employees and other middle class Americans face the fact
    that retirement isn't a reality. A lot have to work two jobs and still
    worry about where ends meat may come from next week.


    We still look at this guy as a guru... A legend!

    Come on, man!

    Yes, success is what it is and just like Christopher Columbus, success
    ain't pretty when you have a black mark next to it.

    Buffet acts like he's like you and I, saying that he's in favor of
    paying more, but talk is cheap.

    Who's his money backing?

    If he believed this, wouldn't you think he'd compensate his employee's
    more to offset that?

    Maybe he does, but my guess is, he doesn't.

    My point:

    Stop glorifying these pigs and start acting like Robin Hood.

    Learn to beat them at their own game.

    I say this to generate that spark...

    ... The spark to stop being a victim and take charge of your

    Here's how:

    To your wealth, freedom and options!

    Joshua Belanger

    Tags: SPY
    Oct 25 7:47 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Compound Interest Is Your Worst Enemy

    There was a guy named Albert Einstein...

    ... Not sure if you've heard of him, but history has it that he once said:

    "The most powerful force in the world is compound interest."

    Could be the smartest thing this guy ever came up with… :)

    Consider this, if you invested $2K per year starting at age 19 and
    stopped at age 26, that invested $16K could've have turned into $2.2
    million by age 65.

    Not too shabby.

    Now, if you waited until the age of 26, you'd have to invest $2K per
    year for 39 years right up until the age of 65. It still would leave
    you less than compared to if you started at 19, which would be $1.5

    While this all sounds good and dandy, let's face reality.

    You didn't start saving for your later years at 19…

    … Or… even at 26.

    The simple known fact is that, 68% of Americans won't be able to
    retire on time.

    Even worst, some of you are even wary that you may have to work the rest of
    or your lives.

    Financial markets don't work like how they did in the 90's, where even the
    dumbest investors made money…

    … Until the Dot Com crash.

    While compound interest is great for the long term, most don't have
    time on their side.

    Most need to hit the nitro boost just to have just a lil' glimmer of
    hope to gaining some ground.

    That's where options can help you.

    Success with options is all about little wins that add up.

    I refer to it as "chipping away" at the market.

    This allows you to pile up wins instead of waiting years for compound
    interest to work in your favor.

    It requires a little more time than opening your quarterly statement
    and seeing no returns, but it's one of the few ways how the small
    investor has a chance.

    If you want the cook book on that recipe for success, then you're going to want
    to pick up a copy of:

    To your wealth, freedom & Options!

    Joshua Belanger

    Tags: SPY
    Oct 18 8:01 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Please, Don’t Pull The Trigger

    Imagine holding a gun to my head…

    … You're fed up with all the bullshit out there and you're despite to know
    the safest and fastest way to make some moolah right now?

    And… if I'm not honest, you're going to pull the trigger!

    Okay... Okay... I hear you.

    Please, let me answer.

    You're going to be a lil' surprised.

    It's not the financial markets, real estate or options.

    I love the markets and always will, but it's not the only way to generate income.

    One of the most lucrative investment opportunities right now deals with Amazon
    and being able to make the green without the risk of owning the stock.

    I've seem more people create success faster than anything I know of.

    Every $15 out of $100 spent online is on Amazon.

    Now… Can you please take the gun off my head?

    If you're tired of the risk in the markets or seeking to diversify assets, the
    opportunity with Amazon right now is very interesting, but the window of
    opportunity is starting to close.

    They have a trillion dollar platform that has nearly over 2 million
    registered credit cards on file with people looking to buy anything.

    The opportunity revolves around selling physical products that are
    branded by you.

    They're essentially partnering with you and giving you access to millions
    of buyers that visit a daily looking to buy something.

    The best thing is, they do the all the heavy work.

    You just need to find and then ship your product to Amazon, they do
    the rest.

    For instance, I invested $1,000 into one product to test the idea out two years ago
    and it's been doing 6 figures in sales since then.

    I'm slowly adding new products and trying to build a million dollar business.

    Because I just saw my life flash before my eyes...

    ... I created a free report that teaches exactly the business plan you can
    implement today.

    To your wealth, freedom & options!

    Joshua Belanger

    Tags: SPY
    Oct 15 7:19 PM | Link | Comment!
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