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OptionSIZZLE is created to help you better understand and become more familiar with options and what the professional traders are doing everyday in the market and provide effective options trading strategies to allow you to trade better and trade smarter.

We have found over the years some of the best trading opportunities come from big institutional traders or what most refer to "smart money". With the liquidity and leverage options give institutions, more and more are using large amounts of options to predict where they think the stock will move.

What makes OptionSIZZLE the top site for option and stock traders seeking a trading edge, is our ability to scan all the U.S. Exchanges and more ...More
  • Description: Independent trader. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: ETFs, Forex, Options, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
OptionSIZZLE Defend Your Wealth During Economic Uncertainty While Generating Additional Monthly Income!
OptionSIZZLE You have been invested for a while now and have not seen the returns you were told you should receive because of unexpected market volatility, right?The truth is that your financial advisor nor any so called financial guru will ever know what is going to happen in the market and will always have you behind ...More
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Putting Context Behind Your Options Strategy Oct 9, 2014