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Frank the Gerbil

Frank the Gerbil
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My name is Frank and as you may have noticed, I am a gerbil. I have been known to eat doughnuts to excess and run on my hamster wheel while intoxicated. I also have a special fondness for 'the ladies', but I digress.

My first and true love is investing/day trading in the stock market. You may be asking yourself right now "How in the world could a gerbil pick winning stocks with any sort of consistency??” To answer that, I have to admit, it is tough on my little paws when I'm keyboarding for my online account, but small chips of Vicoden get me through it.

I have a P.H.D. from Yale and I am currently serving on the boards of three, you heard me right, THREE major pharmaceutical companies (I sit in a ...More
  • Description: Analyst. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: ETFs, Stocks - long
Frank's Picks Inc. As a small furry rodent there's no reason not to allow me to influence your next major investment decision. Want to retire soon? NO PROBLEM! My sound gerbil instinct will lead to the path of success and prosperity.
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BUY MSBT: Pps dip today, 10/23, presents a great opportunity. You can thank the "gerbee" (as my friends call me) later. Oct 24, 2009