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  • Fox News Charles Payne Extreme Bias, He should be Fired!  [View instapost]
    Charles Payne along with a few other Fox News Jackasses are pushing people to the edge. Here's what I blogged about yesterday on about Charles Payne and one of his brothers. I am a none white American. So this is not about race. It's about expressing the anger that he and others provoke.

    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Fox News Black Keys

    One Of Fox News Black Keys is Charles Payne, who stated today that Obama should not be helping people that want unemployment and welfare, but those that want to work instead. Implying that those receiving unemployment or welfare do not want to work, while he himself rakes in the dough for simply running his f---ing mouth and putting other people down because his waste do not stink. He along with his brother Black Key, Michael Steele, are two very important figures and contributors to Fox News that would serve the country better if they were both dead with a few other of America’s Uncle Tom Cabinet Members. I hope that none of Charles Payne’s family members throughout his bloodline are on welfare or receiving unemployment benefits because I am sure that Charles Payne has enough money to support them all, even though they might have lost their job due to no fault of their own. Secondly, I hope that Black Key refuses to accept social security benefit when his old ass gets older to support his anti-senior attitude. He really thinks that he is better than the average human being because of his TV appearances and anti-Obama attitude. I will say this about that Black Key and that is that every time I see his face he looks good enough to bury as is. And the same goes for Black Key Michael Steele. Maybe tomorrow’s headline will read Fox News has just lost two Black Keys, Michael Steel and Charles Payne were both found dead in a brotherly hug of true republicanism.

    On Jul 13 01:45 AM GATXER wrote:

    > How dare the Fox guy let the guy make a fool of himself....he didnt
    > need any help to do that!
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