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  • Some downbeat EMC reports: 1) A source tells The Register EMC's strategy for object storage is "confusing, flawed, and inefficient … and causing internal fireworks." In addition to its Centera and Atmos lines, EMC's growing Isilon scale-out NAS storage family supports object storage, as does its new ViPR platform for managing EMC and non-EMC hardware/services. 2) RBC reports a software update for EMC's mid-range VNX line has been delayed, and that the company's Data Domain deduplication hardware business (has been growing fast) is "facing incremental headwind" from Amazon's (AMZN) S3 storage service. 3) Network World reports VMware (VMW) sales exec Mike Clayville has left to become Amazon's enterprise cloud sales chief, making him the latest in a line of execs to depart (previous).  [View news story]
    How, with Windows Server-HyperV, Open Stack, delays in EMC, etc-can VMware still be forecasting in their guidance an acceleration in growth in the second half of this year? Also mgmt. said in their early June Conf call at BofA that pricing on their core VM is down $200, which I presume is something on the order of 30-50%, and that growth going forward will be coming more from peripheral products, because their Core product (Hypervisor-the Virtualization Engine) is slowing down. Wasn't my forecast-its what they said publicly at a BofA Conf.
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  • Some of today's bounce in Linn Energy (LINE +3%) is attributed to comments by Leon Cooperman in his letter to shareholders which said his hedge fund remained "comfortable" with the stock. Cooperman argues LINE has capitalized the costs of its energy hedges in accordance with GAAP, and notes Citigroup and Credit Suisse value LinnCo (LNCO -0.8%) at $35.92 and $39.64, above the current share price. (earlier[View news story]
    What is the connect between LINE and LNCO? From direct personal experience, I wouldn't trust Cooperman's opinions or prognostications as far as I cd throw lard-filled body.
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  • An upgrade to Outperform from Wells Fargo helps eBay (EBAY +1%) recoup some of last week's post-earnings losses. The firm is pleased Marketplaces is now growing in-line with the broader e-commerce industry (previous), if not faster, and (in what isn't exactly a bold prediction) expects PayPal to "emerge as a winner and one of the biggest players in the [mobile] wallet space." The sell-side showed eBay plenty of love earlier this month, following its bullish analyst day forecasts[View news story]
    EBAY is as close to a "buy and hold" name as I can think of-they are the most technologically sophisticated and forward thinking of any of the credit and financial data processing companies in their sector. Their relationship with Points.COM, who provide travel miles, points, etc through a joint venture to millions of small-medium sized ($1,000,000-$2.5 bil in revenue) companies who understand the benefit in revenue growth provided by incentives (from which, for example, American Airlines last year made in EXCESS of $1 billion with no cash costs immediately associated with that $1 bil) but don't have the scale or the technological sophistication to do this themselves-EBAY's subsidiary, Magento, who builds electronic and physical storefronts which allow vendors to have their own generic incentive programs. Given that Paypal-EBAY's most profitable business-has 117 mil ACTIVE members, out of 330 mil total members, if they are successful, through their costs, Bill me Later, and Loyalty incentives in taking that 117 mil number to 200 or 300 mil, at very low cost to Paypal, generating enormous incremental margins.
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  • Apple: Future Storefront Volatility And Short Trade Trigger  [View article]
    And Jon408, the first commenter said: "so even if they decline 5% or 10%, they will probably still be higher than any other company"-SO WHAT if they are higher than any other co.? If they are increasing thats a good thing, generally, for its stock price. Is it also true that if they are declining IT IS ALSO a good thing for its stock price? If so, then it really doesn't matter at all whether or not their revenues/store, their overall revenues, their profits or ANYTHING financial go up, down, or sideways. Ok-thats one way of looking at Stocks.....Not my way, but certainly unique!
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  • Apple: Future Storefront Volatility And Short Trade Trigger  [View article]
    People saying this analysis is "silly" are whistling past the graveyard-these are real numbers-per store revs, per store operating income-thats what matters in their retail business. Does that mean Apple products aren't good-No! (Every digital device I own, with the exception of a Nook is made by Apple-I love Apple products!) Does Mr. Ryan's data mean Apple isn't a great co. which has done an extraordinary job over the past 6 years?-No! Does it mean that if one applies traditional storefront, store by store retail analysis-per sq ft revenues, store opening expenses, sales per employee at stores and they show ANYTHING other than that APPLE is and WILL REMAIN the greatest co. and STOCK in the history of the world-NO!
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  • Reducing Expectations For Uranium Equities  [View article]
    With 25 mil lbs of HEU from Russia (50% of US demand) coming off the market on 12/31/2012, and lead times of 6-9 mos in contracting for supply, how does that not lead to higher spot and contract prices-Do you know of any commodity, in history, where 50% (the US) or 10-15% (the World's) of supply, in a minimal inventory situation, comes off the market, all at once, on a date certain?
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