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  • 5 Things To Know About Solazyme's Encapso [View article]

    I remember reading about a patent that Solazyme filed back in 2012 for oilfield chemicals ... I thought it came out of left field, but am happy that they followed up on it ... I know at the time I didn't think we'd see much movement in that direction, and when all the food applications came up, I was even more sure it would never see the light day.

    I think if you are searching for any other invisible products or applications, the patent filings are probably the best place to look.

    FYI, here is the oilfield chemical patent. Note there are different uses /functions in the patent they may still develop further products for.

    Excerpt :

    1. A fluid for use in the creation or maintenance of, or production from, a borehole or well, the fluid comprising biomass from an oleaginous microbe.

    2. The fluid of claim 1, wherein the biomass functions as a bridging agent, a fluid loss control agent, a viscosity modifier, an emulsifier, a lubricant, or a density modifier.

    3. The fluid of claim 1, wherein the fluid comprises an aqueous or non-aqueous solvent and optionally comprises one or more additional components so that the fluid is operable as a drilling fluid, a drill-in fluid, a workover fluid, a spotting fluid, a cementing fluid, a reservoir fluid, a production fluid, a hydraulic fracturing fluid, or a completion fluid.
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  • The Only 20 Companies That Matter [View article]
    "legitimate economic awesomeness" ... that needs to be trademarked or something... I laughed out loud. Thanks :)
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  • No Longer Posting At Seeking Alpha [View instapost]
    Good luck in all you do Tom. I learned a lot from your articles. Thank you.
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  • PepsiCo: A Good Dividend Pick? [View article]
    Is anyone else worried about PEP's 3.8 Billion investment in Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods which is in Russia?
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  • Solazyme Looks To Strengthen Its Balance Sheet And Finds A Solution For Big Oil And Gas [View article]
    It would have been great if the release had a few more details in it like who they were selling it to, and for how much (I'm assuming they have at least one customer for it - maybe their test partner?). Note : Philip Johnson - Sr. Drilling Engineer/ D & C group at Fidelity Exploratrion and Production CO.

    From their website :

    MDU). MDU Resources is a member of the S&P MidCap 400 index and provides value-added natural resource products and related services that are essential to energy and transportation infrastructure, including regulated utilities and pipelines, exploration and production, and construction materials and services companies.

    A legacy company of MDU Resources, Fidelity has roots that date back to the 1930s. First known as Fidelity Gas Company, its first responsibility was to find and develop natural gas reserves to feed a pipeline that ran from Baker to Glendive, Mont.
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  • Finding Alpha With Dividend Growth: The Stocks [View article]

    I think it's very unfair to say that the prominent DG writers here on SA think value takes a back seat. In my opinion, they have harped on value over and over and over.

    I am 44 years old, and I do consider lower (or no) yielding companies that have the potential for greater total return as I do not yet need the income to live off of. These companies are not what I consider "core" in my portfolio however.

    I own 21 of the companies referenced above.
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  • The Tortoise Strategy: Part 5 - Buy Verizon Or Get Paid 12.8% Annual Yield Not To [View article]
    Hi Richard,

    With VZ buying out VOD's portion of VZW, I suspect that large dividend increases or a special dividend won't be coming any time soon. I thought I read that they were going to focus on paying off debt, but I'm not an owner and don't follow VZ closely.

    Thanks for the series of articles about your process. I am especially interested in the options as I have yet to dip my toe into that pool.
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  • 4 Practical Dividend Ideas For My SEP IRA [View article]

    I am self employed and found that creating a one man S-Corp and then contributing to the company 401k allowed me to make higher contributions and pay much less self employed social security tax. Much more tax efficient. It takes only a moderate amount of effort (I incorporated my S-Corp via Legal-Zoom). I recommend you talk to a trusted CPA to run some numbers (which will probably be in the thousands).
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  • 6 Dividend Stocks That Belong To Your Ideal Portfolio For The Next 5 Years [View article]
    I would not choose BP based on their long history of having a poor safety record. Look at the number of OSHA violations. They had a major role in the Valdez mess (they had a large role in the poor cleanup response), and I feel they still haven't learned their lesson. I feel BP will continue to have major incidents until their safety culture changes dramatically.

    Long XOM, CVX, COP.
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  • Intel: Upside Potential [View article]
    I'm not sure if it was commented on above, but I recently bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro at Christmas time, and when the LiveSafe trial expired, it offered me a deal to extend it for a year for $15. I took it. The other thing others need to consider about paying even $80+ is that it covers all your PC's/laptops, Android tablets, and Android phones.

    I also bought a Dell Venue 8 Android tablet and a Acer C720 Chrome book, both of which have Intel processors and are decently fast and have very good battery life.
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  • Should You Buy The Buckle? [View article]
    With the large special dividends, ZERO debt, and conservative management, I just don't understand the large number of shares short either. If memory serves, it's been like this for many years. Thanks for writing about a stock I have owned for a long time.
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  • Tech Sector DGI In An Age Of Big Bang Disruption [View article]
    Much of what you wrote in the article resonates with me personally as I also work in IT, but find it hard to foresee where tech trends and profits will be in the future.

    When I started out investing, I bought many small cap tech companies, and had great success, but in many instances, I didn't know when to sell and held on too long, watching share price crumble when the next disruptor came along and earnings collapsed. It happened swiftly, and really, I had no chance to see it coming (I don't care how closely a person followed the company). I did not sleep well at night and started to look for alternatives strategies.

    I learned a few things about my investing style (buy and hold/monitor of larger cap companies), and risk tolerance (low). As my portfolio grew to 2 or 3 times my annual salary, it got even lower! :) These are the things that appealed to me about DGI ... the intention to hold forever (but monitor), being able to define rules of when to sell, and less stock price watching / volatility. I had a plan I could write out and follow.

    My portfolio now has a solid core of diversified higher quality large cap DGI holdings, but also some tech DGI holdings. None of them are "core" and I do monitor them closer, but basically the rules of when to sell them are the same as my core companies. I also find it easier to invest in corporate technology instead of consumer technology because as a consultant for a very large cap company, I can see what trends they are following, and things move slower :)

    My tech investments are AAPL (bought long before my change to DGI), ADP (although I don't really consider it a tech company), CSCO, IBM, INTC, and MSFT. ACN and ORCL are on my watchlist.
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  • For Solazyme, It Is All About Control [View article]
    Kevin / Others,

    I ran across this the other day, which you may interesting.

    Engineers have created a chemical system that continually produces useful crude oil minutes after they pour in raw algae material.
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  • 'Discarded Gems' Of Dividend Growth Investors [View article]

    I agree with your theme to widen the net, and do so in my portfolio, which I admit is a defensive portfolio. I do not rule out companies that froze the dividend (or even cut it once at a rate not larger than it's 5 year growth) during the great recession as I value conservative management. I usually do not consider these 'core' companies however and have smaller weighting.
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  • With The Berry Petroleum/Linn Energy Merger Approved, LINE/LNCO Is A Buy [View article]
    LNCO has shown me that my portfolio diversification and balancing is working. The volatility did not shake me out of my shares because it was a smaller non-core part of my diversified portfolio over which there was little angst. Glad to see the merger approved.
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