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I am a private investor who has found a trading niche in the Cannabis sector. Stock trading brings me back to my old days as a sales account manager. I love the feeling of closing a good deal, or picking a winning stock. What I write about is simply for entertainment purposes only. I am not a... More
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    Vape Holdings Inc, (OTCQB:VAPE) focuses on designing, marketing, and distributing various vaporization products primarily under the HIVE Ceramics brand throughout North America, Europe and South America. Hive offers a nonporous, non-corrosive, chemically inert ceramic vaporization element, which can be used for a range of applications, including stand-alone vaporization products and electric cigarettes. The company is based in Chatsworth, California.

    (click to enlarge) Anyone who takes a look at the VAPE chart will be stupefied at the abysmal performance of the stock price since it's 52-week high of $41.25 recorded in March of this year. Culminating in a price drop to a low of $.523 on Wednesday, wiping out more than 98% in value.

    (click to enlarge)

    The reasons for such a drop? Well, to briefly summarize, a 1:40 reverse split, during a time when the " Pot Stock Sector ", was parabolic, caused the stock price to explode. But, Vape has been on a steady slide since then following some challenges closing out their Hive ceramic acquisition and the settling of old warrants. On top of that, Vape trades in a sector that earlier this year, was affected by a series of trading halts that added to the stocks volatility. The recent pressure is most certainly attributed to tax season selling, and just a slow time in general for the markets.

    The Bright Side

    Although Vape's valuation is high, with a market cap around $8m, especially for a company that did $362k in revenue last quarter, it's market cap is significantly lower than most stocks found in the marijuana index: And Vape is one of the few MJ companies that offers products that are top in it's respective industry. And actually generating serious revenues. So, in my opinion, Vape seems awfully undervalued to me. Very few people in the vaping world, have not heard of Hive products. The Hive ceramic product, is the most popular ceramic vaporization line in the industry. The vape/e-cig industry has ballooned into a multi-billion dollar industry. And the industry continues to grow, as the political climate towards marijuana has changed dramatically over the last few years. Just this past November, Alaska and Oregon, joined Colorado and Washington in electing to legalize recreational marijuana use. The word vape itself, has just earned the title of being the " word of the year ", by oxford dictionary for 2014.

    There are many anticipating Vape's fiscal fourth quarter results to include record revenues, lower net loss, and better margins. The filing is expected in the next two weeks. And I would agree with them.

    In August, Vape announced they struck several international distribution deals. Based on their instagram feeds, which by the way is Vape's main source for product updates, indicated these deals were already in motion by early to late July. Which bodes well for the upcoming revenue results. The multi-channel distribution strategy has expanded quickly over the past few months and includes several national and international distributors, over 1,000 authorized dealers and it's Hive e-commerce site. Vape Holding's recently entered into a wide scale distributor relationship with Got for the U.S. distribution of it's Hive product line. Got Vape, founded back in 2001, an industry leading vaporizer health network, boasting the top online vaporizer retail outlet in the world as well as an expansive nationwide wholesale distribution chain. The company also struck deals with a large European distributor, DNA Genetics, and their new South American distributor, Pure DNA, to distribute Hive products throughout their respective markets. Also, additional distributor relationships have been finalized to distribute Hive products throughout Canada as well. So, Vape has done an excellent job networking and getting their products out into the market place.

    I encourage anyone who is interested to view their instagram, and look just how busy they were last quarter. It offers numerous posts, listing delivery locations, trade shows, several Cannabis Cup's, and festivals they were apart of.

    Vape, in November offered an excellent shareholder update. They introduced Hive Supply, a packaging, and sourcing division, designed to serve as a competitively priced, comprehensive " one stop shop" for all medical and recreational marijuana packaging necessities. A huge and lucrative opportunity exists in supporting legal cannabis businesses in regards to sourcing consumer products, brand management, and marketing services. Soft launch in early 2015, full scale market positioning by July 2015. In addition to Hive Supply, 'THE HIVE' retail store and gallery; the perfect end-user experience to showcase their products is also expected in early 2015. So, shareholders have plenty to be excited about in next year.

    The company also announced the addition of Creative Marketing Director Nick Jackson. Mr. Jackson has over 15 years experience in licensing, branding and marketing predominately in the apparel and entertainment industries and presents tremendous crossover potential for Vape and it's business units. This is great news. As big as Hive has become, their success has been attributed to mostly word of mouth. Initiating some marketing and promotional strategies will help continue to build and strengthen the brand.

    Vape Holding's Inc, is less than a year old. But they are doing so many things right. Similar to mCig Inc, (OTCQB: OTCQB:MCIG), another vape and e-cig company and Surna Inc, (OTCQB:SRNA), an equipment manufacturer for the cannabis industry. All three of these companies are well positioned to capitalize on the green rush in 2015. What I like about Vape and their CEO Kyle Tracy, is their laser focus on developing, marketing and strengthening their Hive brand and product line. They are not mixed up in projects or products that are a dead end just to thrill the crowd so to speak. Speaking of product lines, Vape is set to release a new Hive Glass line any day now. I spoke to one of Hive's developers a few weeks ago, and he was pumped for the release. He was blown away by the finished product. I expect the market to receive the new Hive Glass line, as well as it has received their ceramic line. And a new product line means another revenue line for the company, and stronger revenue projections going forward. Vape is also working on an Electric E-nail, which in my opinion, will revolutionize the industry. The product is expected to be released also in early 2015.


    In the trading world, timing is everything. Here we have, what many regard as one of the top tier stocks in the cannabis space. A company with real proprietary products, real revenues, selling through both national and international channels. With a stock that is oversold, and undervalued, when comparing to others in it's space. Being offered recently at the lowest levels post r/s, you don't have to be a trading guru to figure out a bottom bounce is coming. Or that there is lot's of potential upside here. Always remember micro cap stocks are extremely risky. And offer lot's of volatility. Will Vape rise like the Phoenix. It seems likely, but I am no genie. Just an investor looking for potential opportunities. But when bottom's up, this is one flight I want to take. Next stop in my opinion, test of $1 which is the 50dma. Break that, VAPE is off to the races!

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    It's A Bird,,,It's A Plane,,,It's,,,,,,MCIG, Inc.!!!

    MCIG is moving faster and accomplishing more than anyone can keep up with. So I decided to offer a summary update to help keep those interested informed. MCIG is a clear standout among it's peers on the otc. Such as Vapor Group(OTCQB: OTCPK:VPOR), Wee-Cig(OTC: OTCPK:WCIG), or VAPE Holdings(OTCQB: VAPE). And one of the hottest stocks in the sector.

    MCIG Summary Update As Of October 25th 2014

    The most recent financials, the company reported Revenue for the three months ended July 31, 2014 of $195,565, which represents a 1,500% increase when compared with revenue of $12,500 over the same period in 2013.

    The company reported Gross Profit Margin of 50.18% for the quarter ended July 31, 2014 maintaining its gross profitability in line with prior quarters. This figure does not reflect the recent price increase of both the mCig(NYSE:R) and VitaCig(R) which the company believes will contribute to an increase in Gross Profit Margin in subsequent quarters.

    The company also reported a significant decrease in accounts payable and total liabilities. For the quarter ended July 31, 2014 these stood at only $6,943 while the share count remained the same at 270,135,000. The company continues to grow its operations without incurring any dilution or toxic debt.

    The company is now represented through new online distribution lines in South Africa, Central Florida, Albany, and Washington. And continues to expand it's retail reach all across the nation. is another authorized distributor with the capability of inscription and the design of your own mCig and VitaCig.

    The Company strengthened its intellectual property portfolio with the trademarks for mCig, VitaCig. From this point forward, all company products will include the ® symbol reflecting the company's commercial ownership of these brands.

    The Company raised the price of VitaCig to $5 in August reflecting strong demand and continued alignment with the retail distribution strategy being deployed by management. In light of the price increases, the Company will be eliminating shipping costs entirely providing free shipping on all domestic orders with no order minimums.

    MCIG released an updated version of the mCig, the mCig 2.5, and raised the price to $15. The mCig(R) 2.5 comes in two new colors: Metallic Blue or Red and includes a rechargeable 360 mAh battery, stainless steel chamber, silicon mouthpiece, USB charger and cleaning tool. Unlike the mCig 2.0, the 2.5 includes a default glass/ceramic chamber for dry herb. The 2.5 features a newly redesigned and more robust power button for discreet use in low-light environments. The silicon ring on the 2.0 has been replaced with a stainless steel ring giving the 2.5 a sleeker appearance.

    The Company reported 30,000+ customer relationships worldwide between its three brands: mCig, VitaCig, and Vapolution. VitaCig repeat order ratios continue to inch higher and currently stand at nearly 20% roughly 90 days after the launch.

    VitaCig, Inc. spin-off, pro-rata dividend, and IPO remains on-track, and the Company remains committed to seeing this process through allowing VitaCig to focus on continued growth and dominance in the nicotine-free electronic cigarette space while transforming mCig, Inc. into a leading cannabis-focused business that will enter into more traditional cannabis related industries while staying true to the core principles that have guided the Company. The company submitted what should be their last S-1 filing on October 16th, with only two comments that needed to be addressed. The sec may respond to that S-1 as early as the end of next week. So if anyone wants a 1:1 Vitacig Dividend, I suggest you take a position ASAP. Remember it takes three days for a trade to settle so you are on record as a shareholder.

    As previously mentioned, mCig, Inc. will continue to hold nearly 50% of VitaCig, Inc. providing: potential upside from future growth in the value of VitaCig, a mechanism for dilution-free financing for mCig, Inc. parent that can be deployed in the rapidly growing Cannabis industry, a strengthened balance sheet for the purpose of obtaining a potential up-listing to a national exchange such as NASDAQ or NYSE MKT.

    MCIG officially Unveils Next Generation Vapolution 3.0 Vaporizer.

    VitaCig launched two new flavors, Tonic and Flora targeting. Both flavors will go on sale for $5 each and will increase the VitaCig portfolio of flavors to seven: Energize, Refresh, Relax, Calm, Grace, Tonic and Flora. As well as recently entering the Open Vaporizer Market Launching E-Liquids and offering a new advanced device for vaporizing. VitaCig has updated it's website to integrate all of it's product lines.

    The VitaCig Truck saw overwhelming acceptance within the community. Beyond driving sales, the truck helped educate consumers on the benefits of VitaCig over traditional nicotine electronic cigarettes as well as the obvious benefits of vaporization over traditional combustion smoking. The VitaCig truck was seen in New York City, in places such as Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, and Union Square. The VitaCig reportedly took in $1k -$2k a day during it's month long treck.

    The Company is preparing to automate and outsource its fulfillment operations. This decision was made after careful consideration and due to the strength of sales and growth in both our direct to consumer business as well as our WDR business. The outsourced fulfillment center has already begun fulfilling a small percentage of current orders. Following a comprehensive review of this test-run all new inventory will be shipped directly to the third-party fulfillment center.

    The Company continues to see strong viral adoption on social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter driven in part by world famous brand ambassadors, Rick Ross, Bam Margera, and Jonathan Cheban.

    And Jordan Young, AKA, D.J. Swivel, has taken on the role of Director of Marketing and Sales.

    The Company has executed an agreement with one of the most famous hospitality groups in New York City. Due to a confidentiality clause in the agreement, the Company cannot yet disclose the name of the group. The transaction calls for VitaCig's to be distributed in each of the venues operated by the group for a period of one year.

    The company hired Dominic Murphy, as an Executive Consultant, maker of DOM Juice, which makes a flavored THC formula.

    mCig(R), Inc. Forms Colorado Subsidiary mCig CBD Technologies, LLC. for the purpose of designing and manufacturing a new line of products that will leverage the VitaCig technology for delivery of Cannabis plant derivatives.

    mCig(R), Inc. and Omnicam Execute Landmark Distribution Agreement for VitaCig(R) Covering South Korea - Company Raises Full-Year Guidance. The VitaCig product will be available to start in over 160 Stores, and received it's first purchase order totaling $350,000.

    2015 will continue to demonstrate MCIG's innovative and aggressive pathway in becoming one of the top E-cig/Vape companies in the space, through the highly anticipated LiqCiq product unveil, disposable and recyclable, pre-packaged eCig's, with licensed alcoholic brands, as well as the Rick Ross Mastermind mCig.

    For those interested why the upcoming VitaCig spin off, CEO Paul Rosenberg offered these sentiments earlier this year,


    " I am confident that this move will result in mCig, Inc. being the first company in the "Marijuana Index" to qualify for an up listing to NASDAQ Capital Market or NYSE Euronext MKT, LLC exchanges. We have always stated that this was one of our objectives and we will strive to achieve this goal over the course of 2014 or 2015," said Paul Rosenberg, Chairman & CEO of mCig, Inc. "


    " as my decision to contribute dividend-rights to 244,931,627 shares of VitaCig will result in a significant increase in assets. Following the listing of VitaCig, we will be in a unique financial position amongst our peers with zero debt and potentially millions if not tens of millions of dollars in shareholders' equity. These shares will also provide mCig, Inc. with the ability to raise capital while incurring no dilution by liquidating shares of VitaCig if we so desire. "

    Following the VitaCig spinoff, and with their core product lines complete, they will have the capability to raise significant capital to further expand it's reach into the multi-billion dollar E-cig/Vape market, and have enough capital to really penetrate the online search arena, which is the only thing really left for them to do. Again, MCIG will retain 49% equity stake.

    Summary Conclusion

    Despite MCIG's high valuation, roughly $71M market cap, the company has minimal liabilities and an o/s count that has barely been touched all year. Both points, which is extremely rare on the otc. MCIG branding power is second to none among similar companies over the otc and has possibly the most shareholder friendly management team as well. Zero toxic debt and no dilution to boot. MCIG is currently trading way belowit's 52-week high of $.92 recorded last March. There is some speculation MCIG is in talks with a large retailer to carry their VitaCig product. Considering VitaCig has zero nicotine, just vitamins + vapor, VitaCig can practically be sold anywhere, such as a Walgreens, Right-Aid, Walmart, Kroger, 7-Eleven, Major Gas Station Chains, Smoke Shops, and Hospitality Companies, sky is the limit for this revolutionary and unique product. In MCIG's last P.R., discussing the South Korean deal, CEO, the company stated,


    " Over the past six weeks, mCig and VitaCig management have been on the road in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Asia, and Europe meeting with several potential partners. Management believes the Omnicam agreement is likely the first of many country-wide deals to be announced over the next few months. "

    Their sleek, new designed packaging is extremely attractive and consumer friendly.

    MCIG certainly stands out as a viable buy out candidate. Early this year, Altria acquired Green smoke for $110M. And Lorillard Inc. acquired Skycig, UK, for $50M and Blue E-cigs Inc, for $135M last year.

    And the E-cig market continues to see substantial growth. According to the 2014 Report on the U.S. E-cigarette Market - Forecast to 2018, published in May, their analysts forecasted the E-cig market in the U.S. will grow at a CAGR, or compound annual growth rate of an astounding 24.22 percent over the period 2013 -2018. Bonnie Herzog, a Wells Fargo Securities analyst, estimated earlier this year, that overall E-cig industry revenue reached $2 Billion in 2013. She projects it will increase to $10 Billion by 2017. So here we have a company that is in the right industry, at the right time.

    If one is going to play this sector, where they are all overvalued, I would rather invest/trade MCIG. It is one of the few companies in penny land that I would feel comfortable holding overnight. I like the upside at these levels going into what many expect to be an exciting time for the cannabis sector, as November Elections draws near.

    Happy Trading

    Editor's Note: This article covers one or more stocks trading at less than $1 per share and/or with less than a $100 million market cap. Please be aware of the risks associated with these stocks.

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    According to the 2014 Report on the U.S. E-cigarette Market - Forecast to 2018, published in May, their analysts forecasted the E-cig market in the U.S. will grow at a CAGR, or compound annual growth rate of an astounding 24.22 percent over the period 2013 -2018. Bonnie Herzog, a Wells Fargo Securities analyst, estimated earlier this year, that overall E-cig industry revenue reached $2 Billion in 2013. She projects it will increase to $10 Billion by 2017.

    The adoption of vaporizing cigarettes, (commonly known as E-cigs) by the world's 1.2 Billion smokers, continues to gain steam as consumers seek healthier, more cost efficient, alternatives to tobacco smoking. Recent studies led by the renowned Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, published in May/June, demonstrated that e-Cigs are much healthier than traditional smoking, which causes delays in myocardial relaxation and severe decline in lung function.

    The World's Most Affordable E-Cig Vaporizer

    mCig, Inc. (OTCQB:MCIG) is a technology company focused on two long-term secular trends sweeping the globe: (1) the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes (2) the adoption of electronic vaporizing cigarettes (commonly known as E-cigs). mCIG manufactures and retails the mCig, the world's most affordable vaporizer at only $10. Designed in the USA,- mCig provides a superior growing experience by heating plant material (including cannabis where legal), waxes, and oils, delivering a smoother inhalation experience. MCIG has sold the mCIG product line to customers in over twenty-five different countries.

    Earlier this year, the company acquired Vapolution, Inc, which manufactures and retails home-use vaporizers, specifically the Vapolution 2.0. The Vapolution 2.0, is the only vaporizer that uses an all glass path. This was a game changer for the industry, because glass is completely non-reactive. By separating the air from the heating element, the taste of vapor is left unaltered. Connoisseurs agree, that the purity and density of vapor through a wholly glass path makes the Vapolution 2.0, one of the best vaporizer's on the market. Vapolution has generated over $2M since their inception in 2010, and can be found in over fourteen countries, and twenty distribution points.

    Through it's wholly owned subsidiary, VitaCig, Inc, the company manufactures and retails the VitaCig, a $3 nicotine-free eCig that delivers a water vapor mixed with vitamins natural flavors. VitaCig will be spun off as a separate company and IPO, sometime in 2014. But not without rewarding shareholders on record date of an S-1 approval. The spin off will be effectuated on a 1:1 basis resulting in 1 VitaCig share paid as a dividend to every owner of 1 mCIG share. VItaCig, Inc, filed an S-1 with the sec on 04/20/2014. A revised S-1 was filed on 06/19/2014. Second round of comments were received on 07/02/14. The number of comments received by the sec were down significantly. And a revised S-1 will be filed by 07/20/2014. Following the filing by 07/20, if the last round of comments is any indication, we could receive word from the sec by the end of July, first week in August.

    mCIG's latest 10-Q for the period ended January 31, 2014 showed the following:

    • Cash - $37 thousand
    • Total Current assets - $91 thousand
    • Total current liabilities - $22 thousand
    • Quarterly revenues - $85 thousand
    • Quarterly net income - $10 thousand

    Before you write the company off, let me explain the results, or rather, I will let mCIG, CEO, Paul Rosenberg explain,


    " We are extremely happy to be reporting our first profitable quarter since inception. This historic profit was achieved only 10 days following the launch of the mCig 2.0. While the numbers reported today are modest in comparison to our current valuation, we wish to remind investors that all figures reported today for the 90 day period ending January 31, 2014 reflect only 24 inventory days with only 14 inventory days for the mCig 2.0 due to the combination of factors described above "

    Let me make this important point. mCIG is the only company in the "cannabis index" to have zero debt, U.S. GAAP profits, and Fully Reporting. Although we were not given any figures in the recent July investor Presentation. The June Presentation stated mCIG had zero debt, $350k cash on hand, and $600k in total capital, between all three product lines. So when comparing their last filings, with the numbers offered in their June Presentation, one can see the tremendous potential for revenue growth here. mCIG has an o/s count of about 270M. And an a/s count of 560M. With a current market cap of about $130M. The company anticipates filing it's fiscal year-end annual report and 10-k with the SEC by the end of July.

    Taking into account the rise of the booming Marijuana Industry, and the stock bubble these " cannabis stocks " finds themselves in, valuations typically find themselves on the high side. It's current pps of $.48 is still $.44 shy of it's 52-week high of $.92 this past March, on 14M in volume, following what was a massive run for all pot stocks on the heels of Colorado retail pot stores opening for business. Some speculate, following Washington retail pot stores opening up July 8th, the cannabis sector may get it's "second wave". And that would certainly be welcome, by shareholders, and all those who trade the sector, and miss the glory days of early 2014. Since mCIg is one of the favorite stocks in the sector, and strongest fundamentally in the micro-cap space. If the sector does run hard again, as is expected, mCig will get a lot of attention from traders and investors alike.

    That being said, there is no question the high prices on these " cannabis stocks " increases the risks involved. But the potential reward is obviously too tempting for some to pass on. Myself included. Apart from what happens over the next month with Washington legalizing retail sales. This November will once again bring spotlight to the marijuana industry and cannabis trading sector, with both Alaska and Oregon up for recreational marijuana legalization vote. Florida is also up for legalization vote, except for medical use only. So it seems the bubble may stick around for a little while longer. And mCig has plenty of catalysts to keep investors interested in the mean time.

    What Makes MCIG Any Different From The Rest

    Whenever there is lots of money to be made, there will be competition. Those who see an opportunity, and want in on the action. And that has been no different with the rise of the multi-billion dollar e-Cig/Vape industry. Anyone can go into a smoke shop and see the wide selection of smoking implements that one can choose from. So what separates mCIG from the rest. The answer is, nearly everything.

    Starting with their ground breaking product line. Unlike traditional e-cigs, the mCig was purpose built for the consumption of a variety of plant materials, as oppose to being pre-packaged with plant material or vapor. This allows one to consume the plant material of their choice, as not everyone favors nicotine. This is unique among the traditional e-Cig products. mCIG just announced in their recent July Investor Presentation they will be releasing their newest mCig version, code named: mCIG 2.5, next month. And will be releasing mCIG 3.0 in their Quarter Three. The mCIG 3.0 will be harnessing patentable technology. Which is very exciting to hear.

    VitaCig is taking the eCig market by storm and continues to receive rave reviews. VitaCig harnesses mobile vaporization technology for medical delivery technology. Unlike a traditional eCig, the VitaCig delivers a water-vapor of flavors, vitamins, and phyto-nutrients. VitaCig currently offers three flavors, Relax, Refresh, and Energize. Also mentioned in their July Presentation, VitaCig will be rolling out new flavor categories next month, Calm and Youth, for stress, and skincare. In less than three months, VitCig has captured a 15% re-ordering rate, which is unheard of for only being on the market for such a short time. Statistics show it typically takes a few years to capture that kind of success.

    We have already discussed their Vapolution 2.0., which is the first home-use vaporizer to use an all glass path. In March of this year, the company re-branded the website with an optimized online sales engine and newly designed logo. Based on the revenue estimates taken off their initial P.R. in January, and the recent July investor Presentation, it seems Vapolution alone, has brought in over $700k to the company in the first six months of 2014. Vapolution 3.0 will be released some time their Fourth Quarter.

    The Golden Goose

    The Golden Goose for mCIG may be their out of the box, sheer genius, highly anticipated, LiqCiq product. LiqCiq is a wholly owned subsidiary of mCIG. Calorie-free alcoholic consumption, via an eCig. What??? Yes. Disposable and recyclable, pre-packaged eCig's, with licensed alcoholic brands. Initial testing, which began last month, will begin with three spirit categories: Vodka, Rum, and Tequila. mCIG did plenty of consulting and engaged a team of third party scientists to test both efficacy and technical process that would result in the delivery of alcoholic vapor. After being convinced of the technical merits and scientific efficacy, they advanced the project. Management believes this business strategy will result in higher margin profitability over the long term and has great potential to disrupt the Trillion dollar alcoholic beverage industry. I can just imagine LiqCiq's by the register in every liquor store around the world. For all my fans out there, I have to give a hearty Kaboooooooooooooooom, to mCIG and CEO Paul Rosenberg. LiqCiq, if successfully rolled out, will bring masssive revenue potential to the company, hence their own Golden Goose.

    Swiv, Bam, and Ross!

    So mCIG has some cool products. But the difference maker between other eCig otc companies like Vapor Group(OTCQB: VPOR) or Wee-Cig(OTC: WCIG), and mCIG, is mCIG and CEO Paul Rosenberg are successfully building a brand, not just selling eCig/vape products. mCIG is receiving global recognition thanks to brand Ambassadors like Grammy Award winning producer, mixer, D.J., audio engineer, D.J. Swivel, world famous skateboarder, stuntman, director, actor, television, radio and t.v. personality Bam Margera, and Hip Hop powerhouse Rick Ross. Together, along their social media platforms, they have over 10M followers. Reviewing some of the comments off some of their posts, MCIG seems to have made the right call. You will find comments from followers like, " just made my order, hope these thangs are dope!!! ", and " I just ordered a Vitacig because of this post ". mCIG understands the value and power of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram in promoting brand recognition. But mCIG did not stop there. mCIG contracted with Prince Media, Co. to display over a dozen billboard ads throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and San Francisco. Another tip of the hat to mCIG. What is even more impressive is management is putting these deals forward using non-dilutive transactions. And that makes shareholders very happy. This aggressive online and offline campaign has brought in over 20,000 individual customers, from over 25 countries, and even a mystery Forbes 100 celebrity, as indicated, again, in their July Investor Presentation.

    MCIG has also recently began to roll out it's products throughout retail store fronts around the country.

    Next on mCIG's marketing agenda, will be to initiate an aggressive online campaign that will consist of new-age media, such as display advertising, pay-per click advertising, social media advertising, and re-targeting of customers who visited their website, but elected not to check out.


    mCIg continues to impress. From it's management team, and their continued efforts towards shareholder value and transparency. Their product innovation. Successful building out brand recognition and distribution channels. The company's commitment towards avoiding toxic dilutive practices and fiscal responsibility. Consistent revenue growth, (according to their investor presentations). MCIG has a real shot to competitively infiltrate the eCig/vape market, and take their own slice of the multi-billion dollar pie. According to Bonnie Herzog, a top eCig analyst for Wells Fargo, in an article for the Tobacco E-News written in March of this year, the industry is fragmented, and for the next 5-10 years of the eCig industry " you've got less power, in the hands of the few ". Unlike premium cigarettes, there are a lot of independent players in the electronic cigarette segment. MCIG also stands out as a viable buy out candidate. Early this year, Altria acquired Green smoke for $110M. And Lorillard Inc. acquired Skycig, UK, for $50M and Blue E-cigs Inc, for $135M last year.

    Is MCIG a buy at .48? Well it certainly was four months ago when it was trading at these same levels, and climbed as high as $.92 only a few weeks later. Will the sector ride " high " again with Washington legalizing or possibly Alaska, Oregon, and Florida in November? Or can mCig achieve new highs alone when their highly anticipated LiqCiq product is unveiled? Who knows. But I can tell you the " cannabis stock bubble " is not bursting any time soon. And if there is one stock you want in your MJ portfolio it should be MCIG. The whole zero debt, profitable, minimal dilution, seems very appealing to me as a potential investment opportunity. And, if mCig is giving away free VitaCig shares for shareholders on the S-1 effective date soon to come, count me in!

    Happy Trading!

    Disclosure: The author is long MCIG.

    Additional disclosure: I am long MCIG. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving any compensation for it. I have no relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

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