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  • DeepValueLover
    Prem Watsa $FRFHF has made $466.7 million on his $BBRY investment. He is better than Buffett.
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    • realornot: He must be one of my followers! lol
    • cheznazi: Uff! 466.7 million!!! You need guts to buy at $50 and see it dip to $6.43 & still hold! Guts or stupidity... in his case I guess CONFIDENCE!
    • idkmybffjill: Blackberry wouldn't even remotely move Buffett's needle...
    • NLTInvestor: Update: he's getting owned
      Feb 8, 11:38 PM
    • DeepValueLover: Watsa's average cost of purchase for BBRY shares are very close to the current price so he is going to do fine over the long term.
      Feb 9, 9:07 AM