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  • Clean Energy's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    You all have very good points, (except I'm not sure that any LNG plant costing $Billions would be meant soley for CE LNG Vehicle fueling stations). I was mistaken about some trucking deals being arranged with Trillium etc., but what I see is the same company that had been saying for years while they bleed cash with their stock price at $12-$13 "we're almost at the tipping point, just waiting for the NG engine from Westport/Cummins".

    Now, as the NG engine gets put in production the stock gets cut down by 40%. I don't see what has changed in the last two months other than a couple negative articles spelling out what everyone should have known already. Maybe it was management's refusal to give guidance on whether they expect a profit this year.

    I will reserve further discussion until CLNE actually demonstrates what needs to happen: More Volume.
    Feb 28 03:34 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Clean Energy's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    $5m for a very large standalone CNG station from the ground up. The type that can fuel 20 vehicles at once. One which would need more than 1 or 2 CNG in a box.

    Littlefair stated and it sounds reasonable they could get CNG at an already built LNG station for $600K, which presumably includes the cost of a CNG in a box or other type of compressor.You don't just need a compressor, you need high pressure storage tanks than run in the $ hundreds of thousands, fuel dryers, etc.
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  • Is Tesla Motors Worth $65 Or $320? Are Ford, GM Or BMW Better Bets? [View article]
    Other car companies are not a better bet until they can demonstrate something decent that can compete with TSLA. IE something that doesn't run on gasoline or diesel.

    And don't try to tell me the Leaf counts.
    Feb 28 01:18 PM | 20 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Clean Energy's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    LNG stations require less capital - Compressors and their associated equipment and installation costs are expensive. CNG storage equipment is expensive, both at the station and on the vehicle.

    LNG boil off is hardly an issue with Long Haul Trucking where the truck is driven nearly everyday all day.

    The only significant potential benefit to a building a CNG station is like you say, the infrastructure is often already there in the form of a utility gas line. LNG infrastructure would be a concern of mine if CLNE wasn't already engaged in building out an LNG liquifaction infrastructure.

    The bottom line with NG - you have to compress it or liquify it to store it or use it in a moving vehicle. A few LNG liquifaction plants along with a network of LNG stations is more cost effective than dozens to hundreds of CNG stations each with their own compression equipment.

    I fail to understand the stock price getting hammered as the company is in such an impressive position (the trucks are getting into mass production - many medium sized trucking companies are just waiting to see if UPS and other big players have catastrophic issues with their LNG big rigs in the next few months, which they won't). Are we seeing trucking companies signing major deals with CLNE competitors? No, we are not.

    For Wall Street, sometimes it's hardest to see what's directly in front of you as it gets closer.
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  • Clean Energy's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    @ claritee - Maybe this is why they bought so many of them and in bulk.

    This only happened about a month or less ago so I'd expect they may start using at least some of these units at existing LNG stations.

    Keep in mind that while the equipment itself may cost about $300K, the cost including labor to build a station around the "box" is far from trivial.
    Feb 28 12:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Toyota talks hydrogen at CES [View news story]
    Did they address the $8 per gallon issue?
    Jan 6 07:37 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tokyo Motor Show Preview: Toyota to unveil hydrogen concept car [View news story]
    EV vehicles are not a waste of time. Maybe you're not paying attention to current events, or maybe you think Tesla Motors is a fluke that will fade. The "fuel" costs less than $1 per gallon equivalent.

    Compare to what I just said above, $8 for hydrogen, barring an unlikely scientific breakthrough.
    Nov 11 11:06 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tokyo Motor Show Preview: Toyota to unveil hydrogen concept car [View news story]
    Hydrogen a complete bust unless you are anticipating some sort technological breakthrough in producing the fuel. You might as well (as another commenter said) put the electricity directly into the car, or put the natural gas directly into the car.

    Hydrogen currently costs around $8 a gallon. Not exactly attractive. I'll stick to my CNG car thanks. And in the future I will consider a Gen III Tesla if they are in my price range. If I was a Toyota shareholder I would not be happy with this waste of time.
    Nov 8 02:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Another electric vehicle bombshell: A new report from McKinsey indicates a third of all electric vehicle owners in Japan say they won't buy another with the nation's infrastructure not yet ready to support a network of charging stations. Sluggish sales and the looming threat of federal subsidies getting pulled away seems to have more major automakers subtly shifting their focus toward hybrid production instead of pure EV. [View news story]
    A lot of people can't/ don't like doing arithmetic. But it doesn't matter. Our society is finally getting smarter. Unless something massive happens (like GM or Chevron nukes Freemont), we are entering a period of irreversible transition, for the better.
    Mar 22 05:37 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla's Not-So-New Manufacturing Model [View article]
    Mr. Funk, while I agree that $1,660 million is about one thousand times smaller than $1,778 billion, I advise you to check your logic of where your numbers come from.

    "Toyota (TM) had US sales of $1,778 Billion on 793,000 vehicles in 2011....So, Toyota revenue for the US is roughly one thousand times greater than Tesla." ($1,660 million)"

    $1.778 trillion??? You're telling me that Toyota's revenue equals 1/15th of US GDP? That is an amazing number. On 793,000 vehicles? My, those are mighty expensive vehicles they are selling, at an average of $2,242,118!

    I may be nitpicking here, but it would probably be more accurate to say Toyota would be about 100x bigger than Tesla if they get up to $1.6B in rev.

    That being said the $1.6B is just a hypthetical for now.
    Mar 2 08:23 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Natural Gas Problems No Longer Limited To Chesapeake [View article]
    You're right, they only had to make arrangements for one station in Trinidad, CO, a private station, to accomodate them. The route was a bit of a zig zag though and hardly a direct path. There are only about 3 or 4 more stations that need to be be built/open to the public in the country to make it practical to go anywhere, but there are no plans for these and it seems like noone in charge is really half as interested in the "CNG highway" as opposed to the LNG highway
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  • Natural Gas Problems No Longer Limited To Chesapeake [View article]
    Max Range on the Honda is 280-300 miles. Unless you have an after-market second tank installed on the Honda CNG, indeed you can not go cross country right now. Unless you go through the trouble of trying to contact and sweet talk owners of CNG stations not open to the public, you can only go so far. For example, from Southern California, if I rely on only CNG stations open to the public, the furthest straight east I could go is Phoenix/Tucson. (no bridge to Albuquerque). The furthest north I can go is Medford, OR (no bridge to Seattle). I could conceivably drive up through Vegas, to SLC and even on to Denver, but from there again there is a dead zone preventing me from getting to another public station to the east or south.
    Mar 1 06:47 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla Motors (TSLA) shares -9.5% trip short sale circuit breaker. (MW[View news story]
    Sell Sell Sell!!! Let me buy lower!!! I wanted to buy yesterday but I'm lucky my IRA didn't let me use cash just transferred the day before. I'm going to make a fortune on this stock when it goes up 500%. Not a question of if, but when. When the price goes down on the next model, who isn't going to want a car that is faster, more responsive, and much more efficient than an ICE?
    Feb 21 02:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Tesla Beat The Times? [View article]
    Say you charge/fill up for 300 miles four times a month. For an 85 KWH battery, electric bill, @ 25 cents per Kwh might cost $85 more a month in electricity, but at $4 gas and 25mpg you would have spent $200. Most people have much cheaper electricity than 25 cents per KWH.
    Feb 14 08:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Tesla Beat The Times? [View article]
    I'm starting to wonder if the oil companies are getting concerned about the long-term outlook for their business models. In the near future with advancement in CNG, LNG, and electric vehicles, will the average consumer want to pump so much CO and CO2 into the atmosphere when they can pump less, and for less $$? Make no mistake, cheap oil is nearly gone. It costs a lot of money to recover "black gold" these days, and it may not get any cheaper to stay competitive with other sources of transportation energy as costs come down.

    Don't underestimate the amount of money at stake, or the number of powerful people who have their interests involved. These powerful people will still be able to make money without oil playing the role in the world that it does today, but can you blame them for being slightly apprehensive about such drastic change in the status quo?
    Feb 14 08:54 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment