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  • Rogers: Gold and oil headed far higher, EM far lower  [View news story]
    Eileenxli, Jim is speaking about Asian EMERGING MARKETS + Turkey.
    Is Singapore under this classification ?


    Singapore is a TOP grown up market, not living on smoke, OK ?

    Thank you for reading.

    I am currently living in Thailand. If this country wanted to take a big plunge, on purpose, they would not have behave otherwise. It's complete scrap. No need to be an "expert " to SEE the dams are to crack open...
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  • Bullion's bull run set to continue - analysts  [View news story]
    Physical gold is backed up 100%, that's it. Besides you can store it under your bed, so you know it's here...
    Eventually buy an AR 15, and a lot of anti-zombies ammos...
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  • Bullion's bull run set to continue - analysts  [View news story]
    Investor talkroom, d'you think Phiplip Marlowe to be of good faith ?
    I bet not. I bet he knows what you are saying.

    I bet he just carries a "message", nothing else.
    He dares say EXACTLY opposite of the truth on all topics he's touching. ALL of them.

    " Lie, lie, more and bigger. There always will be something left over".
    Arthur GOEBBELS, in charge of Ministry of Propaganda, 3rd German Reich
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  • More on gold (previous): The sell side is bailing fast. Deutsche Bank cuts metals forecasts across the board, including gold and silver (SLV), citing the slowdown in China and the turn in the U.S. interest rate cycle. Reading the same newspapers, Credit Suisse follows suit. Having already slashed gold, Goldman moves on to copper (JJC), lowering both its near-term and longer-term outlooks on China growth worries.  [View news story]
    The advices from the "institutionals" are to be taken seriously: they move prices.
    Just when they tell you it's time to sell, you got to TRANSLATE that it's time to BUY.
    Who are those "experts", working for ? For you OR their Big Boys ?
    The Big Boys would possibly kill you to snatch your money. They'd kill their traders as well if those were to prove unefficient...
    Simple: there are 2 camps. In the blue corner the Big Boys. In the red corner, the "Muppets" ( you & me). And now...go for rumble !...
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  • The end of QE could make gold "obsolete," says UBS, lowering its 12-month price target to $1.050 from $1,750 previously. In an environment of low inflation and the dollar on the "strong side," gold status as insurance against a very expansionary monetary policy just won't make a lot of sense to investors. Gold's (GLD) 0.7% higher this morning as the PBOC signals it's getting a little less tight.  [View news story]
    "Lie. Lie more. Don't fear your lies would be too big. Lie again and again. Be sure that finally a good part of your lies will be screwed in people's heads, and taken for granted."

    Adapted from Arthur Goebels, in charge at the Ministry of Propaganda under the Nazi Regime.
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  • Gold (GLD) could fall to $1,200 soon, says BAML metals strategist Michael Widmer, acknowledging strong physical demand but saying it's investor demand required to move prices higher. His team, however, is far more bullish for later this year, and sees the price retaking $1,700 by year's end. "There are a few scenarios we are looking at (for H2)."  [View news story]
    Methink, there is ONE factor within the equation which is completely forgotten.
    The forecasts are standing upon the current conditions, whatever financial, economical, political.
    Indeed just think about that one: physical Gold has been confiscated , ALREADY, and not only in the US, throughout history...
    It can be confiscated strictly speaking, as no individual cannot hold any piece of it.
    It can be semi-confiscated, which would not make the business of individuals, easier.
    This is the situation in MANY countries, already.
    In China, you can buy as much you want , but cannot take it out of the country. Hence ordinary people are no more linked to the Internation trade, but to the quote of the Shanghai stock exchange or the Hong Kong stock exchange, at best. It can then be COMPLETELY different than the International quote.
    In India, the politicians are every day increasing the taxes to buy gold. Hence then, the price you got to pay for it there, bears a hefty premium. You may take it out. But then, would you sell, it has to be 30% more for you break even your buying price.
    In many European Banks, do you have physical gold ? You thought it was physical. You check at the counter to get your ingot out ? They pay you, in FIAT CURRENCY, the appraised value of your gold. IF you really want to hold physical , you first got to take it out of the bank vaults ( which can be in a completely different location ), rent a safe box could be in the same bank, and physically store it. One key for you, one key for the bank. If the bank is just next block, not far away, great. But don't ask me for security, when you get your ingot on the street, OK ? If the bank in a "high" reputation country , with top security, then it is 10 hours plane away...
    To store it under your bed ? Why not if your residence is called "Fort Knox"... Have a nice day ;-)
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  • The kind of thing that never occurs at tops: Not pleased the poor performance of his gold fund (-47% YTD) is detracting from the good work at his other products, John Paulson will be mailing the gold fund's monthly figures separately and holding separate monthly conference calls. His firm will also stop broadly reporting the performance of the gold share class in its various funds (investors are allowed to own their stakes with gold instead of dollars). GLD -2.1%, SLV -3.8%[View news story]
    Hummerh25, gold plunged from 850 to 250 $ in 1980 ?
    WHY ?
    Alan Greespan, pushed the INTEREST RATE high in the sky, at a 2 figures level. Inflation roared to almost 20%.
    So it became silly to park into precious metals. You bought a house this year, and next year appraised value was 20% more: P + 20%. And the next year (P+20%) + 20%...And so on...Anything similar ? OF COURSE the price of GOLD is deeply correlated to the REAL INTEREST RATE, as well as rarity. There was NO rarity either by the time you are speaking about.
    TODAY, is exactly the opposite. You mean the ENTIRE WORLD would be crazy to buy gold now ? Do you know what does the USA compare to the total trade in gold the world over, now ? In the range of 12%. And this includes PAPER which is NOT gold but smoke and mirrors...
    Jun 7, 2013. 11:07 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • An interesting note on gold (GLD) from JPMorgan notes the curious disconnect between the futures and physical markets - where the price is at a record premia to spot in China and India, and the U.S. mint can't keep up with demand. In good news for miners (GDX) trying to control costs, reports from Australia speak of mining equipment makers offering discounts and lead times for trucks falling from 2 years to 2 weeks.  [View news story]
    I would be surprised that JP Morgan could be surprised. It becomes everyday more obvious, that PAPER is paper, and Metal is physical. One is smoke and mirrors, the other is harsh reality.
    Sand castles never lasted for centuries.
    Would you buy a BILL good for 10 gallons water, WHATEVER PRICE, when there is no more than 1 gallon in the tank ? Eventually you'd pay a PREMIUM for the water ready at hand, just like the Chinese or Indians would. At 15% premium already, they are kept on waiting list, and served NO MORE than 10% of their orders...
    On 2 things one, paper is going to ADJUST TO REALITY, or there will be before long ANOTHER MARKET for physical gold. Could be Shanghai. Not very clever from the Western hemisphere, glued in their greed...
    Worse: it is a market without USD $.
    The USD$ would have been the currency of the World for less than 70 years. A sad story indeed...
    "Zero hour" has arrived. Get ready. Brace yourself...
    Jun 6, 2013. 10:29 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold's (GLD -1.1%) back under $1,400 as the Reserve Bank of India clamps down further on speculative purchases by restricting import of the metal under a deferred payment plan. The restriction had previously only been applied to banks. The country likes gold, but produces very little, making it an important importer.  [View news story]
    Did PROHIBITION stopped alcool consumption ? It criminalized it, pushed to the rise of thousands of gangsters living hi life on this product, and quality dropped close to zero... Does the WAR on Drugs against South America at the costs of TRILLIONS of $, produce any positive result ?
    I bet, what the Indian Govt decided recently should PUSH UP the imports, legal or not, as it will be more perceived Gold is getting more and more scarce...And certainly people are already ready to pay a hefty PREMIUM to put their hands on it...
    Chinese buyers ready to pay 10 to 15% premium , NOW. Bank of China ordered for 1000 tons. On waiting list, has been delivered 100 tons only...
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  • Gold will continue to trend toward $1,000 by 2015, Nouriel Roubini predicts. Key reasons: Credit crisis risks have subsided; inflation is under control despite QE; investors crave income-generating assets; the "return to the gold standard" argument is dead. (ETFs: GLD, IAU, DGP, SGOL, UGL, PHYS, AGOL, DGL, UBG, DZZ, GLL, DGZ, UGLD, DGLD, DBP, GLDI[View news story]
    Congratulation KenFro, you keep a proper lookout.
    Add to this, that wht's currently happening, is eventually originating from the US, to sprout out in many other advanced places the World over. Like in Europe for instance, except for a very few exceptions like Denmark, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg.
    Indeed those countries are real tiny ones among small European countries indeed.
    So if you look over at the Globe, it's not long before you see that more or less it's parted into 3 big shares only: the Chinese, the Muslims, the communists.
    The ethnic group "Caucasian" is an embarrassing one. The Caucasians dispute, claim, disobey, argue, write, speak up loud and clear, long for IMPROVEMENT in any field ( even sometimes the results may prove catastrophic ).
    Til recently they could be controlled by religion. No more...Or at least, very soon no more.

    So if the Caucasians cannot be controlled, beter get rid of them.
    ( don't misunderstand me : I AM a Caucasian).

    For ampliation you may google the box for : Bilderberg, Illuminati, Islam even...All crave for WORLD DOMINATION...

    As the MASSONS ( an other interesting structure ) used to say: "it's everything under your eyes, nothing hidden..."

    Thank you for reading.

    It is noticeable, that a large Caucasian country is protecting their nationals and culture: I mean RUSSIA, where the religion is one only, and is the extended arm of the political power, like it was in Europe even just 250 years ago...

    It is noticeable, the USA that were thought about like the country of LIBERTY, have CHANGED A LOT, since President Obama, the first colored President of the USA, and the first Muslim President came to power.
    And certainly it is NOT only from economic reasons...
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  • Gold (GLD) futures jumped nearly $40/oz. to log their biggest one-day gain of the year, supported by physical demand, prospects for easier global monetary policies and a weaker U.S. dollar. Today's rally brings gold's recovery to ~50% of losses from the selloff that began ~$1,560. Silver (SLV) enjoyed an even bigger bounce, rising 5.7%, but it needs a lot of catching up to approach historical gold/silver ratios.  [View news story]
    Where are you looking David ? In the stars, or tea leaves ?
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  • The bounce in precious metals continues, gold (GLD) +1.6% and silver (SLV) +2.1% as buyers of the physical apparently used the rout to load up and - if anything - global central banks are leaning towards even easier monetary policy. A survey shows low bond yields are no longer doing it for central bankers and they're now looking at loading their balance sheets with equities.  [View news story]
    And...WHO would be buying the "stuff" you are speaking ? What's the heck to produce when consumers are broke ?

    Henry FORD was saying: " I pay my workers a nice paycheck as they are the ONES to buy my cars "...
    This is the basic of Capitalism, and consumerism...

    Ca be A FEW of the "1%" are spending IN THE US, 300,000 $ / month. For the 99% left over, it's for certain they'll spend 3000 $ a month IF THEY HAD IT.

    Numbers beat power in economics.
    Apr 25, 2013. 10:57 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Goldman closes its gold short, the metal's move back above $1,400 triggering a stop. Still bearish though: "Our bias is to expect further declines in gold prices on the combination of continued ETF outflows ... as well as our economists' forecasts for a re-acceleration in U.S. growth later this year." GLD -0.3% premarket.  [View news story]
    I bet they'd sell their mother to Asians for a bag of Greens...
    Apr 23, 2013. 08:34 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A massive wave of Asian buying of precious metals is emptying dealer shelves across the region. "I haven't seen this (kind of) gold rush for over 20 years," says the head of the HK Gold & Silver Exchange, adding that old-timers haven't seen anything like this for 50 years. GLD +2%, SLV +1.4%[View news story]
    Listen to JPM and they will make you drown. You have been warned. Bear in mind what were their last previsions. Already they think of their own clients as "muppets". Imagine what they think of YOU !!!
    Apr 22, 2013. 09:38 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • JPMorgan suggests big changes in CFTC futures positions were behind the sell-off in gold. There are three [available] high frequency flow indicators (CFTC futures positions, gold ETFs, and gold coin sales in the U.S) the bank says. "There has not [historically] been a strong correlation between ETF flows and gold prices," while "sales of American Eagle gold coins … have actually risen sharply over the past two weeks." That leaves CFTC managed money futures positions, data for which was only available through April 9 at the time JPM opined on the issue.  [View news story]
    The job of JPM and other big money managers is to make money. Money for THEMSELVES. Hence it would be foolish to follow any of their advices, except to find out what they are cooking up at the expenses of Joe Average.
    You cannot really follow their move, and they don't decide PRECISELY when they make the first move. All is under the control of the super computers, that are testing, and then full throttle when it is the RIGHT time.
    It's no chance to enter a race against big engines blowing thousands of HP, with your nice bike even it's perfectly tuned up.
    This is quite recent. I could not say when this situation occured exactly, but so it is...
    Indeed those machines can play with air only, paper, futures, promises, swaps, ETF stocks.
    Seems the public got it, as they were running on bullions, American Eagle a big winner.
    Watch LARGE. Watch the world over. The price of Gold is NOT made in the US, where the trade, would you believe, is a small fraction of the global one, when it comes to PHYSICAL at least.
    When American Eagles are in demand in the US, in India, in China, in Russia, in Japan even, not only the Central Banks are buying like crazy, but people too queuing up to buy PHYSICAL.
    In Europe they don't: they are BROKE.
    For Islam world, they never stopped to use Gold as a currency, yes, my Dear...
    This is the world trend, on the ground of thousands of years of use + a growing sense of unsecurity...
    JPM may speak and / or do what they want, so far your future is not at 1 week or even one month...Keep course steady...
    Apr 22, 2013. 09:31 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment