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Daniel Santini
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My name is Daniel Santini. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I grew up in Campinas City and attended the Catolic University of Law,graduating in 1993. I finish my master in constitucional Law in 2001. I grew interested in trading in 2002. In hindsight, this represented a critical turning point in my life. The challenge of climbing the corporate ladder had lost its attraction, and so I knew I wanted something else. Trading seemed an ideal pursuit, based on my finance background, knack for analysis, wanting to control my career & financial future, as well as my inspiration to find an alternative to corporate life. I drew up my first trading plan that same year, and set out to learn the industry through a series of carefully ...More
  • Description: Trader. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: ETFs, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
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Simple Trade Every week i post Lessons that i learned last week trade and, what i will do next week, charts that motived my decisions and a briefing explanation how and why i will trade.My trades are week trades i always close on friday. You can check my performance. I use the week chart to decide if the pick will be in ...More
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AEM Having bet against housing via Goldman's Abacus, Paulson & Co. turns bullish http://bit.ly/9JiFLt Apr 21, 2010
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