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  • Can Microsoft Compete With Apple In Devices?  [View article]
    I love how when AAPL decides not to support a tech it is because they are smarter than the rest of the world. Arrogant position imo.
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  • Can Microsoft Compete With Apple In Devices?  [View article]
    re 1: touch screens is what I was referring to.
    re 2: agreed, but I was implying that Android has market share. Developers now develop for Android at the same time or ahead of Apple. That will catch up eventually to AAPL as well as the fact that when these young people grow up there will be nothing AAPL has that will cause them to convert. Go survey (or find one) 16-22 year olds how motivated they are to switch. I don't think AAPL will like the results. This is a guess on my part so quite happy to be proven wrong.
    Re 3: 8 years is great, but I'm sure IBM had a stretch of decades at one point. We can talk timelines and maybe my predication is too short, but it WILL happen.
    Re 4: extending batter life, better screens, etc. are now just expected and are incremental imo...I didn't say they didn't get better, but that is hardly the same thing as ground breaking innovation. Anyway innovation is a perception thing. You think it is awesome and I think yawn. I used to think AAPL was innovative. As long as more and more people start to yawn then it will catch up to them. I certainly give more credit to MS in the last year. So I stand by the fact that AAPL better have something to inspire again.
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  • Can Microsoft Compete With Apple In Devices?  [View article]
    Don't disagree, but my partner is getting a surface book to replace everything but his iPhone. He is ditching his iPad he uses now when away from the office. So I'd say he considers it a mobile device. If continuum works and windows phone had a few more apps then I think he would be happy with that move as well. He isn't pro/con Apple or Microsoft...he just wants 1 device that does everything; that includes home usage. In this war, MS is getting closer to delivering what he wants. Apple has made little to no headway in his opinion.
    Oct 27, 2015. 06:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Microsoft Compete With Apple In Devices?  [View article]
    Wow....I so disagree. AAPL says MS is ahead in design (which I could find that link). My daughter, who studies UX in university, is shown how Windows phone do many things better than AAPL. OS X doesn't support touch. Not sure what you mean by device capability as that just doesn't make any sense to me...can you elaborate please?

    If you want to talk about you consumers voting with their wallet then I think you meant to say Android will rule. I wouldn't be so quick to judge MS supporters as old. Even if I give you that one it wouldn't matter. As AAPL did to MS, MS or someone else will do AAPL eventually. To believe otherwise, is naïve. The new young people don't have any loyalty to anyone; they will buy the next trend. At the moment I'd say there is no trend. AAPL fan boys want the last trend to last forever and MS and others want it to just end now and start the next one. It appears that MS have had their Pearl Harbour and are quickly ramping up to win the fight for the next generation while AAPL is sitting on its current tech with minimal innovation. The battle will rage for a couple of more years, but unless AAPL has a new weapon up its sleeve, they are going to lose.

    btw I'm not old :-)
    Oct 25, 2015. 01:42 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Microsoft Compete With Apple In Devices?  [View article]
    Re "dominant for factor is the desktop". At the moment yes, but their motivation is to adopt the cheapest form(s) that meet total requirements. One desktop/laptop + one phone for their mobile workforce and one desktop/laptop for others. I'm making the assumption that the mobile force are sales, marketing and other non-power users where presentations, excel and word rule. IF continuum works as advertised then one phablet + dock for their mobile force will likely be a cheaper solution for many. Game over for desktops except for higher end needs.
    Oct 25, 2015. 01:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Microsoft Compete With Apple In Devices?  [View article]
    My daughter loves her Windows phone (1020) but ONE app only makes her not recommend it: Snap Chat. What gives? There were third party apps at one point but Snap Chat closed them down. I get that, but why not put out a client. The answer doesn't matter I guess - they just won't it appears.

    If MS wants to seriously make inroads with the younger people and mobile they need to finally solve this problem. They may just have to start buying some of these companies and forcing them to write the apps they need. At least until a critical mass is created.
    Oct 25, 2015. 01:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Microsoft Compete With Apple In Devices?  [View article]
    Most of my non-tech friends don't upgrade their desktop or their laptop because they are good enough. The check email, social media and browse. They just don't care about new stuff.

    Phones, tablets are quickly getting to the point they are good enough for most people. They load fast, enough apps (even on a windows phone) for most people. When I mention new features to most people the response is generally, "Why do I need that?". I predict sales with stabilize once we truly hit that point.

    But continuum seems a little different if not still a little early. If I can just place my phone down and switch to a real keyboard, mouse and monitor AND it is fast enough then why would I every buy a desktop or laptop again? And as long as I have a backup in the cloud so that when I lose/replace my device I'm essentially back to where I was then you have a winner - especially in the business world. Problem is that you have to have a negative experience to see the benefit and most consumers don't buy devices anticipating it to be lost.

    So here's a question: if businesses adopt windows phones and then allow those phones to be used for personal use (email, social and browsing), why would a consumer spend money at all on a consumer device? Just buy a couple of KVM+Dock bundles (work and home).

    Or how about this as a phone feature: like windows kid zone, how about a "personal" zone that companies could set up for their employees. One device in a person's hands for everything! Everyone except MS and AAPL saves money.
    Oct 25, 2015. 01:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Microsoft Compete With Apple In Devices?  [View article]
    Past performance is no indication of the future :-)

    As I see it, AAPL's incremental improvements in their OSes over the last few years will soon run its course. MS's Win 10 is imo a better base platform. At some point (don't ask when) consumers are going to realize that and move towards the new world. At which point AAPL will have to do something it never has done before: create a new OS experience AND migrate a huge customer base that are not all fan boys. I really don't think they will do that well and will have a Vista moment. But if they don't, they face extinction problems like Palm, Motorola, and RIM did.

    Given AAPL's choice to not support touch screens (I think I recall that correctly) on OS X, I believe they have decided that incremental updates are all that are required for the foreseeable future. I'm sure that will work for a couple of more years, but in that time MS will be so far ahead in technology that I think APPL will fall back to a fan boy only club. I'm sure AAPL has a research group with some good tech - I just don't think they will have the will power to risk unleashing. For everyone's sake I hope I'm wrong because it is really nice to have to heavy weights battling it out.
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  • Windows 8.1 Fail: Now, What?  [View article]
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  • Apple's Loser Strategy  [View article]
    Question to those who think Apple is doing the right thing:
    How do you think this plays out long term?

    By observation bears seem to quote long term trends, while bulls quote past, current and near future. I don't think anybody can deny Apples past successes, but I tend to think long term and go with the bears. So I'm trying to learn why promoters think the company's decisions lead to long term success in a market that is always changing. That is, just because Apple did something years ago doesn't mean that it can or will do it again.

    My take is that Apple medium term (2-3 years) keeps 10-15% market share as they seem to be happy with that range. App developers start choosing to make Android first with 70-75% share; this is actually starting already. MS builds to 15-10% over that time frame so app developers decide on whether Windows or iPhone is next best (probably depends on business/consumer market). This leads to Apple losing share and falls to 3rd place behind MS. In 4-5 years they become a niche player by market percentage although they may still grow overall sales with general market growth. That is, unless they can pull yet another rabbit out of their hat and I'm not betting my money on that.

    Please respond if you have value to add. Not sure if "Rubbish!" or "Idiot!" helps anybody decide how to invest.
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  • Apple's Loser Strategy  [View article]
    When did he say that relative to his recent stock buying?
    I wonder why and I wonder when he will sell.
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  • Apple's Loser Strategy  [View article]
    Interesting list of items. All consumer goods, where people are willing to spend more for the trust in quality (it wont kill me or cause as many rashes). They also IMHO do project the air of ultra-premium products so they can charge more. A lot of companies also sell under lesser brand names so they can target all the markets. Car manufactures do that as well.

    Apple doesn't have a 2nd line. As far as eco-systems are concerned I'm not sure apple has a lock there either: my 17 year old daughter just asked for a cheap Android now that her older iPhone died and wants a Lumia 1020 when it comes out. So much for loyalty.
    Sep 12, 2013. 01:51 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Loser Strategy  [View article]
    nguyenvanphuoc: lots of big companies have insight into the global mobile phone business and come up with different strategies. I assume you are taking the position they all have better processes and insights than us lowly individuals so we should never question them. Or are you saying, that only Apple has talent and we should blindly follow? Either way, do you really have to be chef to recognize good food? Right now, I'm with the author in thinking that Apple is making decisions for short term gains and not long term ones. Nokia did that by sticking with Symbian too long...but why learn from other people's mistakes?
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  • Report: Apple board pressuring Cook over "pace of innovation"  [View news story]
    Because most people think the risk against it continuing is high. The money is saying that profits are coming down in the near future and that the company is unlikely to produce another gadget that is going to change that. If you disagree, buy more AAPL and make a bundle as the stock will go up.
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  • Will Microsoft Milk Google Also?  [View article]
    This will be interesting to see play out. For once both companies are fighting without a home turf advantage. Maybe the laws (as good as they are) will be applied evenly. If so, my money is on MS simply because of the precedents outlined.
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