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  • InterOil: Opportunity Of A Lifetime [View article]
    IOC has zero risk today measured over 6 months or so time.. Why its an asset play. ?? Someone will monetize the asset. If one is patient either IOC will monetize the asset or a Super major will. As a Long shareholder I prefer IOC to sell off pieces of its finds. The risk of the PNG govt approval is eroding more everyday. Frankly I don't care if the IOC partner is Exxon.,JKM,Shell,BP,Ch... To think such a super concentration of asset ,in such a location will not be montized is well just naive. It may not be IOC that does the monetizing and I flat out don't care.Other investors who do IOC DD should just wait it out. The Japanese need what IOC is selling. Period.
    Jul 25, 2012. 08:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2 Deeply Undervalued Oil And Gas Stocks That Are A Strong Buy, 1 With Huge Downside [View article]
    Its quite clear the writer uses screens that are not updated with current information and thus makes his recommendations meaningless. Chesapeake Energy in the US has 10.5 Trillion mcf of NG and Interoil has 3 different reservoir estimates which show more then 9 Trillion mcf of NG and this ignores the new larger asset recently discovered of Tricerfatops-2.So Interoil will have more mcf of NG when the next reservoir report is issued Feb 2013, and will have a sell down of its assets at Elk Antelope 3rd qtr of 2012 and expected PNG governement approval of the first of its LNG plants 3rd quarter of 2012. Chesapeake trades at 3 times the price of Interoil but Interoil has more assets then Chesapeake and will have production of those assets in 30 or so months its expected. The writer is lazy and needs up to date financial information if he wants to write an article. Example IOC has earned 53 cents in the trailing 12 months and has a trailing P/E of 147 before monetizing its sell down where all know there are at least 7 bidders. All except the writer of this article. This is exactly the type writer Seeking Alpha should ban from its platform.IMHO
    Jul 19, 2012. 12:06 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • InterOil's Days Seem Numbered As Soros Dumps Shares [View article]
    Based on your other articles we can see you are in money markett ot short..Please tell us when you establish your short position..
    You clearly know nothing about Interoil.
    Do you know four independent firms think IOC has the assets they claim to have??
    Ross Smith -hired by the shorts to bash IOC later stated IOC has a reef with NG
    Knowledge Reservoir-Dallas firm confirmed IOC has at least 8 T-S of NG
    GLJ-Has three reports that state IOC has at least 8 T-S of NG
    GCA- states IOC has at least 6 T-S of NG with 8 T's probable with 2 more wells.
    Did you know Soros closed his hedge fund??What part of close did you miss??When one closes a fund does that mean sell???
    Did you mention the shares sold by Soros were bought by JP Morgan and American Funds. I don't think so?
    Why is that??
    Feb 28, 2012. 07:50 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Has InterOil Turned Into A Full-Blown Scam? [View article]
    Pure nonsense on this post.LOL to you.
    You are entitled to an opinion.
    Deliberately bashing a stock with made up nonsense will not protect ya from prosecution
    Investors need to go to the IOC website and read the presentations.Listen to the CC.

    I am long IOC.
    Nov 15, 2011. 09:21 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • George Soros's Top 30 Stock Picks [View article]
    Quantum & Soros
    I have been noticed conflicting data regarding Soros's stake in InterOil. I reported data as of the SEC form 13F dated June 30, 2011 showing Soros sold a small stake in IOC. I now see a 62-103 filed with Canadian regulators dated August 9, 2011 that shows as of July 31, 2011 he increased his holdings in IOC.



    1. Name and address of eligible institutional investor:

    Soros Fund Management LLC (“Soros”)

    888 Seventh Avenue

    New York, NY


    Quantum Partners LP (“Quantum”)

    c/o Soros Fund Management LLC

    888 Seventh Avenue

    New York, New York


    2. The net increase or decrease in the number or principal amount of securities, and in

    the eligible institutional investor’s security holding percentage in the class of

    securities, since the last report filed by the eligible institutional investor under Part

    4 or the early warning requirements:

    Since the effective date of its last report filed on April 8, 2011, Soros reports that

    Quantum, an investment fund that Soros manages, acquired 382,995 common shares

    (“Shares”) and had a net disposition of 865 call options (“Call Options”) representing

    86,500 Shares issuable upon exercise of such Call Options of Interoil Corporation (the

    “Company”). The net acquisition of the Shares represents a net increase of approximately

    0.60% of Quantum’s share holdings percentage in the Company, calculated as described

    in #3 below.

    3. The designation and number or principal amount of securities and the eligible

    institutional investor's security holding percentage in the class of securities at the

    end of the month for which the report is made:

    As at July 31, 2011, Soros reports that Quantum held: (a) 4,430,327 Shares and (b) an

    additional 413,500 Shares issuable upon exercise of Call Options beneficially owned by

    Quantum, for an aggregate of 4,843,827 Shares. The Shares held by Quantum represent

    approximately 9.25%, and the Shares and Call Options, if exercised, represent in

    aggregate approximately 10.11%, of all outstanding Shares of the Company.

    As of the end of July 2011, neither Soros nor Quantum owned, directly or indirectly, nor

    exercised control or direction over, any securities of the Company other than as disclosed


    DATED at New York, New York, as of the 9th day of August, 2011.

    Aug 19, 2011. 06:23 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Whitney Tilson's Lesson on 13Fs and Updated InterOil Position [View article]
    Please look at IOC's assets.IOC has found the two largest NG wells in the world.Certified- IOC has 160 million barrels of condensates Light Arabian Crude and 9 T's of NG...Whitney ignores these facts.
    IOC has a signed deal to monetize the liquids with MItsui with an option to buy into IOC.
    Just pull a chart look at 1 3-5 years. Whitney has been short 4 years.
    IOC is triple or quadruple in that time period.
    Please pull Whitneys other shorts Netflix and USNA both near 52 week highs.
    If Whitney were to have gone long his short he would be a stellar money mgrs. But alas he averages 2 % a year.
    IOC since Whitney shorted IOC this time at $45 IOC in the 4 year period has either tripled or quadrupled.Depending on your start date.
    So consider the source and their track record.
    He is short and IOC is poised to announce deals to monetize its assets this fall.He has no hope.He realizes this and thus uses Motley Fool to try to save him. Please see my posts on Motley Fool 3 years ago. I was right and Whitney wrong.
    As far as filings. Nasdaq first disclosed Whitney was long IOC before the 13-F came out.Nasdaq does not report short interest.
    Everything is a snap shot in time or Whitney is desperate to get out of bad short .
    Let him explain why his three shorts are all outperforming if Long vs his short position.
    Shame on Whitney for his failure to do DD and shame on him for cheating his shareholders out of more positive returns.
    Aug 23, 2010. 04:09 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Are InterOil's Auditors Capable of Uncovering Fraud? [View article]
    That Netherland Sewell report was completed. IOC did not pay for the report but someone else did. IOC can not publish a report it did not pay for because it did not own the report. Most think Marathon paid for that report.Henry Aldorf in an interview stated he came to visit IOC after Elk 1 and did some DD. He was with Marathon at the time.Henry stated in the interview he wanted IOC to find more NG before he was interested. IOC found the Antelope formation and Henry came to work for IOC's LNG project.The fact Henry Aldorf former President of Marathon chose to help develope the IOC finds says it all. He is an industry veteran and has seen the finds. These persons Sam Anatar,Lobell and Minkow know nothing about OIl and NG and have never spoken to IOC nor have they ever visited the finds. Best to leave the assets and their size to experts who have been to PNG and verfied what IOC states.IOC doesn't have its own testing equipment so any results they put out are verfied by industry leaders.These persons shorted IOC at $25 and IOC is now mid $60 so Wall Street understands who to trust.Most think these persons hired by a Hedge Funds are losing over $100 million so far. Always consider the source and why they are saying what they are. The market judges everyday and IOC goes higher in stock price.
    May 3, 2010. 08:23 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Implications of GAIL‘s interest in InterOil (IOC) [View instapost]
    This makes perfect sense.Very well written. It all will happen for IOC.
    Mar 23, 2010. 11:00 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • InterOil's Exchange With Critic Bewilders [View article]
    Was this IOC local spokesperson wrong of that there can be no denying. To make a MT out of it is not proper.Understanding IOC requires sweat equity. They per the last GLJ report last week have 8.2 Trillion mcf of NG recoverable discovered and 156 million barrels of condensates recoverable. They plan on building a NG stripping plant to seperate the liquids from the NG.Mitsui has signed 2 agreements for this plant. Final signing expected maybe next week. That changes your mention of book value. Please multiple $10 times 160 million barrels of condensates to equal $1.6 Billion of value to move from a resource to a reserve.Divide by 40 million shares and IOC book value just goes up by $40 per share. The offtake agreements to sell IOC's large finds of NG are to be closed May/June 2010. So that adds more book value for IOC.
    Thats why IOC is dirt cheap and why its a buy right here.
    It takes DD to understand all this. IOC has human being that work for them and you do not know the context of what was said. I agree more self control should have been exercised.
    Feb 23, 2010. 07:49 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Whitney Tilson Gets Defensive [View article]
    IOC has had two third party endorsements from third party reservoir engineers. The investors who have been to PNG to see IOC like George Soros bought 3 million shares and Evan Calio of Morgan put a $142 price target on IOC bull case without oil..Seems like those that do DD on IOC like it those that have not done DD but do a tummy pull lose their butts being short a rich asset play..
    Dec 8, 2009. 06:42 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • InterOil Reseach reports [View instapost]
    Professional 40 year veteran Petroleum Engineers post on the Yahoo board IOC. They have reviewed IOC's presentations and find them credible.As does World Oil mag the leading OIl and NG mag, As does Upstream, Petroleum News Net and many others assert IOC claims. Two independent reservoir engineers have independently reviewed the results.Both find substantial assets.. Three outside third parties report at the last wellhead test they have decades of doing DD have never seen results like this but this well has the facts. Firms as in Haliburton, Weatherford and Schlumberger. What are you qualificatione to dispute the largest reservoir engineering firms in the world and the 3 largest OIl service companies in the world..Where is your Pet Engin degree with 40 years experiece or are you just another ID of the paid basher Brigade.?? Inquiring Minds would like to know??.

    On Dec 02 04:54 AM papuan wrote:

    > More technical questions need to be asked of these well test reports.
    > It is quite possible there are signficant exaggerations of these
    > results - AOF vs surface rates, pressure depletion etc. Mr Mullicek
    > must publish key items of well test informaiton, the well test tubing
    > string diameters, the downhole test pressure data and test durations.There
    > is never sufficient information to provide investment confidence
    > and the brokers and fund managers are just blindly accepting it.
    Dec 6, 2009. 01:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment