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  • New CEO For SeaWorld, Same Solid Investment Opportunity  [View article]
    Ralph Munro long time Republican and former Secretary of State for Washington. Is just one of countless people globally including myself Alex whom are not PETA members and do not based on first hand evidence from prior SeaWorld trainers, other highly credible evidence such as video, and just reasonable common sense have concluded the Orcas are not treated with responsible, kind care at SeaWorld. Nor is it moral to keep any highly intelligent Orca anywhere globally in pools the relative size of a bathtub, or in captivity period.

    Ralph Munro actively worked to ensure Southern resident Orcas would be on the US endangered species list, which they now are as of earlier this year. He did this for several reasons one to help ensure Lolita at SeaWorld would be released back in to the ocean with her pod. He continues to actively advocate for Lolita. Now that she is considered an endangered species it will be much more difficult for SeaWorld to obtain permits to keep her. A matter which is currently before the courts.

    She lives in this tiny pool at SeaWorld, when orca's naturally swim thousands of miles annually and dive deep in the ocean, her pool is no more than 20 feet deep. She regularly gets sunburned because she can't dive deep enough to avoid the constant hot daytime sun. This is not treating the whales fine, to any reasonable person with a conscience which I am sure you have. Sunburns hurt whether a person or a whale. She also out of depression and boredom regularly grinds her teeth and hits her head against the walls of her super tiny little pool. This is evidence prior trainers including John Hargrove whom quit SeaWorld out of great concern for the health of the whales have provided as well as by visitors to SeaWorld.

    If you are also just fine with calves being taken from their mothers, at approx. three years when in the wild they bond for life and can live up to 70 plus years which they also regularly do at SeaWorld and other Orca aquariums globally then keep advocating this stock which is overvalued anyways with a PE of 34. SeaWorld without a doubt, ie. if they cared they would at least built Lolita a much bigger pool for instance are only using these super intelligent animals as a commodity to make money. There is nothing noble or admirable about it rather a sad commentary on some aspects of humanity that hopefully and as an optimist I believe with time will change.

    There are plenty of other more ethical and innovative, harmless ways to create profits. I do my research and due diligence whether regarding equities or issues such as important moral issues re: orcas in captivity and base my opinions on facts, evidence and my own integrity compass. There are plenty of companies Alex you can invest in on pullbacks and generate capital gains whom do not profit from unacceptable/ unkind treatment of people or other species. Kindness is of great value morally and financially.

    I only invest in companies which endeavor to meet the requirements of the triple bottom line. With progressive, highly competent, integrity/morally focused, innovative, charitable, wise, experienced, trustworthy CEOS and CFOS. Each company I have and discussed on this site has appreciated. Integrity and profits are interconnected as they should be. Including Skyworks, Delta Air, Apple (which under Tim Cook has performed very well and he has increased Apple's charitable giving/environmental stewardship/wages for workers in China-profit and socially responsible the triple bottom line) and Hains Celestial, sells only healthy, organic food and has appreciated by about 40%, with a stock split as well.

    I know Alex and there is much research from a range of disciplines from social science to economics which supports that if you select well managed companies with sound financial fundamentals operated around a core set of moral principles such as discussed in Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Effective People. With a growing dividend and buy shares on pullbacks you will generate not only ethical profits but more financial profit. Capital gains which you can use for your own life, family, friends, community and to donate to important causes you believe in or to volunteer your time with. Health and time are true wealth. We all have a responsibility to not only treat ourselves with dignity and care but all other people and other species like the amazing, iconic, highly intelligent, Orcas.

    SeaWorld's management acts without a moral core not only towards the whales but for example towards prior staff whom have said it is a unpleasant, intimidating work environment, this is not going to work guaranteed in the best interests of the company or shareholders.
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  • Fastenal Down 12% Year-To-Date, Opportunity For Long-Term Investors  [View article]
    True always buy low, just wait there are always viable, competently run companies, with growing earnings with price adjustments for a variety of reasons. Considering the US airline sector two quarters ago Delta, Southwest and American had huge sell offs due to Ebola issue and as the sector overall was overbought and there was simply a lot of profit taking and readjusting of portfolios. Since then Delta and Amer. have gone up 20%plus and apple when it hit 400 just a year and half ago. Watching a range of viable, companies with growing profits and dividend, well run, ethically managed ect.. until one has a sell off for whatever reason then buy it at a bargain basement. Re: Fast it is still priced to high for a value investor.
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  • Telus Corporation: It Beat The Market Before, Needs High Earnings Growth To Do It Again  [View article]
    Very well written analysis of Telus. I will read the Q4 call focusing on several areas including projected earnings. Projections for first half of 2015 could be low due to oil price decline, as many Telus customers and potential customers are in Alberta. If there is a sell off and over the next few months the stock reaches a more value investor PE ratio with a growing dividend and buybacks starting this year it would be a good long-term dividend stock in a non-cyclical sector.
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  • Is Saudi Arabia Dragging Oil To A New Low?  [View article]
    I have thoughtfully listened to many speeches by Al Naimi on renewable, oil, and the innovation/enterprise economy in Saudi Arabia. It appears he would like to see Saudi Arabia transition towards a far more diversified economy far less dependent on oil revenues he mentions for climate change reasons which he is personally very concerned about and for economic stability obviously far better to have many strong well developed sectors verses too much dependence on just one especially a volatile commodity like oil. However members of the Saudi royal family are concerned about this transition to the knowledge economy, it is interesting to follow.
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  • Is Saudi Arabia Dragging Oil To A New Low?  [View article]
    I had thought Saudi Arabia is attempting to drive oil prices lower thus squeezing out some supply/competition ie. US production and tar sands in Canada which are not profitable below approx. $70. As well Ali Al Naimi Saudi's Minster of Oil has said in several speeches SA is proactively reducing it's GDP's dependence on oil revenue which made up 67% of their GDP in 1960's to 30% today and is focusing on building on diversifying their economy into the knowledge and innovation sectors including renewable energy.
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  • Do You Have The Patience To Be A Successful Value Investor?  [View article]
    Super and highly relevant article in this very volatile market where some people may get nervous and sell, verses realizing if a company is well managed with good fundamentals it will come back to it's intrinsic value. With QE ending and global growth concerns and just people buying and selling daily for a variety of reasons such as to shift a portion of their portfolio into another sector or they just want a change ect... there is always undervalued opportunities. During the recent October sell off obvious ones were Delta and American Airlines, which after good earnings moved back up towards their previous prices. Apple when it fell to 400 last year is also a good example. I think all new investors have sold off prematurely until they get more experienced I know I have several times, with practice I have improved my long-term investor skills.
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  • Einhorn Continues To Greenlight Micron  [View article]
    Thank-you for your efforts, agree with your overall assessment re: dram, am holding for the long-term, and am looking forward to comments on analyst day Aug. 06th. Likely consolidating, a breather has been overdue as well investors and traders are focused on other stocks in the midst of this earnings seasons. It is also summer, less volume generally overall, people are enjoying their holidays, which is great.
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  • Column: Jeff Immelt is the American Canada needs to lead oil sands clean-up  [View news story]
    Solar is advancing very steadily via innovation and increasingly cost effective. I rotated my funds out of Suncor at 33.50 range even though I knew it had lots of room to move up into Jinko and Sunedison, they are very volatile hence good trading stocks.
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  • Trina Solar Revised To $14 On Cost And Market-Related Concerns  [View article]
    I do agree re: SCTY.
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  • Updating My Outlook For Whole Foods Market: Time To Buy  [View article]
    That is super, but has this got to do with Whole foods?
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  • eBay: Bargain Or Bust?  [View article]
    Compelling and relevant questions.
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  • Buy Micron Technologies After Solid Q3 Earnings  [View article]
    Waiting for a consolidation after the large run-up into these earnings, lots of momentum traders buy MU into earnings then sell. I also only buy stocks at value investment prices, wow a pe of below 5 as one of the author's buying parameters is very disciplined, and takes much diligence and patience, likely with positive capital gains. At 23 dollars after the last pullback after earnings with a forward PE of approx. 7. I thought MU was at a value investor's price and bought shares, I watch for lower forward PE's as well.
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  • Thoughts On Micron Earnings To Be Released After The Close  [View article]
    Smart decision, very positive 65% gain! Err on the side of caution, there are always many opportunities in the market especially in high beta stocks like MU w/ high volatility. Long mu, watching for any potential pullbacks such as after earnings, without emotional attachment just look for low entry points in good stocks.
    Jun 23, 2014. 01:09 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Micron Third Quarter Earnings Preview  [View article]
    Wishing you the very best and a full recovery. Thank-you also, for your inspirational advice re: the importance of health always a welcome reminder. I agree, from physical (regular exercise, 8-10 servings of fruits/vegs. per day, lots of water, omega 3 fatty acids over transfats and saturated fats which are unhealthy and linked to cancer...) to emotional health. Your obvious positive, generous, optimistic outlook on life will help you in your recovery and healing process, I am looking forward to more of your insightful comments on this site. Re: charities, giving/alturism feels great, I humbly agree with you and follow your advice via giving of time, money, kind words....
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  • Micron Third Quarter Earnings Preview  [View article]
    Robert's time and efforts are worth respecting whether Jaret you care about what he has to say or not. Just as your opinion is valid, which I and others respectfully take the time to read and think about without intentionally attempting to undermine your efforts or calling your comments meaningless. I am long MU as well, and believe it is undervalued. However, Seeking Alpha is an open forum which I like as it encourages objective facts and research verses biases for a certain stock. Robert took his time to contribute to the Seeking Alpha forum, mentioning some valid points some people may consider helpful, including analysts opinions whether they have led or followed or whatever.

    Savvy investors via critical thinking read all relevant information, without emotion or biases make rational decisions. The reality is about 10% of MU's float is sold short, which the author alludes to so what, 10% is not that much, and MU may or may not meet the high expectations some have for this Q and future guidance. With growing demand for DRAM memory, growth in smart devices, and MU's revenue sources approx. 70% from DRAM and with Apple a key customer MU is likely a secure long-term investment along w/ other reasons as revenues stabilize a dividend may also be in the future. All stocks carry risk it is the stock market.
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