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  • Micron Technology: Toxic Convertibles, Part 2  [View article]
    Phred has been writing about his concerns re: the convertibles when MIcron fell to 21.13 three months ago I read his article after the last quarters earnings despite a solid beat, then of course it has run up to it's current price, with upgrades, good Sandisk earnings call, another expected earnings beat, demand increasing for DRAM ect.. Everyone has a right to their opinion on seeking alpha, re: Phred these are his legitimate concerns and have been for awhile. Stocks will do what they will do. If they are truly well run companies, with in demand products/services they will reach their intrinsic value, investors will find them and buy them.
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  • Five Below - Impressive Growth, Yet Premium Valuation Leaves Me Worried  [View article]
    With warming weather and other headwinds this Q and into the holiday season I am confident FIVE will continue with positive results, they have a popular brand with teenagers as well. The above consensus beat this Q despite a challenging environment indicates they can handle any situation.
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  • Ambarella - Reassuring Earnings And Guidance Delivers Comfort To Investors  [View article]
    I will also be watching for dips for a good entry point.
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  • U.S-China Solar Trade Wars: Taking It For What It Is  [View article]
    This is only a preliminary decision, we will see in the coming months if it is actually implemented.
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  • The Solar Industry: Earnings Round-Up  [View article]
    Thank-you for the objective, fact based summary of earnings, very helpful for anyone following the solar industry and energy sector overall.
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  • China's Solar Target: Increased Once Again  [View article]
    Yes this will help provide some cost effective, lower carbon footprint energy but China needs alot of energy to grow it's economy. They got a deal from Russia as Russia needs the money essentially, possibly there could be more deals. As well British Columbia I suspect will lower their prices on LNG to China as well. HOWEVER as mentioned China needs cost-effective/limited polluting energy sources for economic growth and so people can live their daily lives with inexpensive pollution free electricity. China doesn't have the vast resources of oil and gas like Canada and US have for example, as well believe it or not the gov't leadership, I follow their policies are taking a global lead on climate change as well as seeking inexpensive energy from renewables.
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  • Trina Solar Had A Great Quarter, But Margins Are Unsustainable  [View article]
    I agree, and do expect more volatility for all the reasons we all know. But as the price of electricity generated by renewables from solar to wind (China is also robustly building their wind capacity as well as solar, so has Scotland...) becomes increasingly less expensive than via conventional sources, and competitive than of course the free market will come into more play, and incentives less but this will take time. Pollution/climate change are also drivers of renewables, very valid reasons but via gov't incentives as you aptly mentioned. I think as companies like Trina and Jinko ramp their R&D increasing the efficiency of solar modules ect.. costs will come down. Also these are relatively young companies once they get more steady and improve margins profits positively benefit.
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  • China's Solar Target: Increased Once Again  [View article]
    True re: Barrons and China. I am long solar/renewables globally overall, rotated some funds out of Cdn oil sands company Suncor into Jinko. I suspect we will still see a fair amount of volatility into Q2 earnings and further as the industry continues to consolidate after the last solar slump, as the stronger companies take the lead. And the industry is further driven by the free market as well as gov't incentives which should decrease as renewables steadily w/ innovation/R&D become less expensive to generate electricity than conventional fuels. Leading solar companies ie. CSIQ, JKS, TSL, SPWR have been through much trial and tribulation but with competent, highly dedicated management/employees to the solar sector we are starting to see profits.

    Re: China along with pollution concerns/climate change ect...China as well wishes to be energy independent, less reliant on importing expensive fossil fuels, as inexpensive energy is key to growing their economy. Hence they are strategically developing wind and solar capabilities. Energy is a fundamental input for economic growth needed to operate factories, homes, businesses, gov't offices ect...
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  • Trina Solar Had A Great Quarter, But Margins Are Unsustainable  [View article]
    Considering Trina, Jinko and the other leader solar companies have successfully managed to maintained competitive, growing sales, revenue ect.. after the last solar slump and through the solar company consolidation, when many other companies couldn't make it, they all have valuable strengths and merits to their business models. Now they are both well positioned to grow sales in the growing solar market globally.

    Trina and Jinko are both solid Chinese solar companies in different ways with competent, dedicated management who would have to be to keep going during all the solar ups and downs not all people could do what they have successfully done. Trina management did say margins would be under pressure this Q, but they have a strong pipeline of orders, their savvy CFO will very probably find cost effective ways to mitigate this. I personally prefer Jinko will look to more clarity in this next earnings call.
    May 24, 2014. 02:35 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Trina Solar Had A Great Quarter, But Margins Are Unsustainable  [View article]
    I agree as a long-term investor who is long the solar industry and was looking for a leading solar company to invest in for the long-term I chose Jinko, as the author suggested, for so many reasons I can list later as at work and shouldn't be looking at seeking alpha....But with the highly volatile patterns of all the solars they are good swing trades, they go up and down constantly.
    May 23, 2014. 11:08 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Searching For A Hidden Stock Market Opportunity  [View article]
    Just wish to note for others if they read re: China/global demand Trina said in their earnings call they have increased Q2 guidance and that demand is good in China, US, and Japan, reiterated full year guidance. They are a good bell weather company for China demand. Good to read their earnings call from the transcript section on seeking alpha in detail to get more clarity on the solar industry overall from demand to costs. A strength of Trinas is they have improved their margins from last Q, which increased profitability despite lower sales this Q. They said margins will be under pressure for next Q, but will be very cost effective and efficient which will help to mitigate.
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  • Searching For A Hidden Stock Market Opportunity  [View article]
    The key parties to listen to re: China's 14.05 MW target is China and leading solar companies. The Chinese National Energy Administration has reiterated their 14.05MW target, earlier this year. China went from 3MW in 2012 to 12MW in 2013, 14MW for 2014 or close seems likely/probable especially considering China's commitment to reducing pollution and increasing it's energy independence via increased domestic renewables.

    Importing fossil fuels is expensive, to further grow and develop it's economy China needs inexpensive domestic energy sources hence they are implementing renewables, as energy of course is a key input for economic growth factories/offices/homes all need energy to operate. Jinko, Trina, JASO, CSIQ, HSOL have all reiterated or increased their full year guidance. It was only one analyst who did not provide any sound facts or stats to back up his opinion from Deutshe Bank who suggested the 8MW target last week, the 8MW suggested doesn't add up with facts or what any other credible sources are saying. Other analysts, the solar companies, China have all maintained their targets within the 14.05MW.
    May 18, 2014. 04:26 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Searching For A Hidden Stock Market Opportunity  [View article]
    Re: CSIQ after earnings sell offs for short term reasons, however re: CSIQ the long-term guidance and that of the solar industry are strong and intact as the author suggests. Hanwha SolarOne said in their recent earnings call they are increasing module capacity production to meet growing demand, Solar City set higher projections as well with expecting 1million installations by 2015... it is not surprising demand for solar is growing. Many investors have positioned themselves as a long-term investment in the solar industry via what they deem the strongest companies i.e. Trina, Jinko, Sunpower...

    It simply stands to reason that as the cost of solar continues to fall via increased solar cell and panel efficiency, companies reducing other manufacturing costs which can be past on to consumers, the cost of cleaning up fossil pollution rises and a host of other reasons as the cost of fossil fuels increases demand for solar and other renewables will of course continue to grow as it is, providing earnings growth opportunities for investors which is also aligned with their ethics.
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  • Review Of Trina Solar's Q1 2014 Guidance  [View article]
    And as solar is now is increasingly more cost effective than gas/oil in many regions. Long the solar industry, strong companies like TSL, JKS and SWPR. Not sure about Cdn Solar.
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  • Why Whole Foods Is A Good Short To $44  [View article]
    I agree WFM, has a great business model, healthy, compelling products they are good at finding small new healthy niche products, offer healthy meal prep classes in store, speakers, great recycling programs ect... However as the positive consumer demand for healthier food choices as people are focusing on prevention and optimal health other stores like Walmart and Krogers are increasingly carrying healthier choices. Alot of people shop at Whole Foods as they like their ethics as well, including they pay their staff far better than Walmart ect.. as well Walmart, Krogers are not nearly as committed to recycling yet which is corporately irresponsible, nor good for their brand. WFM's PE is a little high but a great company.
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