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  • Is Drexel Hamilton Correct In Assuming That Micron Technology Could Double?  [View article]
    Many long-term retail MU shareholders have loyally held MU shares through the companies ups and downs as the memory industry consolidated, now that MU has held it's own many shareholders are feeling relieved and positive re: their investment including myself. The risk-reward as the author suggests indicates more upside, then risk, but is recommending due to a quick run-up value investors patiently wait for a better entry point. This may or may not happen, but based on MUs previous patterns it will zig zag down and then recover.
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  • Is Drexel Hamilton Correct In Assuming That Micron Technology Could Double?  [View article]
    As a long-term value investor, who holds shares at the 15 and 23 level, I can objectively see there has been a quick run up to 26 plus, like all stocks regardless generally there is some price consolidation in these scenarios, then a another move up. Tech overall has also gone up due to tech earnings season, being a high beta stock MU has moved up, along with the tech sector ie. with Apple one of it's key customers. The market is unpredictable, but there is never rush into any stock, if I stock I like is too high I wait, for it to dip to a better entry level, or move to another. Who knows what MU will do, it is classically highly volatile, a dividend would decrease volatility.
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  • Several Reasons Why Micron Is Undervalued  [View article]
    MU is up today, as investors listened to Sndks' forward guidance on the memory industry, of course of which MU is a key supplier.
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  • AMD: Will The Market Surprise Us? No Sell-Off After Earnings?  [View article]
    AMD's after earnings trading reminds me of Micron, despite beating consensus it classically trades down.
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  • Micron Technology: Worth Between $29-33 Per Share, Strong Buy On Market Correction  [View article]
    Agree with the author MU is undervalued, the outstanding convertibles are weighing on share price, as well Sandisk has a dividend, a draw of course for value investors. A MU dividend would not only increase the stock price, but stabilize it as value investors tend to hold their shares, placing a floor in the price. Momentum trading, currently has a significant impact on MU's price causing lots of the up and downs. Trading into earnings then selling off.
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  • Micron Appears To Be A Good Investment At This Point In Time  [View article]
    I am long MU as a long-term investor for many of the reasons the author aptly indicates, but would like to see MU's management retire the 2 billion plus in outstanding convertibles as soon as possible, they are currently needlessly weighing on MU's balance sheet and shareholder value.
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  • Micron Technology: Convertible Disaster  [View article]
    The fundamentals of MU are intact, I am long MU. However it appears on first blush the 2 billion plus outstanding convertibles the author aptly discusses are a risk which however sounds like can be resolved this Q3, as the stock price decreases making it less expensive to fully retire the converts. Based on some readers comments i.e. Wilson Wang, management is planning on this course of action this Q, which is positive. However until they follow through potential new investors could be wise to wait on the sidelines, waiting for the stock's price to dip lower before it moves higher towards it's intrinsic value ($32 has a forward PE of approx. 10) based on it's positive fundamentals. With tech companies like Intel reporting this week, tech overall will to varying degrees be effected by their guidance, as this Q1 will likely be soft, hence future guidance is important to watch in my humblest opinion.
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  • Micron Technology: Convertible Disaster  [View article]
    Aspirations are all relevant to the individual Evan, depending on their personal goals, culture they were raised in, spiritual/religious faith, own personality, sense of self-worth.. Aspirations are also multifaceted and varied. Some people include optimal health as an aspiration, a father/mother to be a successful/dedicated parent for their child helping the child to develop a well developed self-esteem, charitable character and identity.

    A buddhist monk's aspirations would include to be as enlightened and compassionate as possible, and detached from materialism. Aspirations vary from person to person. I know someone who is an orchid hobbyist with an aspiration to conserve all taxa of orchids, growing a whole range of hybrids and species in his backyard green house travelling to orchid meetings/ conferences all over the world, it makes him happy.
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  • Micron Technology: Convertible Disaster  [View article]
    All places for post-sec. learning are varied in their quality of education, regardless learning in any capacity at any time of life is positive. There are some very fine community colleges just as not all Universities, are of the same quality. Community and technical colleges classically tailor their programs towards the future and current needs of the labour market, providing not only necessary theory but practical work skills. As well instructors are more available for one on one time with students, verses Univ. profs. who often are also focused on their own research, their Phd students, and obtaining their next research grant verses the very important role of guiding, and helping their undergrad students learn, leaving that to teacher's assistants T.A.'s.

    I attended both, and personally learnt more relevant job skills at the college level, which I applied in future employment. In British Columbia and perhaps in the area you live, many colleges and Univ. offer co-op programs via which students work in the field which interests them while they attend school, providing them with funds for their tuition and living expenses while learning a range of valuable skills and more about the sector they wish to work in.

    Many employers will also help pay for a students education while they work for them through college/univ., with a job available for them after if the student/employer fit is good, and effective/positive for both.
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  • Micron: Opportunity Knocks, Yet Wait For This Signal To Buy  [View article]
    Many investors (no matter how strong MU or another tech companies fundamentals are) are also moving their investments into defensive stocks i.e. utilities and consumer goods, which can be seen via their increasingly higher stock prices i.e. Coke, Duke Energy, Westar Energy (at a new high), high yield REITS... Tech overall is associated in many people's minds as more of a risk. In this volatile economic environment many investors are feeling safer in the REITS, utilities ect.. Even though they know MU has far more growth momentum, providing greater opportunity for higher yield, hence another reason why MU could drop more but will move steadily towards it's intrinsic value, as most undervalued stocks do.
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  • Micron: Opportunity Knocks, Yet Wait For This Signal To Buy  [View article]
    As well Mircon provides a high standard of and honest customer service, which in any sector is key to retaining and growing a larger customer base. Mark Durcan MU CEO, people may have noticed during the Q2 call spoke very respectfully of MU customers, without them there would be no profit for anybody. Even if a new competitor popped up or Samsung started to develop more competing products, MU has a competitive advantage via it's sincere well developed rep. for integrity focused customer service and high quality/innovative products.
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  • Micron: Time To Buy More Shares  [View article]
    Hi, good luck with it. It is very positive to hear you are reaching out for support. I do recommend a group environment like Gamblers A., and going regularly until you feel stronger, then perhaps be a volunteer yourself. In Vancouver BC, they have a great free program with dedicated volunteer support, I hope they do in the area you live. I know a couple of day traders who have gone to it. I at one pt. thought I may have a tendency to fall into this category. Now I with discipline only buy undervalued stocks at low entry pts and hold them.

    Day trading and options can have huge rewards, but there is also significant opportunity for losses as we are not all superhuman and can successfully consistently determine what a stock is going to do, the market can as everyone knows be very unpredictable. Believe me I have tried. But undervalued good stocks, will eventually come back to their intrinsic value.

    I find buying and holding is also much less stressful and time consuming, the capital gains and dividends do add up.
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  • Micron: Time To Buy More Shares  [View article]
    In part due to Zacks recommendation re: earnings beat expected Q3.
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  • Micron: Time To Buy More Shares  [View article]
    With a likely Q3 earnings beat, with increased revisions, 4 now in a consecutive row MU will (unless it acts very unusual a low probability) go up into Q3 earnings as it did into Q2 and will in the long-term. True MU does tend to drop after earnings due to sell offs after a good earnings in this case, shorts, in this case the coincidental tech market correction, people rebalancing their portfolios ect... then recover which it appears to be doing now, to higher prices. It will zig zag around stocks rarely go up in quick straight line. Patience is very important for good capital gains.

    It likely will reach a higher price then trade in range as it did into Q2 for Q3. Zacks just gave a positive report today, recommending holding MU into Q3, saying another beat is likely, with increased revisions. Disclosure, I am holding MU as a value and growth investment for the long-term and added to my position on this earnings dip.
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  • Join Gurus And Buy Value And Growth Play Micron At Cheap Prices  [View article]
    Agree thank-you. With so many fully valued stocks, MU is a bargain in comparison with it's positive growth momentum (MU has established the groundwork for as the author mentions 10% growth annually for next 5 yrs), commitment to R&D/innovation key for more growth/constant improvement of products, price to book 2.5, low forward PE ect.. is a golden stock which value and growth investors like myself look for buy and hold. I bought in mid teens, added to my position with this after earnings dip and will be holding as it appreciates. MU's focus on integrity, quality, top customer service is also something I considered as this lends to customer trust/loyalty/retention and attracting new customers. Also acting as a deterrent for any potential unknown competitors as it would be very challenging to draw on MU's loyal and growing customer base. Once customers have a trustworthy, reliable rapport with a high quality supplier top in their sector they don't usually switch
    Apr 8, 2014. 09:07 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment