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  • Join Gurus And Buy Value And Growth Play Micron At Cheap Prices  [View article]
    Agree thank-you. With so many fully valued stocks, MU is a bargain in comparison with it's positive growth momentum (MU has established the groundwork for as the author mentions 10% growth annually for next 5 yrs), commitment to R&D/innovation key for more growth/constant improvement of products, price to book 2.5, low forward PE ect.. is a golden stock which value and growth investors like myself look for buy and hold. I bought in mid teens, added to my position with this after earnings dip and will be holding as it appreciates. MU's focus on integrity, quality, top customer service is also something I considered as this lends to customer trust/loyalty/retention and attracting new customers. Also acting as a deterrent for any potential unknown competitors as it would be very challenging to draw on MU's loyal and growing customer base. Once customers have a trustworthy, reliable rapport with a high quality supplier top in their sector they don't usually switch
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  • Strong Market Dynamics Fuel Micron's Growth In Q2 '14  [View article]
    Some investors are without very possibly diligently reviewing MU's undervalued fundamentals and positive forward growth momentum are rotating part of their portfolio into defensive stocks. BUT MU to me as a value investor is a much smarter option (with it's low PE, and low Price to Book value of 2.5) than a standard defensive stock some with far higher PE's and P/B's i.e. Coke w/ a high PE of 20 and General Foods 19, while MU's forward PE is about 7.5 with far more potential growth than either Coke or General Foods. Along with MU's growth momentum and likely upcoming decent/strong Q3 MU seems a safe haven for capital at these prices with significant potential for share price appreciation and a possible future dividend as revenues grow, and investors lobby for/request one.
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  • Micron joins tech selloff post-earnings; SanDisk outperforms  [View news story]
    True added to my current position in mid teens on the large dip after earnings for profit taking, options ect... See as a compelling value and growth investment, and likely decent/strong Q3 after four consecutive good Q's, the latest being this Q2. With increasing revenue as a long-term shareholder, have written requesting a dividend in the coming future.
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  • Micron Technology: Towards $30 We Will March  [View article]
    I agree too thank-you your pt covered my similar thoughts. When companies provide a higher quality product with trustworthy, dependable service, no matter what the service or product is it increases customer's confidence in them and loyalty. There is a reason Apple with a trademark focus on quality in all of their products, it is part of their brand, is a MU customer. In any sector there could be plenty of competitors but a company like MU with quality, innovative, products/services and trusted customer service will always attract customers and maintain loyalty, even actually if prices are slightly higher, as people research shows will pay a slight premium for a reliable, quality product, and honest service.
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  • Micron: It's The Cash Flow Stupid  [View article]
    A competent, thoughtful, hard working, quiet engineer running a company is preferably to a CEO who tries to drive up prices with salesmanship, charisma and fancy PR, over solid good fundamentals. Experienced investors see past this. Value investors understand MU, they don't buy into hype as they read all earnings transcripts, analysts reports ect... Management may smartly be focusing on attracting solid long-term investors which provides more stability and steady less volatile price appreciation. Investors who know what they are doing over inexperienced investors who get caught up in hype verses competent performance and ability. Management appears to focus on boring but important numbers verses trying to be charismatic.
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  • Micron: It's The Cash Flow Stupid  [View article]
    Steadiness, competency and smarts has substance, charisma often doesn't equate to ability, integrity and competence, but hype. Some CEO's use PR and charisma to drive up their stock price, then the share price appreciates far ahead of the fundamentals as some unwitting investors buy into the hype. MU's share price will go up on MU's good fundamentals this is far better than charisma and PR.
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  • Micron Technology: Towards $30 We Will March  [View article]
    Alot of profit taking as well, after an increase into earnings, as well a 5% approx. sell off in all tech. it's the end of the week alot of people are takng profits. Investors may sell some of their shares hold the rest, changing around in their portfolios and alot of day traders trade into very visible companies like MU's earnings and sell off on the highs after a good earnings result.
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  • Micron Technology: Towards $30 We Will March  [View article]
    I agree with all of your pts, and view MU as a value investment, in bargain territory as the author mentioned. I see this dip after earnings, for profit taking ect.. as an opportunity. I was watching the results of this Q, for if management could generate another strong Q in a weak environment, which they did(.85 EPS is good) indicating now 4 positive consecutive quarters. Reflecting as the author mentions a competently managed turnaround, increasing people's confidence in MU's team. I like companies like Footlocker for the same reason, management consistently operates the company well, with steady EPS and rev. growth a pattern which now seems to be emerging with MU, which also adds to it's valuations. Despite MU's costs increasing for R&D (a good sign as R&D is fundamental for new product or additions to current product development) and admin/general. costs Micron still competently managed to increase operating income by over 318 mil. (869 this Q2 verses 551 Q1).
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  • Why Micron Technology Might Be Able To Continue Its Absurd Growth  [View article]
    I agree, as a long-term shareholder the results were even better then I expected. It indicates management now with 4Q's in a row of strong Q's is able to steadily grow EPS and revenue, which will likely based on this trend continue into the next Q.
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  • Why Micron Technology Might Be Able To Continue Its Absurd Growth  [View article]
    As a long term investor in MU, holding some shares in the teens I was very happy with the initial results I have reviewed thus far, it was a better Q than I expected. It for one indicates MU's management is able to maintain consistently stable and growing earnings, which is promising giving people confidence this is a probable trend going forward, and increasing MU's valuations. I think we will see another EPS and revenue beat next quarter which will then be 5Q's in a row, moderate and steady growth is positive to much growth at once, would cause me concern as it isn't stable. Possibly a dividend could also be on the horizon, I will be writing investor relations to request, now that revenue is consistently growing. Likely will trade in the 23/24-27 range into next earnings or slowly rise towards 28 range not sure..hence why I bought more in the low 23 range today from dip caused by profit taking, as I don't see it going lower, too much upside. There is risk in all stocks, but MU's seems minimal too me, with a strong management team, and demand for DRAM.
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  • Why Micron Technology Might Be Able To Continue Its Absurd Growth  [View article]
    MU's management seems to have a lot of long-term vision and plans for Micron and are just really getting going it has taken awhile, but they seem now to have everything they need to in order to go to the next level of a growing mid-sized company with consistent solid quarters.
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  • Why Micron Technology Might Be Able To Continue Its Absurd Growth  [View article]
    I consistently review estimize projections re: ALL stocks I hold into earnings along with many other sources, including history of revenue and EPS meeting inline with consensus or better than consensus i.e. on the streetinsider the last eight quarters are available. This consensus for MU is one of the HIGHEST I have seen in the last few quarters I have looked at for a range of companies earnings, from the independent analysts. Positive surprises in the earnings call seem very possible which I will be reading closely, there is risk in all earnings calls even a company with an excellent track record of strong earnings and revenue growth, but the risk in this call seems less than others. I am also increasingly confident in MU's management competence, which is a key to the success of any company. I hope they really shine in the conference call as this quarter can show investors MU can consistently grow EPS and revenue with integrity, vision, innovation, and competence.
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  • Micron, Intel, Apple: A Tale Of 3 Companies  [View article]
    With an estimize consensus far above wall streets already increased consensus, from many independent analysts re: rev and EPS, something I look at when deciding to hold a stock into earnings along with many other sources of information, as they often are more accurate than wall street, another strong earnings quarter is likely. Another strong quarter will also give potential investors more confidence in Micron's earnings record and in management's competence going forward.
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  • Earnings Preview: Micron Technology  [View article]
    As well several non-fact based fear stories in so called financial news on yahoo finance and CNBC to create fear before earnings, so some investors/traders sell. i.e. a story yesterday called a Tech Bubble is coming....was so ridiculous, most tech stocks like Micron are trading below a PE of 14! These are far from over valued, MSFT is about 14 so is Apple. Facebook is overvalued due to optimism re: future growth but the overall tech market is fairly valued, and some companies undervalued. But these kinds of stories draw in viewers hence why media outlets publish them regardless of who has sent the press release for the story. Lots of people then sell who don't know their fundamentals.
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  • Suncor: Trading At Attractive Valuations, But Is It Ready To Perform?  [View article]
    If you are interested in a higher dividend yield a competently managed REIT like Annaly Capital Management w/ a 10.5% yield or at 13.5% New York Mortgage Trust, are good options. Research REITS, find a couple you like and wait for a low price pt entry, then hold for years, your dividends will at 10-15% pay off your initial principal quickly depending on how much a person's invests. RSO pays 15%. Several REIT's also for me personally fit my personal integrity parameters re: spills, when occur and we all know they do people and other animals can unfortunately be negatively impacted.
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