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  • Apple - A Great Value Stock With Strong Upside Potential [View article]
    The company is still undervalued, with a full pipeline ahead, for example, China Mobile seems more likely with addition of qualcomm chip to new iphones meant for China and other reasons, hence a savvy time to buy for capital gains as well. China mobile is speculative, no one knows but the evidence is stronger than it has ever been. As well revenues will of course grow over the holiday seasons.
    Aug 20 09:50 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Market-Beating Pros Buying New Value Stock [View article]
    Apple reported 3rd quarter earnings about 4 weeks ago, the dividend is being distributed Aug. 19, exdividend was Aug. 8. This is a really off the mark, not in touch with reality article.
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  • Apple: Beware Riding Icahn's Coattails [View article]
    Based on all of it's muliples and Cooks' increased focus on innovation, R&D spending, hiring new research engineers ect.. yes it is undervalued. This article re: some investors consolidating their cash, may be true for some, but the stock has been moving up due to the shareback (less shares in the pool), new product launch upcoming, and potentially entirely new products Cook has spoken off. There is always a slight pullback anyways after new product announcements, greater or less depending on people's views of the products.
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  • Apple: Beware Riding Icahn's Coattails [View article]
    Actually Apple did not pop significantly compared to other companies. I happened to be watching Apple's chart online when the news broke, at 11:20 am PT, it was at 476 and slowly moving upward, likely to close at approx. 478, this steady and slow move up since the pull back from the dividend is due to the upcoming product cycles. The anticipation is also what products will be released likely a low cost iphone along with a standard one. This catalysts just pushed the price up faster by a few days. By new product release likely at 560 approx. with pullbacks on the way.
    Aug 14 09:06 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Micron: The New World Of Micron [View article]
    Thank-you for the very helpful article regarding Micron. As well as the reminder re: it is the key supplier of DRAM mobile memory for Apple, sales will certainly go up as Apple ramps up it's new iphone 5's this season. The new CEO Dermot Durcan seems highly competent as well as very committed and enthusiastic re: Micron's long-term future as a tech hub for memory.
    Aug 13 12:50 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Apple Making A Comeback? A Historical Perspective [View article]
    Blackberry is currently considering going private due to far less sells than expected, many articles in regards to online. Apple and Samsung are difficult to compete with in the smartphone market.
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  • Why Apple Is Not Dead [View article]
    Obama's veto of US trade Commission of some older Apple's products ban, is a strong signal the Obama administration, supports a growing Apple (and it's increased focus on the triple bottom line profits, people and environmental stewardship) and the many jobs, including new ones via new Mac line to be assembled in US, created in US by Apple. Cook's increasingly progressively responsible environmental stewardship, including hiring Lisa Jackson exEPA head, would certainly also go over well with Obama. Along with Apple's compelling financial metrics including the growing dividend and significant potential for more growth via new product categories/upgrades to current products and/or services many investors including myself also support Apple's increased focus on the triple bottom line: financial growth, environmental sustainability and socially progressive.
    Aug 5 03:01 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is Significantly Undervalued And Poised For A Bull Run [View article]
    Yes in a brief short term but due to Apple's signicant low valuations one being some investors have discounted Apple for no growth when all signs indicate Apple is robustly commencing a new innovation stage i.e. new research centre in tech global hub Israel, smart place for Apple to build this new centre. New sales and research centre as well in Shanghai, increased R&D spending ect.. As well at Q3 Tim Cook responsed to an analysts questions re: more growth at Apple, that catalysts for growth at Apple would always be new products within current Apple products and entirely new product categories. This confirmed for me what I could see Cook has been trying to tell the market and customers, since early Feb. when he started speaking increasingly about embedded innovation in Apple's DNA, he is fostering an innovative spirit in all employees, that we have amazing new products and services including new potential new product categories ect..

    He has been subtle but not secretive about this at all. Apple is a great long-term income investment as well as with growth opportunity. Also as an ethical investor I support Cook's increasingly progressive environmental stewardship policies, and tying his compensation to S&P 500 performance. He has integrity, work ethic, is dedicated to the Apple's long-term success, committed to many corporate social/environmental responsiblity benchmarks and very competent.
    Aug 2 08:12 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is Significantly Undervalued And Poised For A Bull Run [View article]
    A short term catalyst as well is ex dividend Aug. 8, as a long term shareholder I continue to hold of course after receiving the dividends. However many current buys are short term, by a range of traders and investors for the dividend of course and sell very shortly after. As for a correction should the market cool, Apple is already as Zach notes well undervalued. A 10-15% correction which is the average range of a correction would as long as Tim Cook et. al. continue to competently manage Apple as they have been there would be little impact on Apple's share price.
    Aug 2 08:05 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Inc. Growth Slows, Still A Cash Cow [View article]
    Highly relevant to all growth and income investor, was Cook's comment to which after much lobbying by investors I know of and we all know from reading the press, said from a growth point of view key catalysts will be and always will be new products and services in existing categories and in new categories. Providing the answer many growth investors were wondering, is Apple focused on more growth and preparing more products for their enthusiastic customer base, yes they are and always will be. As an apple customer as well as investor I am looking forward to new Apple products for years to come. This is also reflected in Apple's surging R&D spending and new research hubs in Israel ect.. Apple is proactively innovating, horizontally fostering an innovation culture across the company verses Steve Jobs top down.

    As to whether new products are successful in the marketplace that is a question for all companies from 3M, Unilever to Hains Celestial when they release new products. However Apple is very customer focused paying close attention to what their loyal customers wish for many write to them ect.. telling them what they would like, combined with their high quality reputation, their new products will likely be received well.
    Jul 24 03:18 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Inc.: Slightly Disappointed, But More Hopeful [View article]
    It is remarkable they have been able to sell so many refreshes to in tech terms relatively older products, it is a wonder with this level of skill and competence what Cook, Oppeheimer et. al. will be able to do with new product categories in the pipeline. Apple knows how to market, plus their brand whether it is a new iphone or older model sells, as known for quality, reliability, excellent after sales service at the genius bar, and highly positive user experience. It was smart of Apple to discount the 4S/older models and maximize profit from them and this consumer economic demographic, as well many customers wishing for the most updated iphone would certainly be waiting for the iphone 6 release with its updated iOS operating system introduced at Apple's WWDC.

    Apple is very smartly and strategically maximizing profits on existing products while developing new product categories they will steadily introduce at the right time.

    Great positive Cook said Apple is very focused on having iOS in automobiles, and promising for growth investors said in the call key growth catalysts will always be new products and new services in existing categories and in new categories. Evidence including increased R&D and Cooks increased comments in recent months of fostering innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit in all of Apple's employees, stated innovation is stronger than ever at Apple along with new research hubs in Israel ect.. all further support his comment catalysts for growth will be new product categories. New products are getting ready to leave the lab, new product development takes time.

    Apple does not wish to sound super enthusiastic regarding new products as they still have 32 billion of shares to buyback, which they obviously wish to get at as low a price as possible. At any new product launch shares would appreciate. As to how well new products do in the market place, that is a question for any new product launch in any company, likely will do well based on Apple's commitment to what the customer wants and high quality craftsmanship. The key is Apple is committed to ongoing as Cook stated growth via catalysts including new product categories. A dividend in August, means something for income investors as well.
    Jul 24 01:18 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Inc. (AAPL) CEO Discusses F3Q 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    It is remarkable Apple is able to generate significant revenue from refreshes to relative in tech terms older products, that other companies would dream of in part due to Apple products reliable, quality reputation and brand. With this level of skill and competency it is a wonder what Cook, Oppenheimer et al. will be able to do with entirely new products. Cook also stated regarding new products and growth from a question from analyst Gene Munster that Apple is working on some stuff they are really proud of, and will see how these products do in the marketplace.

    He is being very modest regarding whether they will do well, as who knows how consumers will respond to new products from any company. However Apple does their market research he also doesn't want to sound overly enthusiastic and further push the stock up, as Apple still has 32 billion, of the 50 billion share buy back based on Oppenheimer's comments of shares to buyback. Essentially this means they are buying now as low as they can, as they know share price will continue to rise.
    Jul 24 06:24 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ignore Apple Earnings [View article]
    All fear based! Rather than fact and truth. One of Walt Disney's famous quote is highly relevant to all those playing the Apple pessimist, "Disneyland will never be complete as long as there is imagination in the world." Apple can continue to develop new popular products and services which enrich customers lives or the environment with all their talented, imaginative and motivated staff, if a small start-up with far less resources can, Apple has no excuse not too.

    Disney also as Cook is doing, actively fostered creativity across the company rather than as the sole company visionary. However Walt Disney, like other historic and inspirational American innovators/inventors i.e. Benjamin Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt (who with innovation help founded the United Nations and her own radio program), Thomas Edison ect..all were highly intrinsically motivated to keep creating, which classically equates to success. Consider in one's personal life, pursuing a goal one is intrinsically inspired by they are more likely to accomplish it. Tim Cook has said he is motivated for the love of creating great Apple products, verses his personal material gain, promising for Apple investors and customers.
    Jul 23 04:09 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The New Norm For Disney: A Blockbuster Strategy [View article]
    Loses from Lone Ranger won't hurt Disney's earnings as you mentioned, possible losses from potential blockbusters are calculated into Disney's business model. I also agree the upside is far greater than the downside regarding continuing to focus on blockbuster films for Disney. As well certainly true Disney has a wide diversity of revenue streams, extensive actually to support short-term loses such as that from movies that do not cover costs from ticket sales and advertising in movies, ie actor using Apple Mac or reading a certain magazine. As well Disney hires talented people who like to analyse data, to specifically look at data to see where potential new growth sectors appropriate to Disney's business model are, and research new potential growth areas, which is part of innovation. This research is provided to management who strategically assesses it for new potential, promising areas for Disney to branch into. Just one glance at Wikipedia clearly displays Disney's many revenue streams. ESPN of course is a large source of revenue via ads.

    Considering social responsibility is along with sound financial metrics and potential for future growth is important to many shareholders including myself Disney also has an environmental conservation fund via which they donate to many deserving projects. I personally will not invest in companies which test on animals, an unnecessary, nor proven to produce reliable human safety results verses on human stem cell tissue, and clearly inhumane. Another reason I invested in Disney, Apple, Hains Celestial and others at relatively low entry points, well managed companies which management operates within varying ethical boundaries.
    Jul 22 11:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Earnings: How To Tackle Saturation In The High-End Smartphone Market? [View article]
    Considering innovation and ongoing R&D is a fundamental component for ongoing growth of any company in all sectors, and that Cook has recently spoken publicly many times regarding embedded innovation at Apple, including stating innovation is everyone's job I am along with other reasons long Apple. Jobs innovation style was top down which is not as reliable, and successful in the long-term, based on many studies hence why major companies foster an across company, wisdom of the crowd model of innovation in their companies. Jobs also created teams (he was not alone responsible for all of Apple's successful final products) to further develop his ideas, these same teams Cook has smartly kept in place.

    Innovation experts like Dr. Gerard Tellis of the Univ. of N. Calf. who wrote, "Unrelenting Innovation: Creating a Culture of Market Dominance," along with research from many reputable sources i.e. Deloitte and Touche have found an involve all employees, encouraging an across company entrepreneurial spirit, creative thinking in all employees is far more effective at producing successful even new market leading products/services than is the top down, approach which Jobs applied. Cook along with leading companies including Disney, 3M, Hains Celestial, Conagra Foods, most tech companies strategically apply innovation/R&D... an innovative company culture as a strategy for new product and additions to current product development. Promising signals from Apple for growth investors include their new research hubs in China (Shanghai) and Herzilya Israel, another smart decision re: Israel as it is a global research tech hub, increased R&D spending, ect.. initiated under Cook.
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