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  • If Tim Cook Does Not Care About The 'Bloody ROI', Does He Care About The 'Bloody Stock Price'? [View article]
    Most investors are realizing Cook is very socially and environmentally personally dedicated listening to his inspiring UN speech on youtube is convincing of this in itself, it is part of personality, green spending on solar panels and other green initiatives have definitely increased under Cook's CEO tenure. Which I personally support for financial and ethical reasons seeing energy cost savings in the long run for example, great for the Apple brand to ect. Perhaps rather than his personal views spilling over into Apples social and enviro. policies many investors have emailed, Cook indicating they would like increasingly progressive social and environmental policies for revenue growth and ethically responsible reasons. From a revenue/dividend growth perspective a key issue which Cook has and is addressing is innovation and new product development...holding off on any judgement as of yet, as I know new product development takes time.
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  • If Tim Cook Does Not Care About The 'Bloody ROI', Does He Care About The 'Bloody Stock Price'? [View article]
    Tim Cook, is very socially conscious, he has started a charitable giving program at Apple, he gave a speech re: human rights at the UN two months ago, he himself lives a very modest lifestyle, stating he spends most of his time either at Apple which he is entirely devoted to, or outside hiking this is not a materialist guy. I get it, and yet do see him as a highly competent CEO, with well developed social and environmental values which is good for Apple's brand and sales, attracting talent, and revenue growth. He has many times in recent earnings calls stated directly Apple is committed to further growth via new product categories and innovations to current products both key to revenue growth and growing dividends, based on recent new patents we will very possibly see new products mid to end of this year. As a shareholder I think Tim Cook is the right CEO for Apple at this time. He likely does personally donate to organization's like Greenpeace as the author alluded to or that he should work for them not Apple. His admirable personal interests in green and social issues doesn't appear to me to interfere with Tim competently leading and guiding Apple.
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  • Apple: China Plus Icahn Equals No Brainer Valuation [View article]
    True Apple does have significant potential in mobile payments. Re: after earnings after watching Apple for several years as a long-term shareholder it does tend to depreciate and then move up over the next few weeks. Largely due to a sell off for profit taking via traders/investors buying into earnings, much like when new Apple products (upgrades) are introduced.
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  • Apple Will Beat Street Estimates, A Buy Is Justified [View article]
    It matters and Apple's management is highly competent, but in view of the fed taper as well investors are closer than ever looking at forward guidance and fundamentals which includes what are Apple's long-term innovation plans re: new products verses solely innovations to current products important as well but new products will drive earnings to new levels that incremental innovations to current products won't do. Hopefully at the call Tim Cook will provide some colour (for competition purposes he will not go into too much detail) on entirely new product development as he did at Q3, in which he said earnings will continue to be driven by new products in current categories as well as in entirely new categories. The needle did not move as high on Microsoft despite a beat on earnings and revenue as their guidance was inline combined with a closer look at fundamentals by investors. Companies like Delta Airways and Skyworks for example (wireless semiconductor) increased due to positive 2014 forward guidance, more so for Skyworks. Both companies are also very focused on innovation.
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  • Our Dynamic Duo: Apple And Facebook [View article]
    I do agree, I understand social media is a place for people to connect, however people inevitably like to interact with live people verses over computers. Originally facebook was new and interesting, likely many people myself included set up an account for this reason. I suspect many adults people including me, use it only for looking people up, messaging, but rarely read the news feeds. Coffee shops will always remain popular, but social media doesn't meet all people's social needs to meet in person.
    Jan 15, 2014. 04:06 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is Thinking Longer Than Mr. Market - Margins And Average Selling Prices Will Reverse Trend [View article]
    Savy, competent and a genuinely kind person. As a long-term apple shareholder I respect and support Tim's commencement of an Apple charitable giving program a reflection of his own believes taken from Kennedy's words he often quotes in interviews, "To whom alot is given much is expected." An increasing great dividend and increased charitable giving whether to a range of important causes from people or other animals, all are very possible should Apple's earnings momentum increase with higher iphone/ipad sales and new products/services on route, of which are hopefully popular in the marketplace. Charitable giving is also positive for Apple's brand and sales.
    Nov 29, 2013. 05:50 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is Thinking Longer Than Mr. Market - Margins And Average Selling Prices Will Reverse Trend [View article]
    I appreciate the article and numbers re: ipad supply and demands, sounds promising. Higher ipad sales and of course iphones will help Apple's EPS which last quarter did fall, by 4.2% from 8.67 EPS Q4 2012 to 8. 26 EPS Q4 2013, revenue increased while profit fell. However the positive early indicators re: iphone/ipad sales (new numbers out of Japan today also indicate high iphone sales with Japanese consumers) suggest Apple could report in the higher range of their 2014 Q1 earnings guidance, or above.

    We will all know come Jan 23rd. If upsides looks good throughout the holiday, along with China mobile this month there will be a run-up to earnings for certain. As a long-term shareholder I am looking forward to more ipad/iphone numbers after this large shopping weekend. As a long-term shareholder I do as you indicate do see Tim as competent. He is also thinking longer term re: increased R&D spending/innovation and new product/service development, which is fundamental for further earnings momentum. Higher ipad sales (often overlooked compared to iphones) will help earnings growth, which will give investors increased confidence in Apple.
    Nov 29, 2013. 04:27 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is Thinking Longer Than Mr. Market - Margins And Average Selling Prices Will Reverse Trend [View article]
    Samsung and Apple both have valuable markets and will continue to do well, they are large cap tech companies. Competition is essential for improving over all products, spurring new R&D, new service/product development, fair pricing in the market place monopolies do not serve the best interests of any consumers. Apple products are also popular as they are reliable, well made and durable, for busy people like myself I know my iphone is dependable and will work when I need it. Reliability is a top priority for busy people which includes most individuals.
    Nov 29, 2013. 03:47 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is Thinking Longer Than Mr. Market - Margins And Average Selling Prices Will Reverse Trend [View article]
    Thoughtful point, thank-you. I am certain Tim Cook would whole heartedly concur with your sentiment as he has several times quoted Kennedy, "To those whom much is given much is expected," in interviews. He also commenced a charitable giving program at Apple at the start of his tenure, which as a long-term shareholder I applaud along with his increasingly evident business competence. As someone who donates some of my capital gains to others in need (including animals like raccoons and orphaned bear cubs at wildlife rehab centres in British Columbia) I appreciate/understand your comment. Christmas is also a perfect time to volunteer with a range of organizations to help others in need.
    Nov 29, 2013. 03:39 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple Will Never Breach $700 Again And Remain There [View article]
    And priceline over $1000, with no rational valuations to support.
    Nov 19, 2013. 04:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Owner Earnings, Owner Earnings Yield And Payback Years [View article]
    Thank-you for your article, as a long-term Apple investor for income and potential growth reasons (Tim Cook et al. will likely successfully deliver new products and services including expanding ibeacon, how the market responds to their new products is the risk as it is in all companies, hence growth investing is slightly risker than income investing of course, but has a higher yield). I have been concerned re: earnings growth, however Apple's increased R&D/innovation is positive re: potential increased earnings momentum. A well run company with a high yield growing dividend, earnings momentum will attract more investors. Increased environmental standards under Cook is a positive as well, in view of the triple bottom line.
    Nov 4, 2013. 11:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Still No. 1 But Slipping Fast [View article]
    As a long-term Apple investor I recognize there is growing competition, however Apple does have a well established recognized, trusted, brand known for quality and reliability, along with other factors I strongly suspect they will continue to be a popular choice in the tablet/iphone market as long as these categories are in demand. In anticipation of market saturation of iphones/ipads Apple is preparing for more product releases as discussed by Tim Cook into 2014.

    I look at all sides prior to remaining invested in any company, Apple based on my research has much more upside then potential for downside. I am not sure it will reach 600 as soon as some may think as earnings seem to need a boost revenue is great however, new products may well increase earnings I hope so! The companies increasingly progressive environ. policies are a positive as well for ethical considerations.
    Nov 3, 2013. 10:16 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Momentum Continues To Build For Apple [View article]
    Apple's valuation verses Teslas or Priceline great comparisons, Apple will move up beyond low 500's, likely sell off after earnings was inpart profit taking. There is no sound reasoning to rationalize why Apple remains undervalued by the overall market, eventually the stock price will reach it's intrinsic value, hence why it is a good stock for people with long-term horizons as you aptly mentioned
    Oct 30, 2013. 04:23 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Earnings Mediocrity [View article]
    Shares are likely to rise, as alot of the downside after earnings was due to profit taking, as well many investors wishing to sell will wait until after the upcoming 3.05 dividend, the stock will rise coming to exdividend being it is a high dividend relative to pretty much all dividend stocks.
    Oct 29, 2013. 05:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is In Deep Trouble: A Reformed Bull Speaks Out [View article]
    True regarding the article would create controversy and draw in readers, the lead advertiser Scotia iTrade posted beside the article, had lots of viewers.
    Oct 24, 2013. 07:15 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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