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Just a regular guy trying to make some smart investments. Some risky, some safe. Win or lose never have "what if".
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  • Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    For a while now, I have been scratching my head and asking myself what are the good people of VRNG actually doing as of late. Please understand when I mean as of late, I am really saying 4-6 months. I ask this for the simple fact, that during the course of the trial, certain people who make up the Board of Directors simply cannot tell us that they are inundated with Google trial related tasks. Now if the members of the company were the actually Lawyers involved I would truly understand. But this is not the case, and I ask myself are they doing anything or like the shareholders are they simply waiting, clicking the refresh button on the pacer website, watching the stock trade and playing Angry Birds on the computer.

    What angers me, is that I truly believe that they are not doing much except waiting for the Honorable JJ to speak his mind. This is simply not acceptable. With 60 million dollar in the War Chest they need to be working that money and getting the word out. If they are attempting to get the word out, well to be honest they are failing. If Hedge Funds, Bankers and Brokers are waiting for the Judge to act first, well they failed to convince them why it's smart to get in now. What about the Nokia patents, that was only acquirable because you were able to sell shares to get the money? Where or what are we doing with that? As a shareholder I really do not know. But I am thirsty for news, and I am not even asking for Google news, I want to know what else is going on. Because as of late, all I hear is "WE CANT COMMENT ON THAT", and "NOTHING HAS CHANGED".

    So I Mr. Shareholder, Mr. Loyal Shareholder is here to tell everyone that things have changed, and I ask you guys to add to the list if I miss anything.

    Before I do, I want everyone to know that I am not disgusted at the PPS right now, yes it looks ugly. I am aware that events beyond the control of VRNG changed a few things. So I do not hold them to it, but the fact that Microsoft News came out ZTE news came out and nobody really cared… maybe my theory of THINGS HAVE CHANGED are more accurate than NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

    So I give you my TOP 20 OF THINGS HAVE CHANGED. If you guys get a smile or a chuckle to allow us for just a second to forget about the PPS then this was worth the read.

    Again ENJOY.

    20. The short interest is at an all time high. I hear from so many people that this is a good thing, but why does it make me nervous? Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    19. The float is nearly 100 million shares. I remember when it was 40 Million. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    18. The company has 60 Million Dollars in the bank and they are not working it at all or doing anything with it. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    17. The volume is down substantially and it represents lack of interest. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    16. We have more seller than buyers as of late. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    15. Social Network sites (except yahoo which is complete garbage) that talk about VRNG are showing signs of concern and doubt. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    14. The confidence levels of some old time Shareholders are getting restless, angry, concerned and feeling helpless and handcuffed. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    13. Loyal shareholders are feeling foolish for showing true support to VRNG by holding shares, and not trading it like everyone else did. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    12. Maybe being a Monday Morning QB isn't so bad after all. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    11. The stock price is down SUBSTANTIALLY. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    10. Have I mentioned yet that stock price is down substantially? Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    9. Here is a new one… THE STOCK PRICE IS DOWN SUBSTANTIALLY. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    8. The good people of VRNG sold shares, YES SOLD SHARES to pay the taxes on the new shares given to them HOW SWEET IS THAT! Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    7. News articles from people we believed in like Steve Kim, James Altucher and a few others are gone. Where did they go? (Sorry Kevin Porter, we don't want to hear from you.) If they are playing hide and go seek, please let me be the first to say, "Ollie, Ollie oxen free!!" Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    6. People like Andrew Perlman, Andrew Lang, Ellen Cohl, Alex Berger, and Cliff Weinstein have all sold tons of stock worth millions and they are now rich! LET ME BE THE FIRST TO SAY YOUR WELCOME! I usually get a kiss before I get….Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    5. Have I mentioned the stock price is down substantially, well if I have not yet, well THE PPS IS DOWN, and if I have well let me remind you all that it is. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    4. The natives are getting restless (the shareholders) and we would settle for anything by now, we would even settle for news that some of the Members of VRNG have been selected to be in this years playgirl calendar. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    3. While the stock price has declined, laches were determined, they did not go after treble damages, jury error, the good people of VRNG have decided to award themselves with more stock and options due to a job well done. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!

    2. The good people of VRNG have decided to take advantage of these low prices, and want to show the shareholders that these are fantastic levels to get in that they used his or her own money to buy shares to send a message of strength, confidence and support. OH WAIT NO THEY DIDN'T. Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING!


    Disclosure: I am long VRNG.

    Tags: VRNG
    Mar 07 10:15 AM | Link | 12 Comments
  • Numbers Don't Lie. Well Maybe This Time They Are...


    I went to a pretty solid college when I was younger. I remember I first majored in Statistics and Mathematics only to end up with a degree in Physics. However, one of the things I enjoyed so much about math was the numbers always tell the story. Or as many of you have heard before, numbers do not lie. It's a funny thing to say, and if you take a step back usually when solving most issues the numbers involved can help you create or help you decide where to go. Make a story out of the numbers was always helpful to me when trying to solve many issues. Even today...

    What do I mean? Ask any divorce lawyer who looks at bank statements to see where the money is going. The client might lie, but the bank statements sure wont. Example? Ask the husband about a purchase at Victoria's Secret, then ask the wife if she received anything from her husband from Victoria's Secret (Maybe Mr. Steve Kim can attest to that). Ask any IRS audit specialist what they use to decide if someone lied on his or her tax return. So Mr. Taxfilier, tell me about this donation again... Lastly, ask any jury how they came up with damages and they too can show you where the story (the trial in this case) went.

    So the trial came and a victory for (NASDAQ:VRNG). Ok let's not all get excited just yet. Did everyone see the numbers awarded? If you did not let's take a look once again.

    1. AOL $7.9 Million

    2. IAC $6.6 Million

    3. Target $98,000

    4. Ganet $3,432

    5. And Google (drum roll please) $15.9 Million.

    Huh? Confused? This is what we waited for? I went from saying YES WE WON, to please stay halted the entire day. What happened to Show me the Money? As the stock was halted and my heart was beating in my throat, and I was holding and looking at all the pictures on my work desk of my kids and wife I began to say to myself I just want something fair. Not looking to destroy anyone, but give what is right to the original owner of what he invented. Just because a man did not turn a patent into a Mega Business, does not mean he should be penalized for life. That was my theory going into this Day 1. Oh, and the jury agreed.

    So then the awards came in. The first thing that came to mind was, impossible. The second thing that came to my mind was impossible. Then the third thing that came to my mind was IMPOSSIBLE! Why do I say impossible, well just from the surface and not digging into this with the sleeves rolled past my elbows, one has to immediately say, How is AOL on the hook for 50% of the total past damages of Google? You then have to follow that up with how in the world is IAC on the hook for almost 40% of the past damages from Google? If you look at the total damages, the bulk of the money in the kitty was well Google. Let's take a look at some of these calculations that were calculated by the jury pool first.

    1. AOL $22,693,517

    2. IAC $18,917,570

    3. TARGET $282,380

    4. GANET $12,348

    5. GOOGLE $451,190,903

    Take a good look at those numbers. Now take another look at the award given. Now take it one step further and break up that award and see how the total was calculated. Confused? I am!

    According to several people the numbers were calculated as follows:

    1. AOL $22,693,517 X 35% = $7,942,730

    2. IAC $18,917,570 X 35% = $6,621,149

    3. TARGET $282,380 X 35% = $98,833

    4. GANET $12,348 X 35% = $3,432

    5. GOOGLE $451,190,903 X 3.5% = 15,791,681

    Now I certainly cannot say that Jury made an error. Nor can I say 100% a mistake has happened. But I can certainly say why the sudden change in a calculation for Google? Can a Juror get a calculator up in this deliberation room please! Can a math error happen? Of course it can. Ask any trader about a fat finger trade and he can attest to it. Mistakes happen all the time. In fact, I could be mistaken here. However, I can certainly say to myself something is not making any sense. From past damages, how it is that Google received the smallest % of the past damage. Yes dollar figure they had the highest award to be given, but on the percentage side of things something seems off. It looks like Google's portion was equivalent to getting a ticket in the mail for running a red light. When it should have been, much more. Possibly $142 Million dollars more. I came up with $158 Million using the same formula. Did someone get confused? Am I confused?

    So after years of saying and hearing Number do not lie, I guess for now I would like to add to the quote. "Number do not lie, but someone possibly screwed up".

    Disclosure: I am long VRNG.

    Tags: VRNG
    Nov 07 9:30 AM | Link | 7 Comments
  • Finally The Seeking Alpha Article About VRNG You Have Been Waiting For!! Well Not Really....

    Welcome all to my first Vringo (NASDAQ:VRNG) blog on Seeking Alpha and to all my ZERO followers thank you for the support. Don't worry I am not asking for you to donate anything. At least not yet, I will wait first for you to like me, listen to me, depend on me and then I will add that feature. But please do not expect any real DD in this blog, after all has anyone provided us with any real DD? And who am I to break the trend! Get this, I am not even a professional writer, and I did not major in English or Business Finance in college either. But hey, I have a keyboard, and I can write something and why not let the whole world see what I have to say after all I must be an expert since you can read what I am writing. Look at me everyone; I am a professional writer on stocks because people can see my writings!! My parents will be so proud! As many of you are here (long or short) continue to get bombarded with articles from so many people on a daily basis about VRNG I say do not read them, in fact stop reading mine! I provide no real substance, no real facts and nothing to make your mind react to your investment to protect it. My post is garbage but so is everyone else's. For an exception of maybe James Altucher, 99% of the garbage I have been reading is well garbage, not even worth recycling. Why read it? Nobody here can actually make me believe that any real DD is being done. I mean seriously, have you read some of the blogs coming out? Most of them are so horribly wrong that if I were to correct them, you would see so much red ink due to errors of all sorts; it would look like I was playing with crayons. People getting the float wrong, people getting the lawyers wrong, who is the judge wrong, people pulling numbers from a galaxy far far away, it makes me think YODA is writing a few of these. Some of these bloggers names should be called The Death Star for crying out loud.

    So I say, if you are going to read these wonderful works of art, do it for enjoyment and comical purposes its great bathroom reading. Nobody here can make me believe that someone actually spent time doing DD on some of the dribble that gets posted. In-fact, all the articles written are all for personal gains. The ones who we thought were actually here for us, have now created a business with donation buttons, or you must spend $1.50 to even read his one time free thought... How do you like that bait and switch? Yeah but hey, it's only $1.50 to get one man's opinion so I say why not. After all since it cost $1.50 it must be the real deal. Someone is posting from the courtroom! Well if he owns shares what do you think he will report, "Hi everyone, live from the courtroom as an owner of 2 Billion shares, things are going Googles way in court". If that person in the courtroom is short, what do you think he will say "Live from the courtroom as an owner of 2 trillion shares short things are going Vringo way? It is so crazy that the only thing that should be following Live from the courtroom should be ITS SATRUDAY NIGHT LIVE! The ones writing garbage with lies and inaccuracies well call it what it is, someone who is short. I would have more respect for an article written about how Vringo will fall if the person who posted the article actually said I am short, this is my name this is my research. But c'mon... you think that will happen. Why should they not stay anonymous, I am!

    You have to ask yourself why you are here in the first place. Was it for the Markman, was it for the SJ, was it for Settlement, was it for jury deliberation or was it for jury verdict? As time goes, you should by now have those questions answered and your game plan should be active. I know why I am here do you? And I know what stage of the game I am waiting for, do you? So if your end game was MSJ decision you should be gone by now, and if you are here for the Jury decision well who cares what the price is right now. Today's price does not reflect what is going on in the courtroom, but more important today's price won't mean diddly once we hear "WE THE JURY FIND THE DEFENDANT..." Man just saying that makes my stomach twitch... People want to call this a crap shoot or compare it to gambling. Well they might be right, but I think putting my money on Stout and Co gives me an edge. I feel like my horse is full of steroids and PED'S and nobody knows nor will they ever find out. That's just me, and I am not selling until Google either shoots my horse, or I am left holding the 1st place trophy.

    Yes I know the price is down from a nice high, but did you take any profit? Why not... officers of the company thought it was an attractive price to take some (not all) off the top. If it was good for them, should have been well good for you. And if you did not take profit, well that's ok also, as long as you said to yourself you are waiting for the end of the trial, or a settlement. And if you are waiting for settlement, do not try to figure out what the PPS will be with the "IF THE SETTLEMENT IS FOR THIS, THEN THE PPS WILL AND MUST BE THAT". I mean seriously, how many different scenarios are we going to read with people using the same settlement number? Nobody knows! Nobody knows that the current PPS is or what or how it is currently priced in for a future settlement. NOBODY! If that was the case, then the game would be so easy. How could you or anyone possibly know what the street thinks the settlement will be therefore having the PPS reflect it now? Is that even possible? Does that even makes sense? Do we know what the jurors are thinking? Since when? And if we do, show me the company that figured out Jury Mindset and I will sell all my Vringo shares and invest in that company! But it gets better some people also want you to not only think they know what the Jury is thinking but they want you to think they are the ones that will tell the jury how to decide! How cool is that! Phew!!! I feel so much better.

    So here I am providing the world (Zero followers for now) with a Seeking Alpha blog that doesn't talk about numbers, PPS, projections, tomorrow, yesterday, anything! It's a view from a regular investor like you. Someone who doesn't have an inside scoop, someone who doesn't have a friend of a friend who knows someone. A regular guy like you and a regular guy like most of these bloggers, except I am willing to admit it.

    Disclosure: I am long VRNG. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

    Disclosure: I am long VRNG.

    Tags: VRNG
    Oct 25 11:04 AM | Link | 27 Comments
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