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I am a 50 year old woman, with six children. Studied animal husbandry and struggling for a carreer and get a living in Bolivia. Got my cattle on extensive land, Chaco. Improved local breeds with insemination and some to serve the local people who live around the area.
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Samudra Simcrio Company started in 1996, with extensive cattle breeding on 10.000 ha in the Chaco of Bolivia. It's a natural surrounding, where cattle graze under natural circumstances in the forest. The herds have their own territories and graze on natural slight hilly forest land. My profit is not much yet because ...More
samudrabolivia In the Chaco of Bolivia there is an 10.000 hectare natural reserve, where cattle breed under natural circumstances. We can ride horses and see monkeys in the trees and many kind of birds: Tucans, Pavas, Condors, etc. In between cattle graze, not too many and we are going to open the forest for a silvopastoril ...More
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dropped far down, who knows it will go up again? Silver like $EXK stock and gold you buy in rich years not in crisis. Apr 19, 2013