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  • Aug ADP Jobs Report: +201K vs. +149K consensus, 163K prior.  [View news story]
    this is a good number. there is no recession in the US.

    there is no recession in the US but that is so not the point

    the point is that the US should and can grow faster than 2% real with its advantages of cheap energy, good infrastructure and educated productive labor force - we should not settle for 2% when US growth can and should be 3 to 4%

    we are being shorted 2% per year - that does not sound like a lot but do that for 10 years and you have Europe. do that for 10 years and your children will be materially poorer tan you are and your social safety net will suffer serious fraying

    Obama and his policies are a growth handbrake. Statism does not work - it leads to sub optimal growth. Yes perhaps the safety net is wider and deeper for a little while, and yes you can use tax policy to even up outcome distribution and make everyone feel better - for a little while and yes you can create favored nation status for certain industries or groups of "friends" (cronies) of the administration to "direct" growth and give a little pop to show how well we are doing - when really we are not. Yes. You can do all of this and still the great engine will deliver that solid 2% year after year except in recession years - because you will still get those - but now you have much less cushion. It is not enough. You may feel better today but all you have done is take away from potential.

    Gulliver like - the US economy is shackled by Lilliputian thinkers in the Obama administration and Obama himself who lacks the will to manage, to lead. The longer it remains thus the greater the risk of atrophy and long term disability.

    For these reasons you must fire Obama.

    Obama Must be Defeated.

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  • Aug ISM Manufacturing Index: 49.6 vs. 50.0 consensus and 49.8 prior. Prices index 54.0 vs. 39.5 prior. Employment 51.6 vs. 52.0. Inventories 53.0 vs. 49.0. New orders 47.1 vs. 48.0.  [View news story]
    David, you will be disappointed. The money I am talking about is car and retail sales and bank lending.

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  • For Income Investors: 2 Companies Going Ex-Dividend September 4th  [View article]
    sorry but what you cite as catalysts for NEM are not that.

    a catalyst is a new development e.g. a new mine or expansion of an existing one or takeover or closure of a loss making sub etc. etc.

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  • Aug ISM Manufacturing Index: 49.6 vs. 50.0 consensus and 49.8 prior. Prices index 54.0 vs. 39.5 prior. Employment 51.6 vs. 52.0. Inventories 53.0 vs. 49.0. New orders 47.1 vs. 48.0.  [View news story]
    I don't follow sentiment. I follow money. You should do the same.

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  • The Dow Jones Economic Sentiment Indicator - measuring the tenor of newspaper coverage of the economy - rose in August to 45.8 from 42.8 previously. It's the indicator's first rise since March, and the ESI's creators claim such a move - especially if sustained - tends to be a leading indicator of economic activity.  [View news story]
    it is an interesting indicator - it is clear there is no recession in the US -
    there are others like counting the number of time recession appears in newspaper headline - less relevant these days because it is not clear who reads newspapers.

    regarding politics - forget Ryan he is nothing more than a fig leaf.

    compare the records Obama v. Romney

    Romney is platinum. Forget for a moment the successful stint as Governor of MA, saving the Salt Lake Winter Olympics and starting Bain Capital - forget for a moment the wealth and value created by that entity - yes some companies failed and outsourced - so what? - many did not. I have worked for PE backed companies. PE's goal is to maximize value. Bottom line - he did what he promised. Did you know that he gave away his inheritance and worked as Governor of Ma without pay and that he has made and donated millions to charity?

    Compare that to the record of the Junior Senator from IL.

    Does it worry you that he has changed his mind on a variety of issues? That he's a flip-flopper? How terrible that we might have a leader who listens and changes his point of view rather than a rigid idealog. You had that in Bush and Obama. Romney much more like Clinton. I liked Clinton. I bet you thought he was o'k as well.

    By any stretch.. it is a no contest.

    Obama must be defeated.
    Hit the road Barack

    Sep 3, 2012. 05:26 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Peak Oil Myth: Debunking The Peak Oil Theory  [View article]
    one thing that is true is that the demand for technology is increasing and even the big nationals need outside help - that might mean oil service is a better long term bet

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  • Peak Oil Myth: Debunking The Peak Oil Theory  [View article]
    for all intents and purposes the supply of oil is infinite
    the author is correct technology changes everything
    price and supply/demand brings oil to market
    these relationships are obvious - otherwise we should have run out of oil last century.
    whether this means oil/energy companies are a good investment is a whole other matter.
    most oil is owned by national oil companies the majors and independents paly at the margins

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  • The weekend's box office numbers saw a bit of a surprise when political documentary 2016: Obama‚Äôs America edged into the mix with an estimated $6.238M haul to beat several big studio debuts. Despite the unexpected surge in the film, the overall theme from the weekend is that the late summer doldrums are now in full swing and that the industry still hasn't been fully recharged since the Colorado theater shooting in July. Seeing the August movie slump: DIS, LGF, VIAB, SNE, TWX, CMCSA[View news story]
    I don't care if Obama burned flags or hung out with revolutionaries or wrote anti-colonial treatises when he was in college. I don't care about Bill Ayers or Rev. Wright. I don't care what religion Obama is or if he proud of America. None of that matters. Irrelevant.

    The real problem with Barack Obama is that as a leader- in defining a course of action and then creating a set of policies that deliver against that - he is an abject failure. As a CEO - that is my job. To define, persusade and execute. To marshall the resources I have or to get the right set and then deliver. Mr. Obama has not delivered. He panders. He obfuscates. He confuses rhetoric with action. He confuses demagoguery with ideas.

    Even Obamacare - the signal achievement of his adminiastration - was a botch. Defined by Pelosi and delivered by the Democratic Congress. It is the hallmark of this Presidency. Failure. Failure of leadership. Failure of will. Failure of vision.

    Obama Must Be Defeated.

    We deserve better than this loser.

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  • The gold standard returns to mainstream U.S. politics, as a "gold commission" is part of the official Republican party platform. The notion is widely condemned as "a clown idea"; even economists who support Romney believe "there are better ways" to achieve stability. But rather than a gold commission, another commission idea may have more staying power: one that would examine the Fed and its mandate.  [View news story]
    it is like telling the doctor who saved your life with radiation therapy that from now on he must use leeches instead. unbelieveable.
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  • The Simplified Bank Stress Test  [View article]
    Jason is right.

    you want to own the banks as rates rise

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  • Returning The Dollar To The Gold Standard Is A Really Bad Idea  [View article]
    I prefr Conch shells

    same thing

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  • Will Newmont Mining Sink On Minas Conga Debacle?  [View article]
    I agree. The market discounted minas conga a long while ago.
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  • Early Facebook (FB +5%) investor and director Peter Thiel discloses he sold 20.06M shares on Thursday and Friday, following the end of Facebook's lockup expiration. Thiel, who obtained his shares at an adjusted price of $0.004, had converted 9M ahead of the expiration from Class B to Class A to facilitate their sale. He now holds only ~8M Facebook shares, compared with over 44M before the IPO. (more on FB[View news story]
    strong vote of confidence
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  • Dramatic Decoupling Of U.S. Stocks From Global Equities To End  [View article]
    fantastic call

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  • Ultra-Low Interest Rates Indicate U.S. Stocks Are Expensive  [View article]
    another grear call

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