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I have been in the financial industry for about 6 years and am an avid market follower.

I believe that in the short term the market is a voting device of current events, however in the longer term it is a weighing device which accurately shows the state of the economy.

Things Learned in 2009: Markets are profoundly shaped by gov't actions. Even if growth does not occur organically, the market doesn't care. All it cares about is potential cash flow growth. Another little secret: the economy only matters 25% of the time and thus analysis must be extended to sentiment, liquidity, and technicals. All of these factors must be taken into consideration to properly navigate the markets. The key is not ...More
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RCS Investments My weblog is a compilation of my overall longer-term thesis, any updates, and/or changes. I plan on posting here about once every 2 months, updating and or changing bits of my thesis as I see fit. My "Instablog" is meant more for short term articles that further articulate what my longer term thesis is. I ...More
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Fade this rally. The stock market is now looking for a pickup in fundamental improvement. It's not there. Aug 4, 2010