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  • After The Recent Rout Micron Is A Very Strong Buy [View article]
    Having only just "caught" your article, as SA's priviledged priotiy list does not include the likes of me, I'm overjoyed to read your turning positive on the stock. Will read later in the evening, as the weather today in this part of the world is just so, so oppressive, esp for the old in body, even if young at heart.
    Jul 3, 2015. 12:10 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Varoufakis promises to quit if Greeks vote for austerity [View news story]
    Of course, to the people in Brussels, Berlin and Paris, it would be sacrilege, but imagine the possibilities if the EU could somehow have an "antidote" personality to even just Mr. Varoufakis, whose peering eyes, headstrong convictions, however narrow and false in his pretensions, can carry the crowds, esp if it involves raising pitchforks.

    As a reminder, I ask people to reflect how Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu changed the prospects for the Palestinians, in just a few short years, as there is practically no one on the other side to explain, articulate, amplify, ventilate the real, awful daily lives and future prospects for the Palestinians.

    Left unchecked, the likes of Messrs. Varoufakis and Tsipras will always win, as it is so easy, in current times, to have people raise their pitchforks, esp against the "unknown, always evil" enemies of the "always good" people of the earth.

    Sadly, at no time in history than now, governments all over the world need to govern, i.e negotiate political compromises, legislate what has been agreed, convince the unconvinced electorate, and most difficult, implement and make stick what has been legislated.

    Greece, by these paths, is well on the way to the opposite side, and that which is well paved with the roads taken by the likes of Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa and so many companions elsewhere in the world.
    Jul 2, 2015. 09:56 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Boeing 747-8 And Airbus A380: 2 Very Large Aircraft... 2 Different Stories [View article]
    I wish there was someone as smart as you on engines technology, as all these NEO versions seem to indicate that the great skies are open to engine makers as much as the planemakers!
    Jul 1, 2015. 09:21 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Boeing 747-8 And Airbus A380: 2 Very Large Aircraft... 2 Different Stories [View article]
    Re:" The Boeing 787 program and manufacturing methods were established before McNerney became CEO. The biggest mistake Boeing made is outsourcing work and by the time they realized this it was too late to revert decisions."

    I was intrigued by your comment above. I assume BA's loss in this regard is gain for the likes of AA, PCP, TDG, SPR, perhaps even the likes of HON and UTX.

    Among any of the current component suppliers to the 787 program, since it so hugely successful, do you have any thoughts on any stocks that reflect superior value, as a long term investment?
    Jul 1, 2015. 04:45 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Boeing 747-8 And Airbus A380: 2 Very Large Aircraft... 2 Different Stories [View article]
    Short and're a star, thank you.
    Jun 30, 2015. 11:02 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Boeing 747-8 And Airbus A380: 2 Very Large Aircraft... 2 Different Stories [View article]
    Another great, short, interesting and full-of-facts article, congratulations. I have the following basic questions, which you could either respond to here, or better still, pen as separate articles later:

    a) since the 787 line is made of composite, lighter materials, why doesn't Boeing 'fashion' all its future aircraft of every size using versions of this design, i.e. by simply collapsing or stretching its basic design to suit every passenger size and freighter load category;
    b) why is the 787 line taking so long to make money for BA, when it must by now be running off a normalized cost curve, given Mr. McInerney's excellent experience in managing costs, etc during his previous long life at GE; and finally,
    c) between BA and Airbus, who would you bet on as the better long term (>5 years) investment.
    Again, thanks for this article, and for all the ones in the learns a lot from your pennings!
    Jun 30, 2015. 08:11 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Partying Like It Is 2007 [View article]
    Timely article, esp after everyone is digesting so many unknowns emanating from the Greek drama. But with so many European markets in a swoon, coupled with the EUR's drop vs the USD, I wonder if you've considered some of the big and small pharma and biotech stocks as long term investments.

    I wonder if you have any thoughts on the likes of Novartis, Roche, Sanofi, AZN, GSK, Shire, and the likes of Santhera Pharma in Switzerland and Genfit in France. There are many others, some with likely attractive tax inverted situations like Actavis and Mylan.

    I am sure you are aware of a lot more than this shortlist, but grateful for your views.
    Jun 29, 2015. 10:51 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • National Bank Of Greece, Lights Out? [View article]
    Does the author have any views on the EUR denominated bonds issued by say, NBG, are they as good as worthless also?
    Jun 29, 2015. 05:51 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Strong Withdrawals From Mainland And Hong Kong Gold Vaults [View article]
    People in the Orient have finally seen the light:
    - Gold is not a safe haven, as there are really no safe havens anymore, esp for Central Bankers and the associated "switched on" people, of which there are many in HK and S'pore;
    - the entire world is now flooded with risky assets, either because of valuable properties at highly inflated prices or useless properties at highly risky prospects, even if undervalued pricewise;
    - even if entirely "unrehearsed", all central banks have only 2 real, economic goals, i.e. a low currency rate for their jurisdiction, low interest rates for the foreseeable, highly risk filled future;
    - every part of the world is now well and truly in the mire, at least in perceived terms, so where is that underlying justification to own gold now, i.e. hyperinflation fears.
    In short, this "outflow" was a long time coming, and for HK people, it is having to accept another bitter reality, there will be no "regime change" or even the "English stlyle, civilised" rules for it anytime soon in HK.
    Jun 24, 2015. 10:31 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What's Wrong With Emerging Markets ETFs? [View article]
    I feel the time has come for MSCI to recognise that growth trends are better correlated with a regional cut than a simple split of emerging and frontier markets. For example, I wish there were ETFS that were split as follows:
    a) North and South East Asia markets: which should comprise South Korea, China, Taiwan, HK, and all the markets in SEAsia such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.
    To me, these markets are likely to do well together, one reason for it being that they all have a large %age of Chinese diaspora among the business community.
    b) South Asia markets: such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as they have many common characteristics apart from ethnicity, but also similar life priorities and yes, a huge legacy 'baggage' of being British ex-colonies;
    c) Middle East and North Africa: this classification could be useful, as over time, these markets are likely to be highly correlated due to their language/region, demographic, natural resource dependency commonalities;
    d) Sub-Saharan Africa: I suspect there is more commonality in economic prospects between Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa than meets the eye, which should allow investors to decide if this index is a good destination for investments;
    e) Middle and Latin America: although this could be split further, but even a simple cut of an index along a regional basis will allow investors to decide their investments based on the common trends occurring in markets like Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Uruguay.

    In short, I wish MSCI invests some time on the merits of indexing emerging and frontier markets on a regional basis per above vs a permanently, inherently distorting view of just emerging and frontier markets.
    Jun 24, 2015. 08:38 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple And Intel: A Marriage Made In P-Code? [View article]

    Amazed at your mastery of the arts, and now, with this article, the sciences. Congratulations!

    Methinks, my only thought in fact is, simply that Apple is a pathological 'low cost operator', and I would find it hard to believe that it would love Intel enough to bring it more business in future without seeing concrete, demonstrated proof that Intel could produce chips that perform longer, produce no heat, and best of all, at least match what the likes of Samsung and TSMC can sell at.

    Who knows, since a large part of what makes Apple Inc. these days is in fact Apple Bank Inc., they would have to see significant fiscal advantages from buying Intel vs. Samsung or TSMC, since the latter two can supply the chips at ex-factory prices on to some foreign Apple subsidiary, which are then marked up sufficiently to produce fat, essentially tax free margins for Apple Inc. That substantial benefit may not accrue to the same degree when buying from Intel......even if I know that Intel does have factories in Israel and Ireland.
    Jun 24, 2015. 08:18 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Did Greece blink first? [View news story]
    To my mind, there are, in reality, no winners, no losers, no real games played. The world is fast becoming a global marketplace, peoples all over the world are being forced to adapt, learn, unlearn and Greeks are no exception.

    For all the brilliant utterances by the Foreign Minister, his pitbull charges at EU leadership are misplaced.

    Greece has to change its ways at every level, even its famed 'give the min take the max' DNA, and the government in whatever form it emerges after this agreement, will have to accept that unless it makes substantial changes to the way it governs, enforces its governance, harsher realities await in future months and years.

    A government of national unity is what is necessary if the country can be put on a consistent path to recover from its current sad condition.
    Jun 24, 2015. 05:29 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Thought Leadership On Greece - You Judge [View article]
    My apologies, of course, SAP should be first, as it is strong on government at all levels.....
    Jun 23, 2015. 02:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Thought Leadership On Greece - You Judge [View article]
    It seems to me that Greece's political leaders have to go back to Athens, soon after the deal, whatever it is, is signed, batten the hatches, and get to work on one priority: short term and long term goals to gain, not just European competitiveness, but globally.

    For too long, the top leaders have spent a lot of time, energy and their substantial intellect talking, writing and doing everything to game the final agreement. Now, in spite of the agreement being full of warts, the real 'enemy' of Greece is not the agreement, not EU, but the entire globe.

    The first area of permanent fix required is the way Greek Government governs, both in terms of government (too much) and governance (too little). It is no longer a unique discovery for them, but many governments, with efficient systems, processes, rules and ways of doing things exist around the world, essentially all of whom use IT as the only means to gain permanent competitive advantage. If Greece government were to approach the likes of Oracle, Microsoft and dare I suggest, even IBM and ask them to reengineer the various ministries, as well as the layers of government, including social media, procurement processes, etc they will find them giving much information on how other governments in other countries have progressed on this front.

    If necessary, and if Syriza is seriously, spiritually committed to helping Greece get out of its deep depression, it should consider forming a Government of National Unity, for the next 5 years, and go about leveraging technology to the maximum to address deep set problems and solve them permanently, so that Greece, at the end of this dark tunnel, sees light forever, in terms of its global competitivenss.

    For example, in tax collection and compliance, Israel has much to teach Greece, and it should seek out the ways and means of how the Israelis solved this apparently insurmountable problem:
    Countries like Singapore, Ireland, Malta, Switzerland have so much to offer, a united, committed government laser focused on its people, with all the goodwill the rest of Europe and USA naturally have towards Greece, it would seem it is time to find the diamonds in the rough in Greece, rather than always unearthing the rough there......
    Jun 23, 2015. 11:25 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tableau: Using Its $715 Million In Cash To Add Collaboration? [View article]
    During the last Oracle conference call, management called out Tableau several times indicating that they were getting ahead of them in various competitive deals. What is your opinion of Oracle's offerings vs DATA's?
    Jun 23, 2015. 11:06 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment