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  • Can Gilead Maintain Supremacy Against GlaxoSmithKline? [View article]
    It is good that Sofosbuvir is going to be FDA approved but Gilead will not make the big bucks until it gets Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir FDA approved for the 12 wk treatment that DOES NOT NEED RIBAVIRIN OR INTERFERON, this has proven in trials to cure HCV. If they don't get moving they are going to lose the race. Duh
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  • Yes, Gilead Did It Again [View article]
    This news stinks, none of the Hep C patients want the horrible drug Ribavirin. So if this is as good as Gilead can do with it's hepatitis C treatments, it's time to move your money. Ribavirin is a horrible drug it has horrible side effects (your as sick as dog while on it), and it causes other life long permanent diseases, such as thyroid, diabetis and heart well as immune system problems. The only reason this article was published is because they are going to be FDA approved for Sofosbuvir which by itself is not a cure and so they add the cheap drug Ribaviarin or Interferon Now they have a combo pill Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir which cures Hep C in 12 weeks without Ribavirin, no side effects!!!!!! It sounds to me like Gilead is either trying to make their treatment cheaper without regard to the patient's well being or they are in bed with the FDA and the Insurance Companies. Here Gilead CEO's take a few Ribavirin pills and see how you like it!!!!
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  • Regulators Await Gilead's Hep C Candidate [View article]
    As long as your treatment has Ribavirin in the mix......the cure is no safer or better for people than the current FDA approved treatments currently on the market. Ribavin has the following side effecta per the FDA ..anemia, headache, irritability and anxiety, depression, hair loss, skin itchiness, insomnia, joint pain, muscle pain, anorexia, neutropenia (very serious), nausea and vomitig, fever, chills and fatigue. You have not attained 100% cure rate for the Hep C 1a without the horrible drugs Ribavirin and Interferon. This is the most previlent genotype in the US ....1a These drugs both have horrible long last side effects to the patients life. You do not talk about that nor do you talk about relapses, etc. The only 100% effect, safe cure for Hep C 1a is BMS's Daclatasvir combined with Sofosbuvir. Put people first before profits!
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  • FISSION Study Should Support Regulatory Approval For Gilead's Hepatitis C Drug [View article]
    get it straight no one wants your drug cocktail with interferon or rvb, you results are at best poor., the laundry list of side effects or rvb, anema, headache, irritability, depression lost of hair, loss of apetite, vomiting, etc. not to mention the life long other medical conditions these drugs cause from being injested. it is no secret anymore. the word is getting out there on the street your cure for hep C is not working without the half of the cure from BMS
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  • Gilead Could Be A Smart Play On Hepatitis C Market Growth [View article]

    Anyone who participated in the phase II Parmassett (Gilead) & BMS all oral Hep C trial, please contact We are looking for you! You could be a big help to us in our fight to get Gilead to work with BMS and get this cure to Phase III and then to the world! You can help us. We need this cure. Since last April when Gilead stopped working with BMS appox. 270,000 people have died from Hep C! Please sign the petition and get others you know to sign as well. Most importantly please email Margaret Dudley.

    Thank you!
    Jan 29 01:55 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Medgenics' Bulging Pipeline Of Blockbuster Indications Takes On Big Pharma's Harmful Drugs [View article]
    Interferon no matter who compounds it still Interferon with the same inhumane side effects and life long side effects
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  • This Week's Bio-Pharma Stock Movers: The Hep-C Market [View article]
    Incivek kills !
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  • This Week's Bio-Pharma Stock Movers: The Hep-C Market [View article]
    Any combo with ribavirin or interferon is inhumane!
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  • Gilead Provides Update on Hepatitis C Development Programs [View article]
    Oh one more thing to consider. I would get working with Bristol Myer Squibb before the onslaught of Obama Care or your profits will be greatly reduced by the Obama Care panels who will dictate who can have the Hepatitis C treatment and who will not. Let's face it more people dye from Hepatitis C less government payment on SSI, Medicare, Medicad, Social Security, Health Care Exchanges, etc. So I would be mass producing your pill and get it together with BMS's pill = you make money.
    Jan 21 07:44 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gilead Provides Update on Hepatitis C Development Programs [View article]
    From trials it was proven that Gilead's pill sofosbuvir when combined with Bristol-Myes Squibb's pill daclatasvir has a 100% cure rate for Hepatitis C with only mild side effects. This is treatment works without the use of other harmful durgs like Interferon and Ribavirin being taken along with these 2 pills. Gilead stop with holding the cure, human life is at stake here, many people do not have the time to wait anymore for a humane cure. There are 4 million known American's that have Hepatitis and there are 270 million known hepatiis infected people world wide. Working with Bistol-Myes Squibb you will recoupe you 11 million dollar investment from buying Pharmacist"s Drug Company and their drug sofosbuvir. Please stop tourturing people with you experimental trials of generic drugs and release the treatment that has worked and start saving people.
    Jan 21 07:19 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
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