M. J. Capaldi

M. J. Capaldi
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Former Investment Banker uses Chalkin Money Flow, On Balance Volumes and Ultimate oscillator to uncover early stock gems that can give you parabolic growth. At the early stages stocks are often ignored by institutions and 80% of stock increases are missed by large investors and Pareto's law is fully in play. I begin my screens with fundamentals and look for cash flow growth with little or no debt. My service will let me use my street wise skill to ferret out early winners by using insider filings and keen insight. One thing you will get is a handle on winning stocks that blossom. I have had 3 500% winners in the last six months.
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  • Interests: Developed International Markets, ETFs, Energy stocks, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
Capgains.com Make your first stop in stock screening my blog. Our past winners (ID) or Level 3 and our most recent winner (TTM) Tata motors which we recommended at $14 is now at $34. Our recent former favorite stock Coinstar (CSTR) was issued a sell warning and we kept our profits as it tumbled 31% thereafter. Try my ...More
Capgains.com A Fund Manager Mr. Mario Gabelli once told me a story about a Senior trader and a junior trader on Wall Street trading a sardine can in between their trading day and at the end of the day the junior trader opens the sardine can and eats one of them. With a grossed out green and sweating face he suddenly spit ...More
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Tata Motors sell off overdone! The only thing that will catch fire long term are it's shares not it's cars. http://bit.ly/eJOrrg Dec 13, 2010