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  • Happy Birthday! The Dividend Growth Portfolio Turns 5 [View article]
    Congratulations for establishing, monitoring and developing a portfolio built on some steadfast rules by which you would govern it for FIVE YEARS(!). In this day and age when the average investor cannot iterate an investment strategy that they are using because they hold onto their stocks about as long as they can hold onto an idea, you are a beacon of hope for all those investing souls that are lost. I don't worry about my stocks any more; I only worry about their dividends. This one item can help me be somewhat (at the least) consistent with my buy, sell and hold decisions. Keep up the good work and here's to 5 more!
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  • General Electric's Dividend Is In A Golden Age [View article]
    It is the intent of the company, and its board of directors (who shareholders vote into place to pay that dividend and make other decisions as to the direction and leadership of the company). If it were guaranteed, the board wouldn't vote on it each quarter.
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  • General Electric's Dividend Is In A Golden Age [View article]
    Im taking a note for myself to remember when I become the CEO of a global conglomerate: If under my leadership the company should cut its dividend due to foreseen or unforseen circumstances, I should not agree to it. I should not make adjustments to the capital expenditures and investments that the company I run makes in good times or bad. I should keep things as they are and if the company folds, then it folds.

    If that seems like the great way to run a company then please continue to complain about GE, Immelt and its BoD on this site and all others you can find. Go one step further and please sell your shares in enough amounts that the share price would go down so much so that I might be able to purchase more at a lower price because of such insanity.

    This is the fault in the thinking of those that complain about the dividend cut. Im sure at least one person will also say something along the lines of "Im not upset that they (GE) cut the dividend, but that Immelt "lied" about it. As a shareholder I wouldn't be happy if he came right out and said the dividend was in question or to be cut, or if he "lied" about it and said it was safe only to later see it be cut. Either way it sucks; grow up and move on. Investing involves risk. In the meantime, as an investor in GE I sleep well at night knowing that Immelt is at the helm and is willing to make difficult decisions in the face of such scrutiny instead of avoiding them in the effort to not upset anybody.

    Back in the early days of the crisis I believe that the CEO of Bear Stearns said on Wednesday that the company was fine and not in distress. By Friday of that same week the company went to the Fed to get help. Soon thereafter the company was bankrupt, bought out by JPM for pennies on the dollar. Call that whatever you want, but when I look at Immelt and GE I think they did pretty well given the circumstances that they found themselves in. He could have gone out and found someone that would have bought GE for a significant discount to what it was trading at that time.

    A dividend is the stated intent to pay the shareholder so much of the profits. It is not a guarantee or promise.
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  • ConocoPhillips: A Classic Dividend Hold [View article]
    I bought in 2011 prior to the announcement of the spin-off of PSX. Bought a second batch right after the announcement. Hold both currently. I think COP's management is top notch and is holding fast to it's plans, not the whims of the markets reaction to their plans. To that end, I do think it to be somewhat of a speculative play for a DGI as noted by liongterm above. My stance is to hold what I have and see what happens. If they continue to execute I do believe that I will be rewarded. The market has started to price in some of that execution with recent price movements. I think that dividends may grow slower in near-term as they make investments and bring projects on-line to add to earnings. In the meantime I will let dividends reinvest-I have that luxury and realize some others may not, so I will take advantage of it. Long COP, PSX, VLO, OXY
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  • Impressive Dividend Growth Continues For Phillips 66 [View article]
    I agree with the Author that shares are attractive, but I am not too scared to add to my position at these levels. As Mr. Hudson says above, I do not see too many other bargains out there. Maybe this dividend increase is due in part to the spin-off of PSX, but I am looking forward to actually seeing the effects of the spin-off in EPS. These shares may not see a 3% yield for some time. Be rest assured if they do I will be buying.
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  • Exxon Won't Buy BP; ConocoPhillips Makes Much More Sense [View article]
    I have thought often times with OXY discussing the spin-off or sale of assets that a COP purchase of OXY's E&P division would be interesting and somewhat doable. Michael, I would enjoy your take on a MRO or OXY deal with COP. Now there's a good idea for your next article. Please cite myself and Chirag above in the article!
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  • Exxon Won't Buy BP; ConocoPhillips Makes Much More Sense [View article]
    I like this plan...
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  • Q2 Earnings: ConocoPhillips Blows Exxon And Chevron Away On Cash Margin Improvement [View article]

    I had to chuckle at your comment:

    "This is a great company which probably should have gotten the benefit of the doubt from the beginning...".

    Unfortunately for them is right! One thing the market is not good at is giving the benefit of the doubt to anyone. That allowed guys like us to find a decent buy and a great dividend.

    Like Michael, I too saw your posts on XOM and fully agree with you. I felt as though your argument was more compelling (admit investor bias-I don't own XOM) and it appears that at least for the moment, you are correct. Keep up the great work. I enjoy reading your articles along with Mr. Fitzsimmons.
    Aug 6 12:10 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Q2 Earnings: ConocoPhillips Blows Exxon And Chevron Away On Cash Margin Improvement [View article]
    I too am glad that I loaded up on this stock back in 2011. I kept my PSX shares when many on this site said to sell. I kept my shares of COP when many on this site said to sell. As you can imagine I am glad that I did. Since I purchased the shares both COP and PSX have executed very well on their stated objectives. Managment may be one of my largest reasons for owning this stock.
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  • Today's Market: Mergers And Acquisitions, Dealmaking And Earnings Moving These Names [View article]
    I actually bought some about two weeks back as I did some reasearch on the company. I saw the notes on Google and figured I would take a change buying 1000 at 5.70. I then watched as the stock dropped precipitously to around 5.30-5.40 last week. I held on as I thought my due diligence was sound. I checked my tickers at the end of the day yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the gain. Today, much the same. I will not get too excited as I bought it as a longer-term position liking the space they are in relative to the growth in devices using their technology (and the future growth of devices not yet available as noted above) and the nice little dividend I get along the way that will also hopefully grow. Much more speculative then what I usually buy, but thought it would be worth it to take the chance. Thanks for the article Mr. Smith.
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  • How To Accumulate Your Nest Egg [View article]

    Without going into a novel on tax planning I will keep it simple. Talk to the person you know that you'd most like to emulate financially and ask them who their CPA is. Work with that CPA and get your answers that way-because they probably have a system that they'll plug you into for tracking the non-deductible contributions. One other note on "picking your financial hero"; if that person does not have a CPA then I'd probably pick someone else to be my hero (no offense to anyone that doesn't use a CPA-that's just part of my "Filter". A good CPA is worth their cost-especially for the accumulation stuff that's being talked about here. If you are self-employed or own your own business-no matter how small-you NEED a tax advisor to identify all of the ways you can make the system work for you.
    If you can max out a 401k AND still do an IRA, you NEED to have a CPA work with you on this.
    What's better than a big pile of money? A big pile of money that has been orchestrated in a manner that will allow you or your heirs to keep the most amount possible and the smallest amount possible to taxes. That's my take.
    Jul 16 10:06 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How To Accumulate Your Nest Egg [View article]

    Love the article. I am convinced that 100% of all investment returns are dependent on making the investment (saving the money!) in the first place.

    One item that I would note though with respect to a comment in your article:

    "Earlier this year, I discussed that I am now maxing out my 401k and am also planning on maxing out my SEP IRA. The goal of this exercise was to reduce the amount of taxes I pay each year. Unfortunately, I am not eligible to receive a tax deduction on the regular IRA at this time."

    Check with a CPA on this. Make sure you don't go over the $51K aggregate IRS 415 limit for 2013. This can make a mess for you if you over contribute.

    Additionally, who says an IRA is not of value if you can't get the deduction? You can make a non-deductible contribution and the earnings grow tax deferred. However, when you take money out, your contributions are tax-free but your earnings will be taxed. Just be sure to keep track of your non-deductible contributions. You'll need to show the IRS your facts if you take money out of an IRA and don't pay taxes. So you can still get the power of tax deferral, just not the up-front deduction.

    If you are making enough money to max out your plans I hope that you have a good CPA. If not, I would definitely recommend finding one. Saving that kind of money can lead to tax problems. Of course those tax "problems" are good ones to have!

    Again, great article. I hope my comments are helpful for you. In no way am I trying to tell you what you are doing is wrong, just be careful with those deferral limits!
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  • General Electric: Becoming Your Daddy's Dividend Stalwart Again [View article]
    I don't think it's circular, I just think you have made a poor argument for XOM or PM. The dividend growth is there. As for "anyone can pick a spot and be right", that's what you did with PM and XOM. They did not cut their dividends as did GE, but clearly since the dividend cut, the investor that has been diligent and patient has been rewarded with dividend growth relative to PM and XOM (great companies, by the way).
    Jul 6 10:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • General Electric: Becoming Your Daddy's Dividend Stalwart Again [View article]

    "...analyze what is before us and invest accordingly."

    Well said! I see many contributors and commenters that will sell a stock if a dividend is cut (allow me to be clear-I have no grudge against those that do). I initiated my position in GE in 2009 when the stock traded in the high single digits and then added more-a lot more after the dividend cut. The important part was that you did your due diligence and made a convicted choice as did myself and Im sure many others on what was "ahead".

    While I am not a fan of buying "dividend cutters" or selling them for that matter, I do think that GE is that constant reminder for me that opportunities abound when you can peel back the onion and look a little closer.
    Jul 6 09:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GE's Valuation: Is It A Buy As A Bank Or As An Industrial Giant? [View article]
    I could'nt agree more with you. I have posted on Immelt and his relationship with the President in the past, and pretty much, your statement of "...but if GE gets work it fine by me" sums it up for me as well. I don't mind Immelt. I think he's done better than most give him credit for by unfairly comparing him to the irrational exhubarance of the Welch years (see my first comment in this article). I deleted my comments on the Council on Jobs, because I didn't want to get too political. In many of the comments that I see on this site re: Immelt and Obama it seems that those commenting have the following traits:
    1) They loved Welch and think that he was as good as he says he was in his books.
    2) They despise Obama. Usually Socialist or anti-capitalist comments make their way into the "tirade" as you call it.
    3) They are still upset that Immelt did the only thing he could do in 09 by cutting the dividend. I'd hate to know the outcome had he not done so.

    I think that a dividend increase is forthcoming-at least I hope-especially due to the NBC Universal sale. An increased share buyback would be great too, but I think that I would want to know if it is going to be done to truly decrease the share count or just provide for next years' executive stock compensation program.

    I did like your thoughts on the 5:1 reverse split. That is an excellent way to look at GE comparatively.

    I have not missed the 400% gain since 2009 as I started buying heavily in the single digits and continue to add to it every month-although in much smaller doses now as opposed to then (09). It would seem as though our thoughts on GE are very similar, and therefore our thoughts on Mr. Bruce's comments as well. It would seem that we could agree to agree.

    So, I don't know if my comments directed at Mr. Bruce added anything to the conversation, but I don't know how your comments to him or myself have either. Looks like the three of us have more in common than first thought...

    Jul 6 09:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment