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  • willygriff
    $CERN beats on Revenue. Managed Services pumping growth. Tide turning against epic. Well positioned for population health transformation.
    Feb 5, 1:23 AM
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    • jwill53: Beats on revenue, guidance not bad, yet still taking it in the shorts at -8%
      Feb 5, 11:08 AM
    • willygriff: ouch, but bouncing. high margin managed services undergoing exponential growth. Advocate pop health roll out numbers important near term.
      Feb 5, 11:41 AM
    • jwill53: just dont get the logic in swing from AH trades last night to 57.10, fall to 51.65 mid morning today. fundamentally, still a good business
      Feb 5, 12:40 PM
    • willygriff: I will never understand haha
      Feb 5, 3:52 PM
    • willygriff: hesitation and uncertainty on transition to pop health is palpable. positioned better than anyone, but no guarantees in fresh battleground
      Feb 5, 3:52 PM